Goa Church censures Digambar over drug nexus

PTI, PANAJI | 22 July 2010 19:15 IST

Goa church has censured the Congress-led Digamber Kamat government for harbouring the police drug peddler nexus in the state.

Fr Maverick Fernandes, executive secretary of the council for social justice and peace, a wing of the Goa church, has alleged that the state government was busy shielding the nexus.

The issue had figured in the ongoing state legislative assembly session wherein Kamat did not heed to the demand of the opposition to hand over the nexus probe to the CBI from the local police.

Fr Fernandes, who has led several social agitations in the state, said that the government was being dishonest in probing the nexus.

"The government is not honest and its intent to probe the nexus is lacking. The press has covered enough of how the men in uniform are indulged with the drug peddlers," he said

The council had earlier said that, "The state has sunk into such a shameful situation that those entrusted with the duty of upholding justice by enforcing the law are involved in anti-social activities."

"Today citizens at large have lost their confidence in the authorities and are led to believe that there definitely exists a nexus between the politicians, police and all rungs of the traffickers," the press note said.

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Funny Guys, Contradictions!!!

If the church had not to issue a statement it would have been said that the church does not involve. If they do its the other way. Thats Goan mentality i suppose.

If the church had to involve in Mickky case it would have been like another set of reasons why the church did.

Just to say a last statement that the church has all the right to involve in any topic if they feel they have to and not if they feel they dont.

The commandments are fine as stated but the scriptures certainly say do not judge others, so dont judge the church as well.

As you feel the church shouldnt judge the society you please feel the same towards the church as well.

I hope we all understand this well.

And Massimo yes you dont need to make fun of the people working in the UAE. They work for their families (let them wear ray bans or get cd players) and if they go back without any money i suppose they are not asking any of yours. So leave them alone. It shows the level you drop to. I suppose here its just that people from either Goa, UK, UA, UAE or else just give their opinions and we dont speak about what they do. We just all give our opinions bcos we feel to be a part of Goa.

Do you think people coming down from abroad only folga martat.... in atleat my village i have seen people not having a penny folga marta. but i am no one to judge them.

And if you think people who are abroad have no much to speak on the forum, i am afraid they are doing much better and doing much better to help the state in their own ways though they are afar.

- Savio, Bardez | 02 nd August 2010 16:11


Dear massimo

one can't go wrong with your quote:

' let church play the role to discipline christians and politics for the public in general.'

like me there'll be thousands of people out there who will agree to it.

well said.

- mario, goa | 02 nd August 2010 12:33


massimo Hi there, After reading your comment? your short annalysis was better than a sunday sermon in the church.Are you an ex-priest or an ex-politician? whatever, I would prefer you to be a leader who sees things clear straight forward and writes what is required,I like your style and I wish you'd be a great leader Someday.Indeed some comments are right, like others I like your vision for a modern society.

- Lucio, Panjim | 02 nd August 2010 09:50


Mr.massimo you seem to sound like an Athiest and why accuse the CHURCH of wrong doing?

you need to reflect and justify on your words? don't you think so?

- E.Almeida, Panjim | 02 nd August 2010 08:39


To Massimo-

I suppose you are indeed a Great Freethinker.

I wish to know you....... in real person.

massimo...... what a mark of a man.

- divya sampayo, sydney australia(Porvorim) | 01 st August 2010 13:26


Fr. Maverick? As you seem to be the secretary for social justice,should'nt you have been barking in Mickky 's direction all these years which was ruining so many lives and directly related to your position for social justice? were you scared of mikky pacheko?

Massimo we salute you a million times more for speaking just as you have exposed the hypocrisy of the priest.

Mikky violated two fundamental laws of the catholism, why did'nt your ministry object in this sutuation?

Did you receive donations from the minister?your wing has been put to a global shame right now and god help you in your future agitations.

Yes massimo the church failed to protect its very own constitution,THE 7TH & 10TH COMMANDMENT:Thou shall not covet your neihbours wife and Thou shall not commit adultry were simply abused and that was a slap with a bang by mikky right on the face of the bishop and other heads of the the goan catholic world.

Thank you Massimo and as your name goes!, you view? was truly the greatest of all.

- Orlando &Yolanda Menezes, London | 01 st August 2010 12:58


If one reads the comments of Massimo, there is no need of another assessment on the role of the Church in Goa. He is right, what affects the Goan youth today is the style the government is run by the thugs and immorals. One nonsense is drugs being others like Casino, massage parlours, prostitution and the open gambling of matka. Massimo is equally right to ask Fr Maverick and if Fr. maverick does that, I am sure all will follow him like in the past.

