Mickky caught up in immigration controversy; denies charges

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 06 September 2010 10:12 IST

Former tourism minister Mickky Pacheco, presently out on a bail, is now caught up in another controversy – an international immigration racket.

The news was published by Indian Express on a front page yesterday. It states that the Benaulim MLA is involved in a major international money laundering and fake travel document racket.

Mickky however has flatly denied it. "My bank accounts are clear and I am ready to face any inquiry by any agency", he shot back.

"I am shocked to read what has appeared in the newspaper. My overseas employment agency has ceased to exist since last four years, since I separated from my wife Sara," Pacheco told media persons.

Mickky was forced to resign by NCP high command on 6 June. He was then arrested on 9 July and released on bail on 26 July, for his alleged involvement in mysterious death of Nadia Torrado, his ‘close' friend.

According to the news in Indian Express, inquiry in this regard has been handed over to the CBI by the Ministry for External Affairs, after the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, a unit of US state department, intimated Indian government in this regard. 

The Indian Express report stated:

"After high-level discussions, the MEA passed the case on to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), which is now making an assessment of the economic and criminal violations the ex-minister might have committed.

CBI officials confirmed the receipt and scrutiny of the evidence provided by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

The US advisory followed the arrest of several Goans at various American airports, all of whom were found to be travelling on fake travel documents, and linked in some way with Pacheco. In several cases where Pacheco had recommended the issual of visas, supporting documents submitted by the applicants were found to be fake or forged.

Investigations by US authorities have revealed that Pacheco has, "as of now", a balance of above $15 million in banks in the US, and has recently made transfers of around $2 million to India. Details of all the relevant bank accounts and transactions have been handed over to Indian authorities.

CBI officials said the US has provided the entire documentation in four or five of the illegal travel and immigration cases. In some other cases, details are awaited. The CBI is likely to hand over the cases related to the transfer of foreign exchange to the Enforcement Directorate."

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Fransa chief declared persona non grata

February 23, 2006 19:50 IS

The All India Football Federation on Thursday declared Fransa Pax president Mickey Pacheco 'persona non grata', alleging that he had brought ''disrepute'' to the game, league and AIFF.

While the federation allowed the Goan club to continue playing in the 10th ONGC National Football League, it took strong exception to Pacheco's remarks and behaviour in the recent Fransa-AIFF spat.

National Football League coverage

''The president of the Fransa Pax Football Club, Mr Mickey Pacheco, whose actions and statements have brought disrepute to the game of football, the NFL and the AIFF, is declared persona non grata,'' a statement from the federation said.

The decision, taken by AIFF president Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi, has effectively clipped Pacheco's wings. It bars him from corresponding or acting on the club's behalf with the federation or NFL committee.

The statement also said Pacheco would not be allowed to register as one of the officials with the NFL or AIFF.

''He shall not be permitted by the match commissioner and/or LOC to attend Managers Meetings the NFL and shall not be permitted to receive any trophy or award on behalf of the club in AIFF-organised or AIFF registered tournaments in any part of India, until further notice,'' the statement added.

Meanwhile, Fransa Pax will resume their NFL campaign with a match against Air India and play Sporting Club de Goa and Salgaocar subsequently.

The decision came close on the heels of the club apologizing ''unconditionally'' before the disciplinary committee of the AIFF for whatever happened on the field on January 30 during their match against Mahindra United.

Protesting against a spot-kick awarded by the referee to Mahindra in that match, Pacheco, who is also a minister in the Goa government, had threatened that his club would pull out of the league.

- N.Fernandes, London | 08 th September 2010 20:29


JACINTO has made a very sharp observation "AS OF NOW"?.This can only mean that further details are to emerge,following investigations.Mickky Pacheco has gone on record as stating the the company was OVERSEAS MANPOWER PVT. LTD.This according to him ceased trading 4 years ago.His ex-wife Sara Pacheco stated the company was called FRANSA MANPOWER SERVICES.The correct truth is the company was called "FRANSA STYLISIMO MANPOWER SERVICE services.It was registered in Miami in 1997 & current status indicated it has ceased trading as per "Corporationwiki".Here is wiki corporation listing.....Fransa Stylisimo, Inc.

Incorporated by Francisco X Pacheco, Fransa Stylisimo, Inc. is located at 1603 NE 2nd Ave Apt 18 Miami, FL 33132. Fransa Stylisimo, Inc. was incorporated on Tuesday, November 18, 1997 in the State of FL and is currently not active. Joseph Shomar represents Fransa Stylisimo, Inc. as their registered agent.

Source: Public Record data - Department of State - Division of Corporations.*****As per www.asklaila.com it is listed as "FRANSA STYLISIMO MANPOWER...(here is the listing).....................Fransa Stylisimo Manpower , Salcette, Goa

.Category: Recruitment Agency

Phone: Home(0832) 2880541

Address: Fransa House, 2nd Floor, Church Square, Salcette , Goa- 403713

Landmark: Beside Betalbhatim Church

.Rate this:Read user reviews for Fransa Stylisimo Manpower,Salcette, Goa

Services: Hotel Staffing .

