Crime branch summons NSUI chief

GOANEWS & PTI, PANAJI | 13 July 2010 23:33 IST

Goa Crime Branch on Tuesday issued summons to National Students Union of India (NSUI) state chief Sunil Kawathankar who had lodged a campaign demanding shifting of drug nexus case from Crime Branch to Central agencies.

The summons merely says that Kawathankar should come to the police station. It did not mention any reason.

"Police Inspector from Crime Branch came to my office and served the summons. I have been called to their office tomorrow," NSUI Goa unit president Sunil Kawthankar told PTI.

Kawthankar is leading a signature campaign demanding handing over of policemen-drug peddler nexus case to central agencies like Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) or National Investigating Agency (NIA).

The NSUI had voiced out its protest after the BJP had disclosed name of Roy, son of home minister Ravi Naik, in the drug nexus case, based on an interview by Lucky Farmhouse in an Israeli newspaper.

Lucky is girlfriend of Atala, who was arrested after the local media had exposed his nexus with the police. Based on it, six police personnel, including Anti Narcotic Cell PI Ashish Shirodkar were also arrested.

"Crime Branch is trying to suppress the campaign against them," Kawathankar said.

NSUI, a students union of Congress, had demanded arrest of DSP (Crime Branch) Chandrakant Salgaonkar for failing to probe the policemen-drug peddler nexus case properly.

The students of NSUI have launched signature campaign across the state, Kawathankar said adding that the signatures would be handed over to Rahul Gandhi in Delhi.

"The signatures would be handed over to our leader Rahul Gandhi during NSUI's national executive meeting," he said.

Swedish model Lucky Farmhouse had exposed drug peddler -policemen nexus in Goa after she shot on spy cam the confession of her drug peddler boyfriend, Yaniv Benaim alias Atala. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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JUST APPLY lie-detector ON Dy.SP SALGAONKAR...micky pacheco...HOME Minsiter...son ROY n HOME MINISTER ..THATS ALLL...DONT ALLOW DySPSalgaonkar to escape like micky n come after one month in hiding and complains of CHEST PAIN ...HEADACHE ..STOMCH ACHE..NSUI AND TRUTH SYMPATHISER ..from US send this message to people..AS SOCIAL CONCERN MESSAGE...I WIL BE SENDING A MAIL TO DELHI TOP CONGRESS BRASS.

- nasir khan, london | 15 th July 2010 17:47


What is the ABVP doing? They dont want to react to the nepotism and corruption and cover-up of the criminal acts by the politicians, law enforcing agencies and the Bureaucrats?

- james silva, Margao | 15 th July 2010 10:13


It's nothing more than like your faithful lazy dog wakes up and starts barking around just to show the master that it's doing it's duty. The story of the police in this case is same as this faithful lazy dog.

- Dalia, Goa | 14 th July 2010 18:41


The emblem, badge and motto of the Goa Police is..."Help us to help you".This is a typing error.It should correctly read "HELP US TO HELP OURSELVES".The "GP" in the emblem actually stands for "GOA`s PARASITES".The wreath in the emblem is the symbol of "CANNABIS".

- N Fernandes, London | 14 th July 2010 13:06


To Sunil Kawathankar,

Have no fear.Your movement is for a Noble cause.It is to remove a Social cancer that exists in Goa today.It is to prevent r youth from a"Zombie" existence, which imposes a burden on family, community and society and health services. You have a "divine right" to remove the devils from society.

Please write or email Student Unions around the world and you can be assured of their greater support. The drug menace is a global phenomenon.The sooner the world knows of Dy. sp. Salgaonkar `s corrupt and shady history,the faster he will have to run up Mount Everest to go into hiding.

Keep up the good work.

- N Fernandes, London | 14 th July 2010 12:58


Crime Branch Goa. Summons to Sunil Kawathankar, voice drug peddlar nexes case

involvement of Home Minister son. Make sure Goa Government police or crime branch handling issue prompt or trying to heal politician or ministers wounds. Let public decide what public needs why crime branch are so frustrated when Mr. Kawathankar raised the voice to hand over drug cas to CBI.

- Domnick, Goa | 14 th July 2010 12:03


This is surely taking advantage of the situation. One can clearly see that someone is aiming the Home Minister position by pulling Ravi Naik down.

Finally nothing is there for we the people .. it is just a political game to watch and remember why we would always remain under developed.

- Amit, Goa | 14 th July 2010 02:38


The NSUI is right. The case has to be handed over to the CBI or any other investigating agency. I remember many comments by our brave and daring Goan Mr. MENINO G. P. T. FERNANDES from Valpoi exposing this man DSP Chandrakant Salgaonkar of his various misdeeds since he was a PSI. If we could go through his comments then I think we could judge in one word that the action by the NSUI led by Mr.Sunil Kawthankar is CORRECT. Otherwise this case will be dumped off and that is exactly what is being tried. Where are the enthusiastic officers like Mr. Deshpande? They want to make sure that Roy Naik son of Ravi Naik is thrown out of the case. This is what the Police department is working on right now. The other reason is how to re-instate Ashish Shirodkar and his gang. The DGP of Goa Police is answerable to the Goan Public. Any officer who tries to sabotage this case (like Chandrakant Salgaonkar) should be forthwith dismissed from the department.

- Shyam Sawant, Ponda | 14 th July 2010 01:45


To Sunil Kawthankar ,

Have no fear,as I guess the Goa Police just wish to intimidate you and the student movement and supress your noble cause. Remember Mahtma Gandhi. He took on the might of the British rule of India and won, peacefully and non-violently. India is a democratic country and" free speech" is one yours and the rest of your movements constutional Rights and birth rights. Goa is not North Korea.

The Goa Police are a disgrace. Their reputation and corruption is well known around the world and has been noted in many forums, News media and newspaper articles. They should be chasing criminals,Corrupt politicians and their kin.......not decent people who like you and the students, who have a vision of improving and having social order in Goa. Students movements around the world have always brought social change. Your peaceful demonstrations and collection of signatures for a petition are justified and Legal.

My instinct tells me that the Police have summoned you as you require permission to publicly demonstrate and protest. They have no Legal right to question your requests for signatures for a petition. You are not in breach.

My instinct also tells me that the Police will soon see themselves as Fools and foolish. Whenever I come down to Goa, the people talk about the Police with disdain. They laugh. The Police all sleep in the trouser pockets of the Ministers. They also have a greed and finiancially bleed the people they are meant to serve...Locals or Tourists.

They are trying to show the Home Minister their Jobs worth. Students in Goa, regardless of Political Party affilations will be watching this. Should their "Rights" to peaceful demonstrations and protests be taken away ,God forbid the outcome.

- N Ferrnandes, London | 14 th July 2010 01:01


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