Kawathankar attacked by 'unknown'

PTI, PANAJI | 24 July 2010 19:40 IST

National Students Union of India (NSUI) Goa unit president Sunil Kawathankar was attacked by unknown assailants on the Assnora village highway in Panaji, the police said.

The incident took place last night when Kawthankar, who has launched a campaign seeking to hand over the policemen-drug peddler nexus probe to the CBI, was on his way to meet youth leaders as a part of the anti-drugs campaign.

The NSUI leader is currently undergoing treatment in a private hospital in Mapusa town near here after he was attacked with stones.

Goa Pradesh Congress Committee president Subhash Shirodkar condemned the attack on the youth leader and said he will raise the matter with chief minister Digamber Kamat.

"It is sad and unfortunate. I will discuss the issue with the chief minister and the home minister Ravi Naik," he saud.

Kawathankar had met Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi last week seeking his intervention in the nexus probe.

Goa Pradesh Youth Congress Committee has demanded that the assailants should be booked immediately.

"Whatever happened is sad. The police should book the assailants immediately," GPYCC president Sankulp Amonkar said.

BJP Goa unit general secretary Govind Parvatkar said Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi should realise that a young leader has been attacked when he raises voice in public concern.

Seven policemen were arrested as a part of the drug nexus, which hit a roadblock after crime branch failed to get further breakthrough.

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Yes Nitin, it is correct that this Abhay is a supporter of the police drug nexus i.e. he sa;ys he knows DSP Salgaonkar very well and that Salgaonkar is a very HONEST man and not only that he was threatening Mr. Menino with 2 years imprisonment for telling the truth about salgaonkars hidden character to the blog.

- Lily Gracias, Panjim | 07 th August 2010 20:08


I one of the eye witness of the attack want to tell Mr Abhay, sitting at home and making statements is easy. "about the attackers wearing helmet"-that news was published by news papers and if you check our TV statements, we didnt mention that the culprits were wearing helmet.

looking at the statements made by Mr. Abhay, i think Mr. Abhay is strong supporter of Police-Drug mafia Nexus

- Nitin, Porvorim | 07 th August 2010 13:55


Abhay, for your information, no where in the world in cases of investigation, the police summouns the complainant first. This has happened with Sunil. Meaning was simple, you amd everyone knows about it. To silence Sunil. However, you play double games, you try to tell people that you can sue for defamation and on the other side, you are in favor of CBI enquiry. Please do not play double standards. Let people speak, listen to them hear the truth, filter the rubbish as some gems could be hidden in that rubbish those are valuable.

- Dalia, Goa | 30 th July 2010 15:54


Mr. Abhay, The politicians loot public funds and get away, the politicians and their kids rape and get away, the politicians and their kids do drug trade and get away, the politicians and their kith and kin make excise scams and dupe public exchequer of 100s of crores and get away, ---if somebody tries to stand up to resit and raises voice against such antisocial elements, people like u try to find faults! It is a disgrace and shame!

- james silva, margao | 30 th July 2010 12:36


This Abhay is now acting foxy. One side he is threatening people with imprisonment who have guts to spill out truth and the other side he is saying that he is in for CBI probe. He is saying "HEADS I WIN TAILS YOU LOSE". Double faced fellow.

- Lily Gracias, Panjim | 30 th July 2010 01:39


hey hey hey.... I have made it very clear that I am completely in support of CBI probe in this cases not because drug is a serious menace and we need trained and expert people working on it to get some good result. I am just against the way Mr.Sunil is handling it by making irresponsible comments and unnecessary political drama. An honest believer in the cause is expected to be more responsible here.

- Abhay Bhosle, Panaji | 29 th July 2010 15:33


Yes James, on one of the blogs this Abhay Bhosle is threatening with 2 years imprisonment one Mr. Menino for getting one very old truth out about the corrupt Chandrakant Salgankar the DSP that Sunil Kawthankar is talking about.

- Jane De Sa, Margao | 29 th July 2010 13:13


It is a disgrace to see people like Abhay shielding the drug traders and raising questions on people who want to fight against the drug menace! May be the money distributed by the drug traders makes such dirty things happen?

- james silva, margao | 29 th July 2010 10:50


Abhay, your comments against Sunil are biased, you are patronising the attackers. I will stand by Sunil for exposing the culprits in stars. He is only fighting an epidemic but you thinks like you are one. Come on Sunil, threats won't deter you and if you were afraid, you would not have come forward. the drugs, prostitution and our 40 babas are taking us towards the grave.

- Dalia, Goa | 28 th July 2010 21:48


Seems like sunil has succedded in gaining at least your sympathy.. well politics is not a simple game.. and i dont think you are well aware of the injuries that he has suffered. He is having minor injuries on his leg n teeth... seems unlikely of any person who has been stoned by powerful adverseries like drug peddlers or police as he claims..

- Abhay Bhosle, panaji | 28 th July 2010 15:53


Abhay Bhosle, would you play a game of getting physically attacked on purpose in order to gain sympathy?

I know politicians play games all the time, but here we have a person brutally attacked most likely by the con-men of RN or the Goa police themselves. After all these days our police and politicians have become two sides of the same coin.

- Jagan, USA | 28 th July 2010 06:23


Well... It may be noted that Mr. Sunil who initially claims that the goons were wearing helmet has changed his statement and has given a sketch of the attackers...

Seems like Mr.sunil is also not playing clean... May be its just another political game to get sympathy..

- Abhay Bhosle, panaji | 27 th July 2010 15:22


Mr. Shirodkar, this is a very serious issue and merely talking to Ravi or CM will not solve the issue.It is a case of intimidating those who raise their voice against the drug barons in Goa. Some reports in news media say that the attackers are connected with police. Why dont you demand giving this case to CBI? Are u having apprehensions that some ministers or their spoit kids could be exposed?

- james silva, margao | 27 th July 2010 14:24


Cowardly act these ugly people are now scared and in frustration they did this. Govt. should have to hand over this case immediately to CBI and to arrest the assailants n their patraos. Mr. Sunil has been discharge from Vrundavan hospital.

I wish him a speedy recovery to continue his misssion.

- Nilesh Shetgaonkar, Morjim | 27 th July 2010 10:20


The cowardly attackers are I am sure conman or chamchas of Ravi Naik or his sons. But the police will never explore this angle. What a shame, in democracy the voice is being silenced by a bullet.

- Jagan, USA | 27 th July 2010 02:21


Hmm,the assailants were cops themselves there's no doubt about it.

Poor Miserable rats they must have quivered in their pants

- garfield, toonworld | 26 th July 2010 23:16


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