- Dalia, Goa | 31 st July 2010 22:06


massimo? Thats Gospel truth.

brilliant philosophy and all of it is an absolute fact. we need witty men like you to give tit for tat. savio?ivo,you guys asked for it.

- victoria, goa | 31 st July 2010 09:18


okay!wow? what an oration?just a cool debate?whose is the winner of this debate? wow,i say wow guys .. you'll know whom to choose for the next election campaign?..he's right here??????

all of you can rate the comments only with names:

As for me? its massimo. well said..excellent.

clear in csimple english.wow again.

massimo*************************(well said and concluded i hope) outstanding vision.

savio********good defence very good

ivo****ok(improve your vision on goa as on outsiders.There aren't any goans in goa when you'll leave it behind and work in uae or dubai?)



gautam ***






- Dr. Robert Braganza, Panjim/USA | 30 th July 2010 17:00


savio,ivo?church is defferent entity and so is politics,the good olds day our forefathers and mothers used to to approach the church padvigar to solve any community problem which infact those days church was defecto panchayate.

It had the power of the judge the jury and the executioner.later walks in india with democracy which changed the role of the church.

we did every thing when ever we were advised by the church and thats why the catholic hypocrites got elected as ministers.

we gave them their jobs only to realize they sold our land and morals for more than 30 silver coins iscariots after all! Did than the church comment or question these catholics ministers every time who toppled the goverment most of the time.Was it bold enough to say 'churchill,barboza,luizinho sardinha,babush,mikky joaquim your'll are wrong? catholic ministers were dissendents of congress party all the time whick mocked the goan catholic hierachy and that paved a way for people of the lesser god. which divided and infected the minds of goans.

The church should protect its own constituions. why did'nt the church or Mavrick lash mikky openly through the media questioning mikky on adultry. did mavrick forget that mikyy eas abusing one of its ten commandements that say.'thou shall not covert your neihboours. thou shall not commit adultry?

this the church should have attcked mikky as he was violating the very constituitions of the church and our very own god, maverick forgot what he had to do,perhaps he forgot his job or perhaps he needs a job in cabinet? I am with cheesed off with mavrick because he was trying to get attention which was'nt his business as he he should have first done his job pulled-up mikky first and than questioned digamber on the drug nexus issue.unless, mavrick is practicing mikky's misdoings?

2.Moreover religions divides humanity and there are elements that take advantage of such situations and events which hopes to win the divide and rule policy, It confusses peoples faith and thats when it creates christians ,hindus, muslims,other sects and fratenity than succumbs to shame blame and game.

All religions preach the same.lets not curse our selves and get our religions involved which infact mocks our god.

let church play the role to discipline christians and politics for the public in general.

We believe what we see and what we are told. so lets have a mind of our own to rationalize rather than giving power to those people who sport the face of an angel with a mind thats a workshop of a devil to convince us all.

oh no..not this time ......not in our life time!

and next lets not comment on others comments. we should resort to comments on the news.People have have different opnions let them say what have to on the features of every news.don't attack someone else views which arises defiance. you may congratulate.However mocking someone elses comment with your opinion should'nt be our view for thats when it all begins,Rebuke, Abuse and malice thus leading to an ughly street affaire.

So lets live like asolt goenkar on basis of fraternity and move on as brothers in arms.

Each one for himself and god for all.

No-religion for Politics.

Viva goenkarah..mog asum

- massimo, emqon | 30 th July 2010 11:00


Mr. Domnic,

I am not sure if you know the difference between opinion and correction and abuse. if you did i think you wouldnt comment on the contents.

In any case, If anyone in this debate has felt that the opinions and corrections i spelt out here are abuse, i apologise for that.

- Savio, Bardez | 28 th July 2010 22:47


Mr. Savio

You reply to Mr. Massimmo,Brijesh etc.

You improve your language, you words

containing abuse do not get panic or

frustrated above their comments but first you

correct your heart feeling language.

- Domnick Rodrigues, Bahrain | 28 th July 2010 15:20


You havent done anything better other than what you preached. You need to practice as we do as well. :)

- Savio, Bardez | 28 th July 2010 14:39


@ivo uae? and you know what? to continue goans like you when you'll come down to goa sporting black rayban, humming your cassete cd deck with a flashing gold chain and a braclet thats your first 15days areh! mariah folgam sogli raat and donation to the church left and right . After 15 days Ray-Ban missing,casset cd deck stops humming,no change in the pocket jingling FOR SUNDAY DONATION and gold chain and braclet seen missing untill, the last day.... rushing back to Dubai only to struggling and running to pay the credit cards and ultimatly facing the consequences of issuing bounced cheques

wah deh wah goemkar mhojea

- massimo, emqon | 28 th July 2010 10:41


mmm.........Grrrrrrrh.....hmmm ehhh,where am I?,woops,zzzzzzzz yeh! god ?drugs ?and fireworks.....hmmmm.

guys there's a debate going on here.....oh..the.church?

what is it guys?...........commandments?

all you guys including fr. mavrick.just preach your 9th commandment.

