Mickky remanded to 7-day police custody

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 09 July 2010 19:59 IST

Former tourism minister Mickky Pacheco has been remanded to seven-day police custody by Margao JMFC today evening.

The Benaulim MLA was formally arrested yesterday, after evading arrest through bail applications for over a month.

Mickky has now challenged the order of remand before the district and sessions court. It would be heard on Monday. Till then, Mickky would remain in police custody.
The crime branch produced Mickky before the JMFC today morning.

After he was discharged from the Hospicio as he was medically fit, the crime branch had immediately shifted him to its Panaji office yesterday evening.

Mickky then spent the night in the lock up of Calangute police station. While he was shifted to Margao today morning, he spent few hours also at in the Margao police station lock up during his hearing.

Meanwhile, deputy collector yesterday cancelled a meeting convened to fight for justice to Nadia Torrado as situation at the Margao municipal hall became tense after Mickky's supporters gathered at the venue.

The meeting was jointly convened by Goa Youth Foundation and Bailancho Ekvott.

Mickky is facing charges of abatement to Nadia's suicidal death and culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

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Loophole - Loophole in CID Department.

Goa main centre of drug dealers and how

come authority closed their eyes to solve the

dirty business. We all know about what's

going on. The main Don behind the curtain.

How come SP Despande very keen handling

Mickky pacheco's case we understand very

well no need to explain. So better Mr. SP leave

for time being Mickky issue and keep your

two eyes on drug dealers or you will be

posted godfather residence. As we read the

charges of Mr. Mickky culpable homicide not

amounting to murder, so then it is not

interesting issue but huge cases for muder

and drug nexes going on where is Mr. SP

your godfather not instructed you to keep

track on them..


- Brijesh Kanaujia, Goa | 15 th July 2010 12:31


Why still most of the readers of this column don't belive in our judcial system. Law will take its own course.Just relax,chill out.Nobody can tell anything know.Mickky may be next CM of goa.This happens only in india.

- franky fernandes, margao | 15 th July 2010 11:50


It is a known fact that Banaulikars are called "PIXXE" and as long as this tag remains, goons will rule Benaulim Constituency.

- Alexender, Colva | 14 th July 2010 22:26


Frankly speaking, I feel about Mr. Mickky Pacheco's crime issue went too far, There are many crime cases solved. How come his case is so interesting for crime/govt. Taking daily different mode it is not suprised? However top people sitting behind this issue loophole is there, truth will prevail.

- Brijesh Kanujia , Goa | 14 th July 2010 12:28


Neha it appears to me that you are more out of your senses than John. At least he is siding the man he is supporting. What has churchill got to do here. The topic is not on Churchill but Mickky. Why suddenly you tell me about churchill? IF you were senisble you would not have brought the topic of churchill here. Churchill is neither my friend nor my enemy. It is just that you have gone out of your way and out of topic. If you have anything about churchill it is not on this particular blog. The main and only topic of the news here is of Pacheco. Read the article and see.

- T. Shirodkar, Sanguem | 12 th July 2010 13:52


Mr.T.Shirodkar sanguem i think that you are also out of your senses as Mr.John D'souza is 100% correct.Also Mr.Churchill Alemao is no good he too deserves the same as Mr.Pacheco. Although his deeds cannot be seen in the open by all. All are aware of him. After all he is PWD Minister what has he done for the Benaulim Consistuency, hardly anything. Also the roads to Benaulim viA Tolleabandh were supposed to be repaired long back till now nothing is been done. These ministers enjoy at the cost of the common man. Also he wants his daughter to contest for the elections, as if he has done a lot of contribution for the people of Benaulim.

- neha, cansaulim | 12 th July 2010 11:40


I look at the venom in all the comments and realise why we are now ruled by outsiders. We hate our own more than we hate any outsider and would love to first bring down another Goan. Won't be long before we even have an outsider as a chief Minister as we already have outsiders in charge of police, chief secretary, finance etc. Bye Bye goa- the land of my ancestors...

- Joe Dias, London | 12 th July 2010 03:57


Guys, its not abt Support, until he is proved guilty no one shud say he is at fault. Let him be proved guilty and then face the worst of the punishment. you should not forget that all politicians are the same, do comment on they as well... beta, show that ull are men enough by not letting these dopes rule Goa..

- Jane, Goa | 11 th July 2010 22:30


To John W D`Souza-Margao

We welcome your comments.However we question your thought proccesses. In another comment you suggest we leave Miccky alone. This seems like fickle mindness on your part.

