Mother suspects Ravi-Roy drug nexus behind Scarlet death

PTI, PANAJI | 02 August 2010 23:44 IST

The mother of British teenager Scarlet Eden Keeling, who was allegedly raped and killed on a beach of Goa, today alleged before a court here that state Home Minister Ravi Naik's son Roy, along with four others, had given drugs to her daughter.

"Roy D'Souza, Roy Naik, Julio Lobo (Scarlett's boyfriend), Samson D'Souza and Placido Carvalho (both accused) had been giving drugs to my daughter," Fiona Mackeown said in her deposition to Goa Children's Court. 

Fiona, 46, was responding to the cross examination by defense lawyer Jos Peter D'Souza who had asked her whether she was serious about her comments to the media that the Home Minister is involved in the death of her daughter. 

She also said "I have been told that Ravi Naik (Home Minister) is the head of the drug nexus along with his son and that policemen are also involved in the same." 

Fiona said she did not tell about the same (Ravi Naik and Roy Naik) to the police since she did not have any evidence to support the same. 

"I started suspecting Ravi Naik immediately after the murder of my daughter," she said in the deposition which went on for almost three hours this afternoon. 

Scarlett's seminude body was found on Anjuna shore on February 18, 2008, following which two locals, Samson D'Souza and Placido Carvalho, were arrested by Goa police and later handed over to CBI. 

Fiona said Scarlet was given drugs two days prior to her death. 

Fiona, who was examined earlier on Friday, was cross examined today by defense lawyers. 

Talking to reporters outside the court, Fiona charged Jos Peter D'Souza, the lawyer representing Placido Carvalho, had intimidated her partner when he was in Goa. "I was shocked to see the same lawyer cross examining me," she added. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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What Shyam Sawant says makes lot of sense. Odette is right when she says that one should not make derogatory remarks against a mother who has lost her daughter and Goa has become a seedy place run by corrupt politicians! If one resists inquiry to bring out the truth, there is definitely something fishy!

- james silva, margao | 08 th August 2010 10:30


I would like to tell Odette that whatever she has written is correct and am in full agreement with her say except that Mickky is being set up. That is wrong, Mickky has no guts, He only has guts to do goondagiri and lead polygamous or bigamous life. Don't try to side the crook Mickky. See his world wide criminal record specially in USA & Goa

- Shyam Sawant, Ponda | 07 th August 2010 13:45


Nothing (tatoo or piercing) can mitigate what grown men did to her. Mikky is being set-up for a murder because he has the guts to speak out against Ravi Naik's mafia. being derogatory about the victim and her mother is pathetic. It could be your mother or child next if such men are walkng he street. Goa is a seedy place, run by corrupt men for profit. the police are drunken brutal people who instill fear into any legitimate tourist, only competent in destroying evidence or manufacturing it ,barely literate uneducated and poorly paid they rely extortion and hiding behind the 'law'. THE FACT IS ROY WAS THERE BEFORE,DURING AND AFTER THE CRIME.

- odette, uk/goa | 07 th August 2010 07:43


Fiona is certainly not a Gypsy.She seems to enjoy the bohemian lifestyle.A sort of hippy lifestyle.She could be a product of the Hippy era.A lot of Indian women folk too have piercings and tattoes.It is fashionable in the west, and was accquired from the east and Africa.Rajastani women are noted for their piercings.Having piercings and Tattoos should not be used to define a persons character.Hairstyles ,clothes etc are a way people like to indentify which tribe or swegemnts of society the like to be indetified and belong to.It is certainly no reason to kill their chiildren.Scarlett was raped out of lust and then killed becaus it would get the rapist into deep trouble,if found out.

- N Fernandes, London | 07 th August 2010 00:11


JIM: Though piercing the lips , tongues do look ugly but that is no reason to drug their daughters or any female at all and rape and kill them. Personally I do not like the piercings they are loathsome but not a cause for raping and Killing them. These brutal acts are only committed by brutes and animals - Menino de Valpoi

- Menino G.P.T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 06 th August 2010 14:40


Absolutely Dalia, Mickky is neck deep involved in crimes and he is trying to check others. It is OK that he is trying to expose those involved along with him (ministers/politicians) In fact according to me He is the worst criminals that I have ever seen in my life, of course that does not mean that other criminals like Ravi Naik and his son should go unpunished. Both these cases of Nadia Torrado and Police drug nexus should be handed over to the CBI or NIA, better still to the FBI as they did once before. Even the CBI/NIA are bent by these rogues. But they would not be able to do bending with the FBI. But right now Mickky should shut his SHAMELESS mouth and just watch the proceedings of the house. If he at all wants to expose somebody he should infrorm the Police - Menino de Valpoi

- Menino G.P.T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kindgom of Great Britain | 06 th August 2010 14:35


Mickey Mouse has got no right to put his nose elsewhere. He should ask to enquire into his own crimes he commited against innocent girls in Goa, preying on their weak situations.

- Dalia, Goa | 05 th August 2010 23:08


some of the comments here make me feel that if i have a tattoo and a pierced lip then these people will gladly drug my daughter, rape my daughter, kill my daughter, and throw my daughter's body into the sea like everything is just fine. good going goans.

- Jim, Goa | 04 th August 2010 22:33


When you become a politician in power does it mean it gives him a free hand to indulge in all types of activities which have the potential to ruin the younger generations?

The people too quickly believe that without the patronage of people in power, criminal activities cant go for long without getting exposed and punished! Is it because once the throne of power is grabbed, the wealth of the king also grows exponentially?

Why only in India this menace of crimes and corruption is going unpunished and growing at a very rapid rate after independence?

If the law abiding moralistic man thought that after independence, the Ramrajya would come and the rule of law, equity, ethics and values would dawn- Was he totally wrong?

Then why this degeneration? Is the common man to be blamed or the makers of the Constitution to be blamed or the corrupt politicians to be blamed?

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 03 rd August 2010 17:45


It is a great shame on the leadership that despite strong demand from the MLAs and the people from all over Goa, why the matter of drug -police nexus under patronage from the politicians is not referred to the CBI? Does this not create a suspicion in the minds of people that the loot may be going to more than the suspected few?

- james silva, margao | 03 rd August 2010 17:25


i think so the mouse is using that gypsy women to zero down on ravi naik

- justin, dubai | 03 rd August 2010 13:17


A good look at fiona one can imagine! she just fit to be mikky's concubine. same style tatoo on her arm and pierced lip its just the dark glasses and bandana thats missing?

I don't think she stands a chance as she has no physical evidence or eye witness to her claim, so pack you bags you gypsy women, you will neither be compensated or get justice for you irresposibility.Sto tarnishing the image of Goa!you sick brit slug.

A true mother would'nt have left her child vulnerable in the hands of strangers Ask any british mother for that instance.

perhaps may be she's been pushed forward by mikky flashing some money with intent of deceit? just like the russian women used in john case?


- massimo, emqon | 03 rd August 2010 08:59


NO one in Goa is going to believe that Roy and Ravi Naik are not connected in some way with several crimes.Many foreign drug users will confirm that Roy Naik supplies drugs.He also has a penchant to introduce it to youngsters as he knows they are unlikely to name him.He will use his father as "a powerful Politician"to itimidate them and put fear into them.It is very common in Goa to hear the term "Powerful Person".

- N Fernandes, London | 03 rd August 2010 00:20


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