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. ....Humans after all,what a mistake you made..oh god.

- garfield, toonworld | 28 th July 2010 10:01


@ massimo, Brijesh Ferns & Brijesh

You 3 guys talk all rot. No doubt your comments rightly justify you'll as the 3 idiots.

You'll don't seem to act in the interest of the state and are joining in irrelevant discussions of which only fools are worthy of.

Just as I mentioned before that non-Goans will never be interested in the well being of the state. That shows thier background and what goes on in thier states and so they want such things to flourish in Goa and hence will go aginst what is good

You'll cannot contribute anything constructive and so shout stop using this space to write up all the crap and waste the time and energy of sensible people.

@ Savio, Vishwas, Anthony and all like minded people, please ignore the wise fools and continue with your good work and comments that you are doing so that other will be interested in hearing some good .

We need to slam the doors on these non-Goans anti social elements.

Once again cheers to Fr. Maverick and all you like minded people speaking something constructive and sensible.

- Ivo, UAE | 27 th July 2010 20:08


@ massimo, Brijesh Ferns, Brijesh

going through the responses it seems you have no interest in protecting the state but argue on things concerning who made the statement etc. We know that priest and church are not law firms and if you see the contents of the debate its not a matter of law.

And what does brijesh mean by look at issues concerning the society - what is drug nexus if its not concerning the state and the society.

Massimo - because you and me have guts we are atleast putting our opinions across on this mode of forum.

Again as clarified to you earlier this is the case where in the church has accepted the shortcoming and will try and rectify but the government is not recognising their faults and thats what is all about.

I think you guys are not acting in the interest of the state but just arguing on irrelevant issues which really dont make sense to this write up. :)

I hope youll atleast understand this :)

- Savio, Bardez | 27 th July 2010 02:02


well,its true that our goa has lost its glory and we goans are only worried to solve other problems. its also right that this has happened because we have left the door open and the people who are to guard this door have turned a blind eye towards this issue and outsiders has taken the advantage.lets unite

- p.j.ferns, kuwait | 26 th July 2010 23:18


Mr. Savio

Your comment to Massimo saying church has every rights for involvement. Do not be a nut and write like school boy. Church or priests are not law firm. Stop your commenting about church and prieste. You are trying to dug the mud and the rest of the community will have to face.

- Brijesh Ferns, Goa | 26 th July 2010 15:24


savio? stop saying praise the lord,praise the lord to convince you are holy and borrow money from people and con them all. you follow the same tricks like how those priests con goans in the name of the lord after all.

Drugs issues brought up by the church !where were they all this while?looking forward to some donations from the cartell? why the hindu's and muslims religious heads don't get involved? why the church? unless they are feeling insecure losing to the other ten groups of their own religion sect.

Your church has darker secrets which is very well accepted by the pope himeself. So correct yourself first before correcting other.

Its sad but truth hursts

- massimo, emqon | 26 th July 2010 08:38


Am I Better!

After reading this news "Goa Church censures Digambar over drug nexus" my mind runs to the pages in the bible which says " he who has not sinned throw the first stone at the woman who has committed the sin" after reading this i think all of us will stop throwing stones at others"

lets change ourselves "the world will be a better place for you and me"

thanks and god bless us all.

Abel Barretto.

Chaudi Canacona.

- A. BARETTO, CHAUDI CANACONA | 24 th July 2010 16:04


Mr. Savio- Bardez

Your reply to my comment which I feel pity on

you. You are still on black shadow open eyes

and see our religions victimize each and every corner to the country. Do you or any priests look those contrary issue. Then why intervence which is not relevant to religions. Look those issue which is suitable by helping to the society.India we have so may

problems in our religion, so where are those good people to face and help the needy one.

Only you and the rest play empty drum

- Brijesh , Goa | 24 th July 2010 13:47


@savio? you got guts to display a banner in front of the secretariate and shout anti-drug and anti-goverment slogans along with mavrick? don't assume defending the priest will escape your name as redicule?

- massimo, emqon | 24 th July 2010 08:44


Savio, Anthony and James,

I will strongly agree that Church has done the right thing and we must back the church and encourge them to get more involved to educate the masses and reject these evils in Goa.

These non-Goans will never be interested in the well being of the state. That shows thier background and what goes on in thier states and so they want such things to flourish in Goa and hence will go aginst what is good.

Its very important for us Goans to be united and fight evils and corrpution which has plagued the society and above all we must maintain our identity without giving the non-Goans an upper hand.