How come Mickky has forgotten about BRESOURCES?...this is still operational.Everyone has this information...Goa Police, Indian / Goan Newspapers,Goan citizens etc.So how come Mickky chooses to omit this.?Sara Pacheco has also stated that Mickky was in partnership with a restaurant Owner and another person from Navelim.It is quite obvious that every Goan within the locality knows the Restaurant owner is Matthew Diniz. (kENTUCKEE RrESTAURANT)He was the co-accused in the Majorda Casino extortion case with Mickky.The person from Navelim could only be another Prominent Goan ex-Politician that is "possibly"in charge of Global Goan affairs.He would be used to "notorize" documents for visa applications.


- N.Fernandes, London | 08 th September 2010 15:27


Quote"Investigations by US authorities have revealed that Pacheco has, “as of now”, a balance of above $15 million in banks in the US, and has recently made transfers of around $2 million to India"

- jacinto, Uk | 07 th September 2010 23:02


Mickey mouse is surely suffering from hysteric amenesia. He does not remember how many women and companies he operates. He cannot fool the people all the time and no9t surely all the people. He has got to get away by telling lies but not to the US system that operates on systematic ways .

- Dalia, Goa | 07 th September 2010 16:47


It seems like Mickky Pacheco suffers fromn "SELECTIVE MEMORY".He is HAPPY to mention a copmpany called OVERSEAS MANPOWER PRIVATE LTD.,partnered with his ex-wife Sara.However he fails to mention his company called BRESOURCES MANAGEMENT.why?WHO IS HE TRYING TO MISLEAD & DECEIVE? I AM SURE HE WILL REMEMBER IT SUDDENLY WHEN IT IS MENTIONED TO HIM.

- N.Fernandes, London | 07 th September 2010 00:07


Mickky Pacheco`s shipping company:Atlantic Maritime Ships Management, Inc.

Incorporated by Francisco Pacheco, Atlantic Maritime Ships Management, Inc. is located at 7777 NW 146th St Hialeah, FL 33016. Atlantic Maritime Ships Management, Inc. was incorporated on Tuesday, October 02, 2007 in the State of FL and is currently active. Francisco Pacheco represents Atlantic Maritime Ships Management, Inc. as their registered agent.

Source: Public Record data - Department of State - Division of Corporations.

- N FErnandes, London | 06 th September 2010 14:16


BRESOURCES owned by Mickky Pacheco in USA

•Francisco Pacheco

100 Biscayne Blvd Ste 2900

Miami, FL 33132

View Map

There are 2 listings at this address

The following points of interest can be found near this company:

American Airlines Arena

Francisco Pacheco

AddressesWeb. Francisco Pacheco

(view profile)

Contact Francisco PachecoBackground CheckCriminal CheckPhone Number

Related Companies:

•Bresources Management, Inc.

Possible Related Companies:

•Global Air 2000 Inc.

•Transcendental Productions, Inc.

LoadingFL Corporate RecordCorporate Events.State of Record: FL

State Reference ID: P08000054985

Registered Agent: Francisco Pacheco

File Date: 6/3/2008

Active: True

Filing Type: Domestic for Profit

- N.Fernandes, LOndon | 06 th September 2010 13:58


State Case No.: 13-1998-MO-034527-0001-XX Name: PACHECO, FRANCISCO XAVIER Date of Birth: 12/12/1964

Date Filed: 07/04/1998 Date Closed: 03/10/1999 Warrant Type:

Assessment Amount: $0.00 Balance Due: $0.00 Stay Due Date:

Hearing Date: Hearing Time: Hearing Type:


Address: 1351 N.W. 12 ST

Previous Case: Next Case:

Judge: SEFF FLORA E Defense Attorney:

Bfile Section: M001 File Location: DESTROYED Box Number:

ALT Section: M001 ALT/Backup Judge: SEFF, FLORA E

- N Fernandes, London | 06 th September 2010 13:43


One of Mickkys companies registered in Luxenburgh.This information is from the Principilaty of Luxenburgh and available on www.etat.lu

Money Laundering comes to my mind.

Bresources Management S.A., Société Anonyme.

Siège social: L-1711 Luxembourg, 17, rue Bernard Haal.

R.C.S. Luxembourg B 144.642.


In the year two thousand and nine, on the twelfth of January.

Before Us M e Jean SECKLER, notary residing in Junglinster, (Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg), undersigned;


1) Mr. Francisco Xavier PACHECO, company manager, born in Panaji Goa, (India), on the 12 th of December 1964,

residing in Betalbatim, Salcete Goa; H.NO 204, Ranvaddo, (India).

2) Mrs. Viola Rosaline FERNANDES, company manager, born in Bahrain-City, (Bahrain), on the 11 th of January 1985,

residing in Arossim, Goa HNO, 143J, Mafilo Residency, Ground Floor, PO Cansaulim, (India).

3) Mr. Mukhtar Ahmed Mahamud SHAIK, company manager, born in Sangli MS, (India), on the 16 th of November

1963, residing Alto Porvorim Bardez Goa, (India).

