Ravi's son Roy figures in drug nexus controversy

GOANEWS & PTI, PANAJI | 12 July 2010 14:10 IST

Roy, the younger son of Goa home minister Ravi Naik, is presently caught up in a controversy of drug peddlers’ nexus with the politicians and the police.

Roy however has rubbished all the allegations of his having links with drug mafia.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has directly named Roy of having links with the drug mafia. They have also demanded Ravi's resignation as the home minister as well as  CBI probe into it.

Echoing their demand, the National Student Union of India, student wing of the ruling Congress, has also demanded thorough investigations into it.

To substantiate their allegation, the BJP had quoted an interview of Lucky Farmhouse in an Israeli media, stating that Roy was visiting her live-in partner Atala regularly.

Lucky had exposed the alleged police-drug peddler nexus by shooting confession of her boyfriend Atala alias Yaniv Benaim on spy cam, which had resulted in the arrest of seven policemen.

Lucky had also stated that son of a politician was regularly visiting their place at Anjuna.

Prior to this, rumours were making round that a powerful politician's son is involved with Goa's drug mafia. In spite of repeated demands made to Ravi to investigate into it, no moves have been made till date in this regard.

"I have absolutely no nexus with any drug dealings nor have I met Atala (Israeli drug peddler) or his self claimed girlfriend, Lucky Farmhouse," Roy Naik told a press conference at his Ponda residence.

"The allegations against me are nothing but a politically motivated act from the opposition party and from some politicians who are trying to divert the attention of the media and the people," Roy claimed.

Roy said for last six months, many criminal cases have been probed against politicians of Goa either by Goa police or by the CBI and all these politicians are now trying to divert the people's attention by targeting his father.

Meanwhile, Ravi is presently being treated at a private hospital in Panaji for an ailment. He has thus not commented on it.

BJP leader Manohar Parrikar, on the other hand, has also demanded that sincerity of DySP Chandrakant Salgaonkar, in-charge of crime branch of Goa police, be also probed into.

The case of five policemen including PI Ashish Shirodkar having links with Atala and drug dealers is being investigated by the crime branch. The high court has passed serious strictures against the faulty investigating methods of the crime branch in this case, due to which Atala as well as all the police personnel have been released on bail.

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Follow the money to prove that the politicans are running the drug trade, the police also profit from this misery. Corruption is endemic in goa.

Roy is super wealthy, he will forever continue to avoid a sanction, has anybody frozen his bank accounts ? siezed any asset ?

why isn't he in prision for at least one of his numerous crimes ... he can afford the luxury suite in jail anyway !

- neha, uk | 26 th October 2012 06:05


The man was serving beer in the Bar at Tisk Ponda. See the empire built within few years in power. Visit to Khadpabandh in Ponda. See the grand palace, the illumination, see the multistory grand new Hotel near bus stand and see the shops and flats and plots of land everywhere in and around Ponda. The empire is Multicrore! See and appreciate the progress made by the bar-boy in a bar to a multi-crore assets politician, when elected to serve people of Goa just for few years! Once the father has acquired all this wealth, the son will toe his line and surely make more wealth than the father! Democracy ZINDABAD!

- james silva, margao | 22 nd July 2010 15:22


I wish somebody would take action to clean the scum out of goan life. So many deaths surround a small but powerful group of vile men who are propped up by idiot fathers in the government, how could any father be proud of these sons, let alone cover-up for them when they hurt people or worse for light entertainment. It does begger belief .

- jan, london | 22 nd July 2010 06:58


Mr. N. Fernandes has once again revived the misdeeds and nefarious activities of the three sons of the three ministers! I think once the father is a corrupt moneyed minister, the son too becomes arrogant and indulges in criminal activities because of the protection he gets from his father's power over the corrupt officials in the administration! When will sanity prevail in Goa and the criminals punished?

- james silva, Margao | 13 th July 2010 10:10


let me do some groundwork,I'll be back, cause this is like probing Enemy of the state. lets find out who is who!

- massimo, emqon | 12 th July 2010 21:08


There's no smoke without fire.

