Kawathankar names DySP Salgaonkar in drug nexus

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 14 July 2010 20:21 IST

Sunil Kawatankar

National Students’ Union of India’s Goa president Sunil Kawathankar has told the crime branch that their own DySP is one of the drug dealers. The police however has not recorded this statement.

Kawathankar was summoned to the crime branch today, after he demanded CBI inquiry into the drug nexus cases. He was asked to name any drug dealer, if he knows.

PI Uday Naik recorded his statement.

Kawathankar, while disclosing this to the media, also alleged that summoning him is a pressure tactic to stop his signature campaign.

The NSUI plans to submit this memorandum to AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi.

Kawathankar now plans to take up this issue at the national executive committee level as its meeting is scheduled on 16 July.

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I do not think any accusations are baseless here. And this Abhay Bhosle who is not a Police Officer, how was he able to access the Police Registers to search if a cop existed or no. If the police department can allow civilians to come and check their registers, their accounts then very good all the secrets of the police will be out in no time. I do not think this comes under RTI. Abhay, that Journalist talks nonsense. I know this DSP also. Once he tried to troubled me for three thousand rupees in favour of obtaining PCC.

- Jose Noronha, Mapusa | 29 th July 2010 13:10


I agree with Abhay Bhosle that this is just a baseless accusation. and people are making assumptions based on their general idea about police and believing politician who have fooled us way long.

- Kishore Nadkarni, Panaji | 29 th July 2010 01:15


Hey guys.. seem like you all are upset with my honest words.. ok fine... I know we all are agitated about this drug case and we want to see some results. and guess i am calling it off too.. because i feel that there is nobody with any substancial statements supported with proof. keep your emotions aside people. think about it just once. here in this whole discussion nobody was able to substancially prove any of the accusations. everybody is just going bla bla about what others have commented. people are just taking based on their general idea about police and politicians and hance not able to see that there can be someone good.

- Abhay Bhosle, Panaji | 29 th July 2010 01:08


I completely agree with archana. We have a heavy task in our hands. Baseless accusations is only going to make our case weak. Drug is a serious issue. It can end up many families and disrupt the lives of so many young men. I think now it is time for those who have any proof against the drug dealers should come out and show the public. I make a call to the people of the coastal areas as that seems to be the more likely business destination for these drug dealers to come out and let us know if u have any evidence.

- Desmond Fernandes, Canacona | 29 th July 2010 00:59


Hey i guess i am going to support the statement that here people are actually making baseless accusations based on what others say. I am a journalist myself and have seen lot of political drams, currupt policemen n stuff but I guess the guy has a point. You cannot speak about someone unless you actually know whats truth. and of course opposition speaking about it cannot make it a true statement anyways.

- Pratiksha Sawant, Bicholim | 29 th July 2010 00:52


Massimo, you are talking about the need of brave guys here, but see here there is one abhay bhosle who is threatening people with 2 years imprisonment for talking truth and being brave.

I would like to tell abhay that I too say that this man DSP who you call honest is a looter. If Sunil says that he is a drug dealer then he must be. I too say so. Now you go and file a defamation case against me. I am a lady telling you this. You don't like truth. You are out to threaten people with imprisonment.

- Jane De Sa, Margao | 28 th July 2010 22:55


Why is Abhay Bhosle trying to threaten people who speak the truth? I too know that this man your friend is the most corrupt person in the police department. Mr. Manohar Parrikar has directly and openly accused him of sabotaging investigation and that he should be suspended. Now give me a lecture of law and to whoever talks against your friend. Why don't you write a comment for Mr. Parrikar explaining to him how many years he will get for defaming your friend salgaonkar. Abhay stop it.

- T. Shirodkar, Sanguem | 28 th July 2010 21:17


Dear Abhay if you cannot find my name in the Police register that is your problem not mine and I am too happy that my name is missing from that register. By the way how many years imprisonment tem is there for a policeman who twists cases, evidence etc? How many years imprisonment term is there for policeman who cheats and loots and covers up cases? Since you searched in the registers for my name that means you are also a police man. Let me tell you fro the last time. Whatever I said about your friend is what I have seen with my own eyes. thats it and there is nothing more I have got to say on this so for it is over and out. Abhay after this you can make out and derive anything you want. This is my conclusion, i cannot deny what my eyes have seen and what my ears have heard. Other than that PERSONALLY I have nothing against this friend of yours DySP Salgaoncar neither do I have anything against you too. Get his in your head once and for all. I have studied IPC and CrPC. So please stop explaining to me things. hereafter you please stop using my name here and leave me out. I have told the truth and thats it. it is final and now it is OVER AND OUT.

