White House monitors Mickky raid

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 11 September 2010 00:11 IST

Former tourism minister Mickky Pacheco was interrogated for two and a half hours yesterday by the CBI.

Sources say the CBI has become more active in this case following continuous monitoring from the White House.
Earlier on Friday, the CBI seized three mobile phones of Mickky and froze his bank accounts.
"I have gone through this phase earlier. It doesn't affect me now", Mickky told media persons while returning back to his constituency after interrogation.
Sources say the White House is monitoring this closely and the interest in this case from the states has compelled the CBI to take up this case on war footing.
Although Mickky seemed under pressure, he was largely unfazed by the developments.
"I am open for investigation. Let them do what they want. I am co-operating", was what he told the media.
When he was asked whether this case is politically motivated, he preferred to say, "you can take it either way".
Reporters asked him whether he is harassed. He replied saying, "Let them complete the investigation".
CBI officials refused to speak anything about the case.

"We are sorry. We can't divulge any details at this point of time", was what they said when media persons gheraoed them.
CBI had conducted two raids on Mickky on Wednesday and Thursday. The raid on Thursday also witnessed presence of Income Tax officials at Mickky's Betalbatim residence.
Miccky is being probed into alleged money laundering and illegal immigration racket.

Bureau of Diplomatic Securitites of the USA had supposedly submitted a report to the Indian government about Mickky's alleged illegal business transactions in the States.


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**To John W D`souza:Thank you for your courteous response.I totally empatise with you and the Goan youth that are looking for good and worthwhile jobs, and to get paid with a decent salary.The biggest problem & cancer that Goa has is the Political Class (MLA`s) & their cronies..They are more interested in themselves and their families & dynasties,rather than the general welfare of the Goan youth & populace. As I said I have no problems with Goans going abroad for jobs.It is their right and they have the freedom to do soThey have done this for centuries and will continue to do so for many years to come.It is these Goans that have gone abroad to work that have made a huge contribution to their families and for the advancement of Goa.What saddens & infuriates me the most ,is when Ministers who have stolen & looted all of Goa`s wealth,by corrupt means (and which they will deny),charge poor young boys huge amounts of money to send them abroad.The 2 very wealthy Ministers that I am aware of that carry out these jobs scams & racket are Mickky Pacheco and Churchill Alemao.They pretend to be Saints in public but are truly devils in private &, devils to the core of their existience.For them "HEAVEN" is on earth.Imagine a Vicar charging its Parishoners to come to Church to worship every Sunday or Holy Days.The Priest is not serving God...but catering for his lifestyle.Similarly these MLA`s are only serving themselves and their lifestyles off the blood & sweat of Goans. Goan youth are gradually getting empowered and someday they will put these theiving MLA`s in their proper places....if God has not done so much before that.I wish every aspiring Goan youth success in finding decent jobs where ever.I just hate & detest when they have to beg & borrow to pay these MLA`s... not reasonable...but exhorbitant fees.There is an Advocate in Margao,who believes that these MLA`s are benevolent. I beg to differ with him.The word benevolence for them is seen as receiving...not giving

- N.Fernandes, London | 21 st September 2010 00:33


To N Fernandes - You are 100% right and we fully agree with you. What I was pointing out is the suffering of our Goan jobless teenagers who have no support from these dirty, filthy, corrupt political system. what option do u give them. stay home, get drunk or do dadagiri. Unfortunately all cannot get the high level education. again corruption everywhere. Cheers !!!

- John W D Souza, Margoa - Goa | 20 th September 2010 13:37


To John D`souza******I have replied to you in an earlier comment.Could you now explain your views on the allegation made against Mickky Pacheco in connection with the Immigration & Money laundering scam..I am not the subject of this accusation nor do I have a history of criminal activity /convictions..Mickky does. If you are one of his staunch and" till death do us apart" supporters,you do not need to do so."Blind Loyality" is not always progressive.

- N. Fernandes, London | 18 th September 2010 20:28


**To John D`Souza***Thank you for your comment.Your question to me is very simple to answer.I was born in a British Colony and automatically qualify to enter the United Kingdom.I did not have to bribe anyone or pay huge amounts of money to enter the U.K.(just the standard air-fare)

Secondly,you should not limit yourself to a belief & uderstanding that all Goans that live the around the world have bribed to do so.Many Goans have been born in these countries for you kind information.Many Goans are now applying for Portuguese Passports and in due course enter the European Union or UK without any bribery.It is a few Goans in Goa that want a quick exit from Goa that contact agents that do not have to..but charge exhorbitant fees for their service.Mickky is an MLA and his first duty is to serve his constituents.If you and a few others are happy to pay such fees to him to get out of Goa,that is fine by me. What I have questioned is the amount he charged to get a fraudelent Passport / Visa.Hope this puts the record straight.Finally I have no desire to stand for elections in Goa.My Nationality does not permit me to do so.However you must also understand that I do not require yours or anyone else`s permission to express an opinion and view from wherever I may be.I am sure, you will agree(I hope) that I am allowed to stand in Solidarity with decent and right thinking Goans.

- N.Fernandes, London | 18 th September 2010 20:10


To N Fernandes - How much money have you paid to shift in London. What could be the fair and average bribe acceptable for a jobless Goan to go to work abroad like you. Have you helped any Goan to get a job there free? if Yes then you as a humble Goan come down here and stand for election, we will surely vote you.

- John D Souza, Margoa - Goa | 18 th September 2010 16:44


**IS MICKKY STARVING?**Following his arrest in the Nadia Torrado and subsequent internment in jail,Mickky stood up at the Goa Legislature (Monsoon Session)and cunningly stated that the Crime Branch froze his Bank Accounts and his family were hungry and put out on the streets to beg.NOW the CBI has frozen his banks accounts again in the "MONEY LAUNDERING" case so we must assume his family is starving again.Today he has requested permssion to go to New Delhi.Now his trip to New Delhi for personal reasons, is not for leisure.It is surely to find ways to camoflouge his illegal and finiancial money laundering dealings.I hope Advocate Anacleto Viegas will now extend some benevolence to Mickky and his family.He could start by waiving his legal Fees istead of accusing the Goan Public of being ungrateful of Micckys benevolence.Anacleto Viegas you should also get you facts right.Mickky states he has been in business in the United States for 23 years, while you state he has been in business in the U.S.A. for 30 years (from the age of 16).And Adv.Viegas, please tell the humble Goan why it should cost Rs.5 Lakhs to send somebody abroad?.Even after including a profit margin,Rs.5 Lakhs seems like daylight robbery or "EXTORTION". Perhaps you choose to remain deaf and speechless on this issue.

- N Fernandes, London | 15 th September 2010 13:17


If mikky thinks he can bluff any one with his arrogance and ego than proberly he's been living in a Dream cuckoo land.

The IRS-US is the most powerfull body in the federal goverment department . you mess with them they'll bring you down like thy kingdom come. Your ego lead you to even mess up with Uncle SAM.These guys are going to strip you so badly you won't know what hit you MISTER and it would be nice to see on the streets as a scavanger.All those supporters of yours who you gfted them those kinetics and motorbikes?well I guess its their turn to collect a donation and gift you with a sewing machine to brand your bandanas .good luck you featherless duck.

- massimo, emqon | 11 th September 2010 02:45


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