Brijesh and Massimo should get the hell out of Goa and don't need to lecture Goans how we need to think about our welfare. You people are too cheap with your comments and such people should never be entertained here in Goa. Not only their actions should be condemned but they too.

Fr. Maverick Fernandes. I salute you. Keep the Good work and we too will support you by writing against these corrput practices.

Please come up with something about restoring and saving Goan identity for Goans. Its time to show non-Goans their door.

Ivo, UAE.

- Ivo, UAE | 23 rd July 2010 22:50



Mr Anthony so called goan, who has given you the right to call someone outsider when you yourself reside in India. And why is it everytime something goes wrong in Goa its always the outsiders who are blamed for it. Believe me the police who have nexus with drug peddlers are all goans, the people who brutally raped and killed Scarlett are goans , even the 40 thieves you elect after every 5 years are Goans yet it is believed Goans are chaste by all means and all the miseries faced by a goan today is due to the so called outsiders you point at. Dude its good to voice your opinion but its a shame to blame someone else for the miseries who have designed ourself.

- Gautam Borkar, Pune | 23 rd July 2010 20:10


It is nice to see Father Fernandes taking up issues so vital for well being of Goa!

I wish some of the Hindu Swamis too should not hesitate to pinch the ears of the errand politicians when their actions could cause destruction to this Land and its people!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 23 rd July 2010 19:39


@Massimo - Church has done its study and scrutiny on the events you have pointed, but if you realise that our Head of the church (Pope ) has accepted it and asked for forgiveness. The question here is that the political symbols are not ready to accept the corruption, forget about asking for forgiveness.

I think you need to know the difference and if you dont, you need to shut up.

there is a saying empty vessels make most of the nosie so probably you are one of them. So stop commenting without knowing the facts.

As a catholic i do my duty towards the church and the priest do towards us as well, so your comment remains invalid on "sucking of treasuries".

Church has all the right to involve in any issues and if you can can you show me a law if they cant.

I would just say one thing well done Fr. Maveric Fernandes. Keep the good work up we the real Goans are with you.

- Savio, Bardez | 23 rd July 2010 17:05


Brijesh KanuUjia, Seems like you are also a Involved in the Drug Trade. Youll who have come from Outside, have turned goa from Paradise to Hell. We didnt have such Issues such as corruption , Rape, murders and Enviromental destruction before ull came here. Youll have done Nothing but change names from Bombay to Mumbai or Calcutta to Kolkatta. Your RSS and Bajrang Dal and Sanathan Sanstha must be also Making money so that youll can invest in Terrorism.

- Anthony, Goa | 23 rd July 2010 09:41


Dear Mr. Brijesh, Priest are a part of this society where in you and me and the politicians are as well. So i am sure they have all the right to question on Justice done. Please dont relate unrelated issues. The question here asked is for better governance and transperency. Even if i were a priest i would ask that and all have the right to do so as long as we are a part of Goa. Priests have always been busy doing their work and people like you covering up for the wrong things happening in the state. I think you need to get yourself busy and think about the state rather than religion.

Remember when you are pointing and trying to correct someone else you are pointing rest of the finges to yourself.

- Savio, Bardez | 23 rd July 2010 09:38


The Church has no business to get involved into issues with does'nt concerms its body.The church has enough of land scams , sex scandles and divorce sham involving its own parish priest at various location. so just shut up Fr.Maverick and say your prayers 5 times a day.The church is about to be stripped off for its own hidden skeletons and nobody is going to give a damn what the church has to say anmore,as your priests are no more padris but contractors to suck the treasuries. we known alll the dark secrets of the church as well. You'll are bigger mafias in the name of God

- massimo, emqon | 23 rd July 2010 09:32


Well done Goa Church! When the kings commit mistakes, it becomes the duty of the religious Authorities to show them the right way.

Yes Father Fernandes has always done what is in interest of the Goa and Goans! It is a matter for every body to fel proud of the Church for its straightforward opinion. We expect the Church to come out openly against illegal mining, corruption by the ministers, and bureaucrats in the administration, casinos, drug peddling and the younger generation falling prey to this menace...etc.etc. Well done Father...we all are proud of you!

- james silva, margao | 23 rd July 2010 09:26


Goa Church Involvement Drug peddler nexus

issue.Fr. Fernandes agitations and comment

for the subject not suitable stance. Stay away from such issue. The religion will get effect if

priests intervene for such nexus. You Fr. Fernandes better get yourself busy for religious task keeping and busy yourself like politicians. Mt. Calvert Gonsalves cassette

feel there is loophole like priests involvement..

- Brijesh Kanaujia, Goa | 22 nd July 2010 21:04


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