Joe Boy untraceable, police nab his 'friend'

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 25 September 2010 20:03 IST

Goa police are still unable to nab Joe Boy, who had reportedly offered ‘supari’ on behalf of South Goa politician to kill home minister Ravi Naik’s son.

The police however have taken in custody Joe boy's real estate agent friend for interrogation.

According to sources, this agent-cum-friend was in contact with Joe boy in the last week.  

Meanwhile, as Joe Boy is not traceable, the police have now started blaming the media for his disappearance. Though they refuse to come on record, the police officers claim that Joe Boy disappeared after media disclosed his name.

According to sources, the police team that had left for Mumbai is still trying to trace Joe Boy.

He was in Mumbai when the news of ‘supari’ had been exposed by the media. It is learnt that this real estate agent friend alerted him about the news. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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All are goonds ..... Is it a big surprise...whats the big deal... Look around , All the voted fathers are now Godfathers. All need to be eliminated . The cops will watch the fun too...

- Xaxier, panaji | 23 rd April 2011 12:22


Why are the police out to harass Joe Boy? Let him do his job. It is high time that these drug dealers are done away with. Joe Boy will be a national hero as he would be doing the biggest favour for Goa by eliminating these drug thugs.

- T. Shirodkar, Sanguem | 30 th September 2010 18:59


Who wants to be a millionaire ? Join goa police. Eligibility requirements – corrupt character, health and fitness not an issue, shall be healthy eventually, swiss bank account, bad vision so as to turn a nelson eye often and ready for the show with strings attached.

- monty40, kuwait | 29 th September 2010 17:33


@massimo.You been motivating the masses and a sign how goan are disgusted with the elected MPS,Ministers and their approach to goan ethicates caulture and Heritage.

I feel its about timewe all goans come out on the streets and down with the congress goverment who have been looting left right andd center as you say.

all goans lets gear up and strip this goverment apart. Iam not going to sit and right anymore infact work and expose them all publicly and in my own style....First educate the youth of Ponda on all the scams of the naiks committed in Goa

VIVA GOEMKARA...Amchem goem.

Massimo thank you for your motivation.

- Promod, Ponda | 27 th September 2010 17:02


That's an attitude with a alibi treat it as hotch potch and premature.

Seems like something even bigger is happenning right now while this is only a diversion. Goans be alert. Ravi's Naik & Sons are notorious for all this kind of propaganda as he will loose seat this time since he has gained a lot of bad publicity on account of his sons. its a shame to congress and its leaders who protect their vested interests. So just ignore him ,ignore his security request and if he is afraid for the life of his family resign and leave the country. Z security cannot be provided for his sons from the tax payer money.what is your chief minister doing there in goa and why is every body quite including the opposition.This is the time to act and bring down such elements. Thet are unhealty and need to be treated appropriately.

- Ram, mumbai | 26 th September 2010 19:00


Good Story of Mr. Ravi Naik' (Home Minister of Goa)

He said and he file complaint that supari given one

of the politician to kill his son's. I like this story and

backup by congress government. We all aware such

story then why government are not keen investigate

drug involvement guys. Sometimes I beleive BJP claim

CBI and CID are godfather of congress government. If

such things really takes place congress have no place

to survive next elections.So better Sonia Gandhi

remember that you must intervene clean Goa

politicians file and elect better candidates not those

involvement in drugs,criminal and etc. One more

things Congress must bear in mind if Mopa airport

decided to go ahead 100 percent Congress will nave

no future in Goa . Goans will vanished congress name

in Goa. So better give up Mopa airport.

- Brijesh Kanaujia, Goa | 26 th September 2010 12:03


Camouflaged in the veins of goa politics sits a sleazy, shady character backed by his malevolent sons who are know to promote drugs sex and violence into the state misusing the power of their fathers Montri position. The state has been plundered left right and center and no activist /Opposition dare to confront him? He has taken possession of almost 70 %of Ponda's land especially the plateaus and had hopes long time ago to have the goa airport on one of his snatched plateau.

A Narad by nature, Now? we have a new story, As this rogue has realized that his game is up, he tries to cover-up his prints by diverting the attention of the masses speaking about assassination and supari, for his sons? For those Dogs?.... Hah hah hah hah hah.

Perhaps its some underground Don with drug connection has planned their faith perhaps even the same Attalla’s & his accomplices who must‘ve met in the jail. Personally, I wouldn’t roll them on a paan to ruin the taste of a beetle nut .Take a good look at you and your sons? You’ll threaten those poor remote villagers who are ignorant of politics to get into a win-win situation to loot the Ponda Taluka of its land and corporates!.

Now media is his highlight, why blame the media and if that is so why did your 2 penny police made an official statement to the public?

Digamber? You have been Shielding this culprit far too long with what lies of him beneath. Very Soon you will come under pressure.

Right now, All opposition parties and the voters of goa, bring this rogue Montri under you scanner, Show him 'PEOPLES POWER' and his exit door out of the cabinet since there isn't any show called supari existing and joeboy must have been an illusion or perhaps caught and tortured behind closed doors elsewhere till he agrees to commit a ridiculous absurd confession.

Ravi you and your sons go to Switzerland enjoy all the loot deposited in those SWISS BANKS rather than sucking our motherland,

Perhaps a trick of malice is being hatched.

And all you petty thieves? Beware, you guys are about to be implicated in to 'AN ENCOUNTER WHICH IS BEING ROLLED UP BY THE HOME MINISTER AND THE POLICE CHIEF ALONG WITH HIS POLICE GOONDAS'.

GOA, WAKE UP? Its plain out there it can be seen before it happens.

Guys? Lets Get this rogue minister and his sons WIPED out of politics. As they belong out there...........out there in the garbage bin. I won't have them as OUR door mat GUYS! ....These are Desh Drohes.

DIGU! Tum atam sambal Tujea Home ministerak kor Housekeeper, nah tor Tujea rajeacho zatolo xivor……Chod zalem tumche

- massimo, emqon | 26 th September 2010 10:47


Why trying to get political mileage, out of this small issue. This might be a big issue for Ravi Naik Family, but not as a national or State issue. There are lot of other issues, which has to be dealt on priority basis. Why providing Security cover, at the cost of goan people money. Who are they.

History repeat by itself.

- Marwin Fernandes, Goa | 26 th September 2010 01:17


I hope the Goa Police and their Chief Ravi Naik & his son now understand how it feels to be on the receiving end of a death threat to kill.This is how many parents feel when Roy & the police are dishing out drugs to the youth of Goa.The parents of these youth also feel threathened in more ways than one.I feel it is time Ravi & his son are investigated by the CBI .The sooner the better.Jail is possibly a safe place for them soolitary confinement.Good riddance to this family`s bad rubbish.

- N.Fernandes, London | 25 th September 2010 22:25


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