- Menino G.P.T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 28 th July 2010 21:10


I think dalia has put it right. we are here to talk about drug nexus and not interested in abhay menino discussion. DSP is a good guy or not will come to light on its own. let us gather strength to take the case to CBI not because the DSP is bad or the ministers are corrupt but CBI is a highly trained and expert branch to handle such cases. so please dont fight over irrelevant issues as the relevant ones will be lost..

- archana shirodkar, mapusa | 28 th July 2010 20:31


As i have already said people... dont just make comments because someone else is making one... if you have anything to prove just get the evidence and prove it.... at least you dont get a right to make baseless accusation.

- Abhay Bhosle, Panaji | 28 th July 2010 20:24


dear menino.. again you are making general comments... as for murderers getting scot free is a completely different issue... or does that inspire you to commit this crime... if u were a cop, the u should know that defamation is indeed a crime according to CrPC sec.499... it has 2 yrs imprisonment and fine as well.. so get your law straight and please let me know what ex cop u r as i dont seem to find you in the police department register...

- Abhay Bhosle, Panaji | 28 th July 2010 20:19


I appreciate all the readers efforts to spare time and make comments but guys... please bring some logic in your answer... substanciate your statements... Talk objectively and dont get too subjective about things that you have only heard from someone else...

- Abhay Bhosle, Panaji | 28 th July 2010 19:23


Abhay bhosle, i admire your strength to talk some sense after a long time.

police can only conduct proper investigation when people who know something in that regard comes up with some proof and show the police or the media. Simply accusing the police will not be of any help as police cannot do anything without witnesses and evidence. only if you bring some proof and the police do not take note of it then we do have other judicial means. Baseless accusation is only diverting the main area of concern that is the drug menace.

- Desmond Fernandes, Canacona | 28 th July 2010 18:24


I think I agree with abhay... He seems to have a point there... Sunil Kawthankar is definately not a reliable person given his fraudulent activities in college... and this person menino seems very biased with his personal differences so his opinion as well does not count.. and as a journalist i have made quite a reasearch on many police personals and I have come to find DSP Salgaonkar as a very honest and genuine person..

but drug trafficking has been spreading like plague now a days so keeping that in mind perhaps giving the case to CBI will have a better proffessional expertise working on this issue and thereby bringing apt result...

- Pratiksha Sawant, Bicholim | 28 th July 2010 16:05


This subject is worth debating not because of Salgaocar or Menino but for the future of our beloved Goa. Here are a few questions for Abhay Bhosle. 1. If you are responsible to keep accounts of what is given to you, will you just not take inventory of what is given to you? 2. If you are the head of the department, is it not your duty to keep accountability of your department? 3. If you were a cop yourself (I don't know if you are) would you not do Panchanama and record contents or items and save the evidence to make a strong case? 4. Can you proceed to the court of law to prosecute someone without evidence? Enough here questioning you Mr. Abhay. Further more; what is the using of spending our money on the police force if they cannot maintain law and order in the State? Goa Police have failed in all fronts in maintaining credibility to themselves, they are now famously known for bribes, corruption and leaving the criminal out and harassing the innocents. Not all officers or policemen may come under this category but the force in general is highly contaminated. Drugs are a menace all over the World and now in Goa. There will be big cartels operating in Goa and don't be surprised, the same drug cartels will need special police force in the years to come like happening in South America at the moment. Our paddy fields which are not cultivated with the land filling boom may soon become valuable to grow poppy and turn Goa like the state of Afghanistan. It will be for the benefit of Goans that the drug trade dies in Goa. Goans will even be better off without tourism, we have survived, we will survive. Not with drugs. No to drugs. Stop the game of blaming each other and calling your friend too innocent Mr Abhay. Power itself is corrupt.

- Dalia, Goa | 28 th July 2010 15:12


Abhay you are talking about imprisonment to me? If your friend is a DySP I too am an ex cop and know the law well. If for talking the truth I will get imprisonment then what about those who commit murders and go scot free? Talking about imprisonment! My dear first get the murderers, terrosists imprisonment and then come and talk to me about it. You are acting as if I have committed a murder and a grave crime. I thought you were sensible enough to understand after all that has been going on in Goa. Your friend is dragging the case of police drugs nexus. So Abhay if you are going to get me imprisonment I am ready to face your challenge. I agree that you have the right to defend your friend. That is your freedom, but to blurt the truth that is within me is my right. Go and frighten the terrorists. Smugglers and murderers of imprisonment first and then warn me. OK?