- sanjay dessai, curchorem Goa | 12 th July 2010 21:05


Roy Naik can deny everything.It is his fundemental right not to incriminate himself.

However "He can fool some people some of the time....but he cannot fool some people all of the time". His number is now up. His father Ravi Naik stated there no drugs in Goa. Is he living on an island alone with just "MAN FRIDAY". Seems like Ravi has lost some of his senses. He cannot see,he cannot smell nor can he feel or hear.

In a pack of cards there 4 aces. In the Goa Cabinet we have them as Pacheco, Monseratte,Alemao and Naik. 3 Jacks have so far been found out...Rohit,Roy and Alemao`s son. All 3 into nefarious activities. There is a saying "Like father,Like son".

Roy Naik must know there is too much information about his dealings. Check the internet. He has been accused in the cases of Scarlett Keeling,Stephen Bennett and now Atala. Lucky Farmhouse has no personal or profitable reason to point him out . The case against Roy is mounting. There will soon be more evidence coming out.

- N Fernandes, London | 12 th July 2010 20:03


article from IANS in 2008.

Now, complaint filed against Goa home minister's son

Submitted by admin4 on 17 October 2008 - 10:39am.

India News


Panaji : Another Goa minister's son is now embroiled in a controversy. An NGO has filed a criminal complaint against Goa Home Minister Ravi Naik's son Roy Naik claiming he had a role in the murder of two Britons, Scarlett Keeling and Stephen Bennett.

The complaint filed by a little-known NGO called Green Goa Foundation at the Panaji police station alleges that the state administration was shielding Roy and quotes reports appearing in the British media in this regard.

It alleged that Naik had a hand in the murder of Scarlett Keeling, a 15-year-old British girl who was found dead on the beach in February, and in the death of Bennett, who was allegedly beaten to death by a mob in a Maharashtra village in December last year.

Green Goa Foundation vice president Anwar Shaikh said in his criminal complaint: "The report has brought disrepute to the state of Goa and an impression is created in the international community that criminals in Goa are being protected by the state machinery."

The complaint also quotes a report in the Daily Mail claiming that "investigators are holding bank details to prove that money was transferred to Indian accounts and that investigators were being threatened".

The complaint queers the political pitch in Goa further.

Earlier, a rape complaint was filed against Goa Education Minister Atanasio

Monseratte's son, Rohit.

The complaint in which the education minister has also been made an abettor to the crime, alleges Rohit had raped a 14-year-old German girl.

The complaint has created a split in the Goa cabinet. Monseratte has claimed that Home Minister Ravi Naik had been unfairly targeting him. Several ministers are gunning for a change in the state leadership. The All India Congress Committee general secretary B. Hariprasad is currently meeting disgruntled MLAs and ministers at a five star resort near Panaji.

- N Fernandes, London | 12 th July 2010 19:46


Now process is slowly taking up his speed since Mickky caught in net. However, it is true that Parrikar pointing out drug peddlar. One things must remember one who point out will be first target and way to CID or Police authority like Mickky. CID and goa police dept must reshuffle their post most of them under minister of politician backup tools. Wait and watch what is the next hero to be caught in net.

- Brijesh kanujia, Goa | 12 th July 2010 17:40


Surprised??? Not at all, another Goan story continues. All parents dream of their child to be something special when they grow up. Royit Naik made his father proud by taking this special trade and made his dreams come true.

By the way if all these corrupt people go to jail, who will ruin Goa?

- John W D Souza, Margo - Goa | 12 th July 2010 17:13


When the High Court passes serious stricture against the investigating agencies, why is that no action is taken against the person responsible for faulty investigations or a convincing explanation given by the concerned authorities and the Home Minister/Chief Minister? The common man feels that something is definitely fishy and may be some VIP is involved in the murky deal ! To save the younger generation from the drugs, the drug peddlers should be given quick major punishments and the MPs from Goa should take a note of this to amend the law suitably, if Goa has to be saved from the tentacles of the drug mafia!

- james silva, Margao | 12 th July 2010 16:27


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