South Goa policitan behind Roy's 'supari'?

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 23 September 2010 22:10 IST

Police investigation has revealed that an influential politician from South Goa is behind the Roy Naik 'supari' case.

Police however are not ready to disclose the identity of this high profile politician.

While exposing this news tonight, Prudent, a local TV channel quoted a police source stating that the information is revealed by Joe Boy, a notorious goonda, who has presently been detained outside Goa.

Home minister Ravi Naik had earlier hinted that a political rivalry exists behind the ‘supari’ case.  The ‘supari’ to kill Ravi’s son was reportedly offered for Rs two crore by the South-based politician.

However, officially, police are tight lipped over the issue. Neither they are revealing the name of the politician nor are they telling the media which son had a ‘supari’ on his head.

Ravi has two sons – Ritesh and Roy. Both have been now provided police security.

The police have reportedly gathered this information from Joe Boy, a notorious goon, who was earlier arrested for illegally possessing weapons.

As per the police records, he was among 30 men who were arrested while seizing 30 arms in 2001. However, he was later acquitted.

As per the information quoted by Prudent, Joe Boy has told police that a plan is made by a south Goa politician to kill Ravi Naik's son. He says that the person who informed him about this plan has heard it directly from the South Goa politician.

Joe then made the offer of ‘supari’ to the notorious dacoits Raju and Michael, who were recently arrested along with four others in a robbery case.

While Joe is expected to be brought to Goa by tomorrow, the police are presently hunting for the person, who was made the offer of ‘supari’ by the South-based politician. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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First Ask the Police to REVEAL, WHERE IS ATALA ??? WHO IS THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE TO SET ATALA FREE??? WHY WAS ATALA RELEASED WITHOUT PROPER ARANGEMENT FOR OBSERVATION??? WHY WAS THE DRUG NEXUS CASE NOT HANDED TO THE CBI??? It is Not New that the Police is Tight Lipped Now But it is Common Style of the Goa Police When Dirty Politicians are Involved in any type of shit like this. Actually this is New Comic Episode #4 by Name, " REJECTED by DRUGS & RECRUITED by SUPARI", Comic #1 was " KILLING SCA(R)LET KEELING" , Comic #2 " FROM COWDUNG HOUSE TO LUCKY FARMHOUSE" and Comic #3, " ATALA DISAPPEARED THROUGH MEDITATION."

- Joe Ganja, Overseas | 26 th September 2010 18:18


Supari my foot. Z., security for the naiks is nonsense and at our cost is intolerable . The cops are just string-puppets in the hands of Ravi, his mentors and his cronies. It is just a big noise with the use of some empty vessels. The real drugs issue is flipped under the carpet. Corruption has overtaken truth and Goa has become a dangerous place to live in. What caused this ? Who are the traitors ? Well, I don’t know. But, I sure do know one thing, that we could definitely do without a couple of politians.

- monty40, kuwait | 26 th September 2010 18:02


I am sure that there is no any politican involved but Ravi wants protection for his son Roy as he knows that any day or any time he will be attacked by the drug mafia. As the home dept. comes under him he is making the best use of the department. So far no minister has been attacked so how come a son is targeted when the father is not. High time Ravi Naik should go or does he wants to become CM again ????

- Niz Goenkar, Salcete | 26 th September 2010 14:04


--Beware-- this is a political game to divert attention of Ravi Naik Son drug link. Arrest Atala (Drug dealer & business partner of Ravi Naik son), might be he has given the SUPARI

- Marwin Fernandes, Goa | 26 th September 2010 01:26


this is all a political game to take revenge . i sure no supari was given to kill any one this game has been plotted by by Ravi Naik . and every one in goa knows against whom it is plotted . we dont need the police to keep it confidential . the police must have got some money for the minister to play this game

- Son of Goa , goa | 25 th September 2010 11:52


Wow! Are these things taking place in Goa too ? While a packet of supari costs say Rs.2/-, two crores of Indian currency is a lot of money ! And small time goons onto a bonanza ? This must be heaven on earth for some. Imagine what would have been our state if we were a part of Maharashtra, as a province, to do whatever, the governance would deem fit. Cry my Beloved, Goa !

- ludovico, old-goa | 24 th September 2010 16:21


There isn't any supari or vepari existing,This is a police -home ministry plan to hatch a plot and bell the cat.One bakra on loose and second kitten in the noose.

Its an old story which is stale and no one to buy. I think the drugs have been self consumed by the cops and the minister's sons Roy and Rohit which perhaps have smoked their brians out into the 16 century leading to symptoms of hallucinations.

Your plans? just keep them in the egg-shell they will never hatch your plans as they have already been deformed and exposed.

Sorry to say to the cops and their maffia druglord lads...........

..Iam so sad its a miscarriage.......

- massimo, emqon | 24 th September 2010 11:36


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