- Menino G.P.T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 28 th July 2010 13:54


Abhay there are so many people here and on Herald online news that are talking against your DSP friend. Is he going to file defamation case against all of them. See when so many people talk against this man incuding the oppostion party leader, then what do you think? there must be something to it. You think it over.

- Joe Rebello, Panjim | 28 th July 2010 13:45


No Abhay you have got me wrong. My relatives were working for your friend and not against him. So there is nothing personal of mine against him. The Man I named is not my relative. So remember MY RELATIVES WERE YOUR FRIENDS SUPPORTERS and who helped him in the dastardly deed. Hoever you defend him I have worked in the Police Department and I know what he is. What you are talking about him and his honesty is from your college days and that was before he became a policeman

- Menino G.P.T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 28 th July 2010 13:42


Mr. Abhay, the Money gained by the drug peddlers is huge and they too have their chamchas who will stand by them in giving press statements in their favor. They also threaten the people who stand agains them. Nw it will be interesting to see what Mr. Rahul Gandhi will do to pinpoint the criminals and punish them as the president of the student body has been attacked and threatened!

- james silva, margao | 28 th July 2010 12:51


Abhay bhosle you are the only person who claims that this man salgaonkar is good. what efforts has he done to do justice. he has only sabotaged the case of police drug nexus. when someone who worked in the police department says that this man is a crook then there must be truth in that. as that man left the polcie department long back for good and honest prospects. you tell you DSP to file a defamation case against Mr. Menino and we all the people who know him will come out on the street. When your friend has not fame then there is no need to defame him. he has created the situation for himself like that. Why don't you ask your friend to file a defamation case against Manohar Parrikar, becasue he also said so many things against your beloved friend.

- Shyam Sawant, Ponda | 28 th July 2010 04:02


Mr.Menino... As I had anticipated you do have some personal differences with DSP as ur relatives have some connection with it. But here we are talking of drug nexus and guess there is nothing which can prove he is involved because HE IS CLEAN.

It was a very difficult task that he has taken up being complainant against some officers of his own department. Guess this good work has paid him badly and enemies like you are now creeping up just to take revenge for the personal differences they have.

and next time you speak on this subject show us some evidence regarding drug nexus before making baseless accusations. You cannot even blame the technology now that there are cell phones with camera.

Think twice before making any defamatory comments as baseless accusations can fetch you imprisonment and fine.

And you r nobody to decide who is against whom as long as you have nothing to prove. Let those who have something to prove come up and show us some evidence and as far as opposition minister is concerned he too has made a baseless comment so let him do his job.

and it may be noted that i am not against CBI probe but whatever it is should not be done by putting a honest man in disgrace. because if someone is showing an accusatory finger to another he must do it responsibly by opening any evidence which he has to prove it. or else its just another baseless comment which will not fool the people of Goa.

&Mr. Sunil should get his facts right as I have mine regarding his scandalous and fraudulent deeds.

- Abhay Bhosle, Panaji | 28 th July 2010 02:18


I am also not saying that Kauthankar is a saint. I have heard a lot about his crookedness too. But here he is right and whole Goa including the opposition leader talks about Salgaoncar.

- Menino G.P.T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 27 th July 2010 23:43


Mr. Abhay one more thing I forgot to mention to you is that Your collegemate from your college days has changed after joining the police department. He may have been what you say was during the college days.

- Menino G.P.T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 27 th July 2010 23:38


Dear Mr.Abhay Bhosle, I have nothing personal against this DySP. But there are things I have seen with my very own eyes and I know even my close relatives involved in his dirty games. Those times there were no mobiles with cameras, not even mobiles existed in Goa, I do not know the other parts. If I go to write it down here, it will take pages. But if you want my email is on the blog somewhere get it and email me so that I can email you back a part of what I have seen. I know that you would say prove what you have seen. But how the incidents of 1983 or 1984? If you go to Valpoi and contact one ex Policeman by the Name Santiago Pedro Fernandes and he will give you the necessary proof.

- Menino G.P.T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 27 th July 2010 23:14


Mr. Menino.... would u be kind enough to the readers to tell them what makes u say that DSP is involved in drug nexis... u are just making statements out of some personal differences u may have with him... seems like its time u come out and show if u have any evidence regarding drug nexis or u can be charged with defamation which is a criminal offense for making irresponsible statements here..

It may be noted that the DSP is the complainant in the case and has taken loads of effort to bring about order and justice just to be rewarded in this way...

Seems like political games are at its heights now... its time people open their eyes and weigh evidence rather than statements of people with political motives..