All are here represented by Mr. Max SCHAMMEL, private employee, born in Luxembourg, on the 27 th of February

1949, residing in L-5328 Medingen, 20, rue de la Chapelle, by virtue of three proxies given under private seal; such proxies,

after having been signed "ne varietur" by the proxy-holder and the officiating notary, will remain attached to the present

deed in order to be recorded with it.

Such appearing parties, represented as said before, have required the officiating notary to enact the deed of association

of a limited company ("société anonyme") to establish as follows and have given special power of attorney to:

I. Name, Duration, Object, Registered office

Art. 1. There is hereby established by the subscriber and all those who may become owners of the shares hereafter

issued, a company in the form of a limited company ("société anonyme"), under the name of "Bresources Management

S.A." (hereafter the "Company").

Art. 2. The duration of the Company is unlimited.

Art. 3. The Company has for object, any activities of advice and assistance in the EDP field in the widest meaning of

this term; it will among others provide and grant all EDP development and EDP services to any firms, organisations and

companies, by putting at disposal of the pre mentioned, specialists, staff and all kind of support which may be in relation

with the object.

It will recruit, enlist and remunerate any persons duly qualified for that purpose.

It may promote, prepare and realise development, transformation, merger, concentration, reorganisation of any EDP

systems from trade, business, firms, companies or groups of companies or firms, whatever their objects and forms are

in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or abroad; assist them with its counsels and advices.

The Company may also make any transactions pertaining directly or indirectly to the taking of participating interests

in any enterprises in whatever form, as well as the administration, the management, the control and the development of

such participating interests.

The Company may particularly use its funds for the setting-up, the management, the development and the disposal of

a portfolio consisting of any securities and patents of whatever origin, participate in the creation, the development and

the control of any enterprise, acquire by way of contribution, subscription, underwriting or by option to purchase and

any other way whatever, any type of securities and patents, realise them by way of sale, transfer, exchange or otherwise,

have developed these securities and patents.

The Company may borrow in any form whatever.

The Company may grant to the companies of the group or to its shareholders, any support, loans, advances or guarantees,

within the limits of the law of August 10, 1915.

Within the limits of its activity, the Company can grant mortgage, contract loans, with or without guarantee, and stand

security for other persons or companies, within the limits of the concerning legal dispositions.

The Company may take any measure to safeguard its rights and make any transactions whatsoever which are directly

or indirectly connected with its purposes and which are liable to promote their development or extension.

Art. 4. The registered office of the Company is established in Luxembourg, (Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg).

The Company may establish branches, subsidiaries, agencies or administrative offices in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

as well as in foreign countries by a simple decision of the board of directors.

The registered office may be transferred to any other municipality of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg by a decision

of the shareholders' meeting.


N Fernandes , London | 20 th July 2010 20:50 IST

- N.Fernandes, London | 06 th September 2010 13:37


Mickky Pacheco`s company in USA...Contact Details

Address : INDIA

Fransa House,

Betalbatim Church Square,

Salcete, Goa ,India

Telephone (Off) : (0832) 2880542

Fax : 0832-880541


New World Tower

100 North Biscayne Bvld. #2900

Miami, Florida 33132

E-Mail : [email protected]

Telephone : 1305-372-0608

Fax : 1305-372-8836

- N. Fernandes, London | 06 th September 2010 13:30


Mickky Pacheco is once again trying to bluff his way around his criminal activities.If his overseas recruitment company called BresourcesManagement located in Miami U.S.A was closed down 4 years ago:why was Nadia Torrado`s name appearing as his Manager on "LINKEDIN". The branch office was listed as his residence at Betalbatim too.I have posted a comment here in July advising Mickky has registered Bresources Management in Luxenburgh in 2009 along with his Partner Viola and a Mr Shaik. If Bresources was closed down in 2006, whay was it registered in 2009 in Luxenburgh?.The only reason for registering a company in Luxenburgh is for Tax reasons and money laundering as I suspected.Banks all over the world have had to relax their strict Banking Privacy laws .Obviously Mickky thinks he is excluded from this due to his larger than life "EGO". Mr Pacheco should wake up from his belief that he can bluff the intelligence of every Goan and buy his way around them.His mantra when caught is"THIS IS A POLITICAL FRAME UP" .He cannot add up the sums of his "MISDEEDS" and Criminal activities.

- N Fernandes, London | 06 th September 2010 13:26


It is a great shame for all the Indian investigating agencies that every time the irregularities/crimes by the Indians have to be brought to the notice of the Indian investigation agencies by the Foreign Investigating agencies! Has all the authorities in this country become so corrupt and useless that we have to be educated at every step by the Foreigners?

- James Silva, Margao | 06 th September 2010 12:04


As reported in local daily mickky admited that he is sending the boys on ship visa that means C1D so what they are doing on land? is not the duty of local hiring agent that they return home after their contract is finished.But It's agony of poor boys who are running from one place to another to hide from immigration.

- franky fernandes, margao | 06 th September 2010 11:19


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