Warrant against German mother-daughter

PTI, PANAJI | 29 October 2010 23:42 IST

Goa court today ordered the prosecution to issue warrants to the German mother and daughter, who had complained of sexual abuse against the son of a state minister, to remain present in the court.

Goa Children's Court President P V Sawaikar said that warrants be issued to the minor victim and her mother, who are currently in Germany, to remain present in the court for deposition.

Goa Education Minister Atanasio Monserratte's son, Rohit is accused of sexually abusing a minor German girl in 2008.

The mother had filed police complaint on October 02, 2008 and Rohit surrendered on November 04 after being on the run.

The medical examination on the girl had confirmed sexual abuse. Since the beginning of the prosecution, the Court has been facing problems to get the deposition of the duo.

In the past, two warrants were issued against duo, and both the times, they refused to co-operate. In August, the mother, through an e-mail communication to the court had said that she was not willing to continue with the case.

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there is god in heaven who is a justifier of all the lord of host who can destroy any evil any enemy but as goa is concern you dont have a prophet of god like africa or uk who can interceed for goa god can sort out babush and anybody

ida where are the preachers in goa can they not preach 2 your politicans wait wen god raise somebody then will see power of god ask me youll see how the wicked will....

- child of god, uk | 28 th November 2010 01:21


But where is God!.

Or may be Monster ath... have bribed or threatened him as well.

It is in the hands of voters to throw out all these corrupt and dirty politicians out of the society.

dont wait for final judgement and GOD to help you.

- Anthony, Bahrain | 22 nd November 2010 18:59


Church? Has nothing to do with politics.... Duty of religious leaders is to preach about God & Jesus Christ.. Why are they involved in social & political affairs? Did Jesus do that while he was on earth? Why is the Church misleading God's people today?

- Ida , Goa - Margao | 10 th November 2010 17:16


Yes it appears that the church also conveniently keeps mum on the sins of the corrupt and powerful! If the common man expects the church would guide them about the good and bad deeds of the leaders as it does during casting of our votes- it could help the society in getting rid of the dirt and filth making the life miserable!

- james silva, margao | 02 nd November 2010 17:31


Babush & his goonda company, might has threaten this young girl & mother, so that they should not willing to continue the case.

- Marwin, goa | 01 st November 2010 00:00


Dave & Goan Local. I agree with you.There is a saying "LIKE FATHER LKE SON".

This is what the Monserattes have bred.

This family is one of the most shameful that |I have encountered.

Give this little Monseratte a few more years and he will repeat his father's crimes.It is sort accepable civil order in this family.

- N.Fernandes , London | 31 st October 2010 10:48


More than two years have already passed and the rapist is still free! Now calling the girl from Germany would involve so much expense and trouble for the girl that she may prefer not to come at all. And who knows as to for how many more decades the proceedings would go on? Is the process of law being misused to protect the criminals?

- james silva, Margao | 31 st October 2010 09:22


Just a thought- The girl was definitely friends and still is friends with Rohit. Looking at some of the comments- I must ask them... Do you think that most of our ancestors (including our grandparents) were raped?? Cause they too were married off at 15 years old! So how does this now become a sin and yet the catholic church not call it a sin all those years ago. Also- it was legal for a girl of 15 to have sex in those days in India and still is legal in most parts of Europe. All these people should now go question their grandparents.

- ric, UK | 31 st October 2010 06:07


Go ahead Babush, Protect your son for his mis deeds. that way you will bring up a son that is a nuisance to society and a threat to women.

Jail time is the only way to rectify social evils and protect public. People of power should realise that by protecting their sons they will only breed a new generations of corrupt and sick individuals who feel their fathers will protect them for their sins.

- dave, uk | 30 th October 2010 20:17


If any ordinary Goan person, the case would have favoured the German, but politians can turn pages and give justice, God sees this happenings. This people will have to face the real justice in front of God

- Goan Local, Goa | 30 th October 2010 14:38


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