- Abhay, Bhosle | 27 th July 2010 16:31


Well.. people like to believe that the entire police force or all ministers are corrupt. But to start with every cop or minister is always amongst us... and its only their basic nature which is good or bad that turns them into good or bad proffessional..

and nobody here knows the black side of Mr.Sunil. His fraudulent activities, attempt to missappropriate college funds have been the not spoken of scandals that he has been involved in. and as far as mr. menino's comment goes... he should produce one proof against dysp salgaonkar , now that he has claimed to know him better...

Since I know Mr.Salgaonkar personally since I was in college... He is the most honest and dignified personnel I have ever known..

And Well... It may be noted that Mr. Sunil who initially claims that the goons who attacked him were wearing helmet later changed his statement and gave a sketch of the attackers... Seems like Mr.sunil is also not playing clean... May be its just another political game to get ppls attention.. Its time we open eyes and weigh evidence and not just statements for Mr. Sunil you are no less a politician urself...

And regarding handing over the matter to CBI.. I think that instead of making a hue and cry the people interested should straight away knock the doors of judiciary even if it means going to SC who can decide in a more unbiased way whether CBI probe is necessary or not..

- Abhay Bhosle, Panaji | 27 th July 2010 15:44


Check out some the cops associates, Warren Smith, Chris Gama ........ Roy had has agents too

- savio, curtorim | 17 th July 2010 01:26


Nice Poem Mr. Abel, you should not forget that in India:

All politicians who go to jail come out

About them, nothing criminal about

We Goans are barking dogs...just shout

Goa is corrupt from North to South

Politicians and police in Goa, too corrupt

The ordinary men is just another puppet

And if in trouble, can't easily come out

Not that easy for him to be free and sprout

Neither a Silver Spoon in his mouth

Because he has no Godfather Higher Up

This is the ordinary Goencar, just Goencar

Living on God's mercy, Deva pau, Deva pau

- Robert, Goa | 16 th July 2010 09:44


Cool start kawanthankar to begin with and that too dropping a bombshell what explosive start,I will back you up at any given time and you have all my support,these are the Enemy of the state to begin with, These cops themselves pay these ministers hapta to get get transfered to places which breeds this low life culture. for eg. for an Police Inspector to get transfered to calangutte is RS:5-8 LAKHS. Now why would a police inspector pay a minister such a huge hafta?to get him transfered to such A places ofcourse its because of the drug nexus which the cops don't even disclose half the countraband confisicated as most of it is resold to direct parties like Influencial roy naik who would later change hands with the second party and atala who than takes it to his israeli junkies.


BLOW THEM WITH THEIR OWN GUNPOWDER..sent your paper online I 'll get minimum 1000 signatures. and I am sure all the commentators will back you with the same.. keep going we need Daring guys like you...

- massimo, emqon | 15 th July 2010 22:08


Well Done Sunil, I will connect with you soon and assure you of my support. I do know a few people in places who could assure you of safety. You are risking yourself but this is COURAGE . Truth always prevails

- gerson r, dubai | 15 th July 2010 19:26


all that goes up should come down whoever has reached top

get prepared for a free fall all we need is a six feet grave

and not a shop and a flat in each building in each town

all that goes up should come down!

all that goes up should come down!

all that goes up should come down!

Abel Barretto

Chaudi Canacona

- ABEL BARRETTO, canacona goa | 15 th July 2010 17:49


Well done Kawathankar, but the pity is police will still hold the files and forget about it. Instead of sending chips and telephone of mickey they should send also of all the important ministers and top police officers than the truth will come out about drugs, corruptions and crimes.

- zeferino, manama | 15 th July 2010 17:03


I salute all the commentators here who have given their precious time to express their views and strong feelings on this issue.

So I take my hat off and salute ..

Robert,Kalidas,Nilesh,James d`silva, Francis Fernandes,Manuel,Rajeev and Menino.

Reading all the comments I am amazed that we all agree and feel the same on this issue.

Robert has made a very valid point as whenever I visit Goa I am told about the bribes given to the Police at all levels.The reason for these bribes is that the Police are very ,very corrupt and damn good at distorting the facts and fabricating offences and change the course of a case in the direction, where they will financially benefit(bribes). They know how to "Duck & Dive."

Menino has been very consistent, for a long time, with his first hand knowledge of the inner workings and the day to day activities of Dy Sp Chandrakant Salgaonkar. I have no doubt in my mind when I see him(Salgaonkar) on news items / clips,that he is most corrupt. His eyes and evasive answers give away his truly corrupt nature.

I sometimes wonder if Goa is a Police State.

Digamber Kamat looks like a "Puppet". His strings are pulled by the Congress and NCP High Commands. He is not decisive. He looks "Politically impotent". I do not think a dose of Steroids, Hormonal treatment or Viagra would make him better and more decisive. He is the Head of a Cabinet of MLAs that is comprised of registered and notorious crooks and criminals in it. Goa`s future and development cannot be built on such a foundation.

I applaud Mr Kawathankar in his "Noble" cause to get rid of the "People" cancer in our society.

And to Dy Sp Chandrakant Salgaonkar...the world is watching you. Your days are numbered. I hope your children will not be Victims of the Drugs that you have stolen from the Lock-up and re disributed through your officers to the drug pushers. Justice awaits you. Mickky Pacheco needs a "cellmate". Jail Birds of the same feather....????

- N Fernandes, London | 15 th July 2010 16:54


We salute you Kawathankar, you are surely not alone. You are surely a man with a strong backbone. The assets of the personnels of the Goa Police if looked into will reveal the truth, what they were before being into the service and after. Otherwise, how will they amass so much wealth in the name of their immediate family members and other fictitious names? CORRUPTION and it kills the law and order in Goa. Poor people are harrased and mighty left off.

- Robert, Goa | 15 th July 2010 14:44


Goas moral and social fabric was getting torn over the last few decades. Hats off to Mr. Kawathankar for displaying spirit and action.

But will our lethargic political and social systems which say 'EEnh tem tuka kitem lagta!"

- Kalidas, Panaji-Goa | 15 th July 2010 14:41


Great work Mr. Sunil keep it up my ful support for you regarding this & don't give away in the middle fight till last against this corrrupt bunch of people

I too a born Congressman but all this people brought the bad name for the Party

All the best to you in your misssion,

Jai Gomantak! Jai Hind!

- Nilesh Shetgaonkar, Morjim | 15 th July 2010 14:29


The drug police nexus case and the involvement of the police and some corrupt politicians should be handed over to CBI immediately! Is it the investigation which is going on or is it the cover-up?

- james silva, margao | 15 th July 2010 10:17


Hats off to Mr. Kawthankar for him Daring Goans should support it in this cause. -Manuel

- Manuel, Dubai | 15 th July 2010 09:28


Dear Mr. Kawathankar,

Congrats young man! You have proved that you have the guts! Goa needs young & brave people like you. I am with you. And I am sure every NIZ GOENKAR will be with you. Time has come for the old & corrupt politicians to retire! Prepare your self to bring together all those who love Goa (its peace, harmony and natural beauty). Our present 40 MLAs have missed their mission. But let us not cry over spilt milk. New faces should contest all 40 seats during the next Assembly polls. Let us cleanse the political system in Goa. Let Goa show the way to the whole country that the fight Sonia Gandhi (Aam Admi administration) is fighting to realise the late Rajiv Gandhi's dream to take the country to the 21st century can be fulfilled by patriotic young people by under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi!

I am a sincere & faithful Congressman. But of late, I am slowly loosing all hope in the Congress party in Goa. May be the NSUI or the YC will help to cleanse the politics in GOA in particular and INDIA in general.

All the best!

Jai Goa! Jai Hind!

[email protected]

- Francis Fernandes, Switzerland | 14 th July 2010 23:58


I am quite sure that after Kawthankar named DySP as one of the drug dealer.....the police personnel interrogating him must have got himself admitted to GMC with hearing problem !!!

- Rajeev Hede, Madgaon Goa | 14 th July 2010 23:06


If a group agitates to hand over the case of the drug nexus of the cops, is not reason to summon them to the Police Station for enquiries. What the NSUI and their chief Sunil Kawthankar is doing here is nothing wrong. As an ex-Cop from the Goa Police, I know how the department work & How and what pressures come from which direction. If NSUI is demanding the action against Chandrakant Salgaoncar is very very correct from my point of view given his character since he was a PSI. I do not think any one else other than me would know this DSP Chandrakant Salgaoncar better.

What Mr. Kawthankar says is right. This is only to suppress the signature campaign as the Cops know that they cannot just get Ravi Naik’s son out of the mess he is in. Their ideas will be to put up before Mr. Kawthankar some offers, money, Ravi Naik’s offers and so on in order not to proceed with his signature campaign. But I wish and hope that Mr. Kawthankar and the NSUI do not fall for their trap and luring and sincerely carry on with the signature campaign and fight for the right to get the guilty punished be it Roy Naik or be it Ravi Naik himself. I was sure that this was a way to pressure Mr. Sunil into silence.

SP Mr. Deshpande seemed over enthusiastic in the investigation of Nadia Torrado case and is maintaining a very very low profile on this Police Drug Nexus case. Why? As for action against Salgaoncar which is demanded by the NSUI should stand & be initiated – Menino de Valpoi

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 14 th July 2010 20:45


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