Mickky has a well publicised and colourful criminal and Law breaking history. Extortion at a casino, slapping a Traffic Policeman, bashing up a Press Journalist doing his job etc.. Now he has been implicated as an accessory and in an abetment in a case of Suicide. He was a part of Nadia`s life in a personal and business capacity. As in all Jurisdictions in the world it is common knowledge that "A MAN IS PRESUMED INNOCENT UNTIL HE IS PROVED GUILTY. There is a saying that "YOU CAN RUN FROM THE LAW, BUT YOU CANNOT HIDE FROM IT" He had the reputation in his locality of being a "HARDMAN" or as they say in the local Lingo...a "DADAGIRI".He has accquired immense wealth through mysterious, dubious and questionable means. This he has used to behave as he likes. He has taken an"OATH OF OFFICE" AS an MLA. He is a Law Maker and should be an upholder of Law & Order. He should be an good example and an upright Citzizen. Sadly he is none of these. He suffers from a delusion that he is some kind of a Popstar or a Hollywood or Bollywood superstar. His marriages are also questionable. I am quite sure his wife Sara was "Cleopatra" on his honeymoon. Sadly now she is ugly. Did MIckky understand what the wedding vow of for better or for worse"mean.

He is a high proflie person.His actions are in the public domain.He has to be accountable to his electors. He is currently part of a very corrupt Government that mal-administers Goa.

There is a saying that "all good things come to an end". Hopefully the case of Nadia(however immoral she was),did not deserve to be dead at such an early age. She was led to commit suicide by someone close to her as she was in their way. Did Mickky abet this suicide or was he an accessory?. Her mother and brothers give the impression that they were sucked and mesmerised into Mickkys sordid use of Money.....not for the good ...but for evil.

- N Fernandes, London | 11 th July 2010 19:56


There he goes again! pretending to be sick not accepting bedsheet! I think the best thing is to keep VIOLA in the lock up. Looks like he needs her to keep him warm and cozy and that is why is is not accepting the proper bedding. Viola is his proper bedding. He is trying to attract attention of the media and sympathies from the world. Mr. Mouse those days are gone. You better start eating Dal & Rice because I do not think the Police are in any mood to help you. They too hate you becasue you have played havoc with the police. Be careful! the Police will let you die of hunger saying GOOD RIDDANCE OF BAD RUBBISH. If you die no one will miss you except VIOLA, NADIA'S MOTHER and your other CONCUBINES.

- Joe Rebello, Panjim | 11 th July 2010 14:21


It would be very very interesting to hear on this website / comment pages views,stories,gossip from residents of LOUTOLIM and BETALBATIM /BENAULIM about the past and present of the MIckky Pacheco Saga.I am sure there will be a lot of interest to people abroad and the rest of Goa.

A lot of information we have is from the Press /Newspapers / Webnews.However there is more detail that we do not hear.

I get the impression that Mickky thought he was invincible....nothing could touch him.

I read today that in prison in Margao,he would not accept Vegetarian food.Instead he opted for biscuits.I wonder if these biscuits are called" MARIE"?!!

I also read that in Calangute Jail he slept on the floor and would not use a bedsheet.He possibly wanted the mosquitoes to give him some Malaria so he could use it as a "get out of jail" clause.We await his next delightful trick.To keep him occupied in jail, I think the authorities should give him a sowing machine so he can get back to his roots.On the BBC website he claims he is a fashion designer of haute couture.A small toy Hummer could also be given to him to play with.He may then get in touch with the innocent side of childhood.And finally as in all prisons around the world..the BIBLE would makesome good reading. It would surely teach him a lot.

- N Fernandes, London | 10 th July 2010 19:50


what was'nt done while holding his seat is apparently done now after losing the seat,Tours of the goan jails by the ex tourism minister and jailed without bail. wondurbar BRAVO.........What an itinenary! what a shame. Wow,.EH....opps thats goodbye to united states along with the deviously accquired petrol pumps and the fishy shady green card!The federal authorities will investigate the death of his american wife too Furthernore ' BANNED IN THE USA'..

Areh! Madgaon,ponje,calangute madgaon express!.......


- massimo, emqon | 10 th July 2010 00:25


John W. D'Souza looks like either you are out of your senses or a part of money receiver from mickky's distribution. You are supporting a goonda, a murderer, a polygamist and an adultery committer. At every angle you seem to be involved with mickky along with mathew kentuckee

- T. Shirodkar, Sanguem | 10 th July 2010 00:18


Don’t worry Micky, you are not the only one in this mess, Salman and Sanjay had their times too. Do some gambling in the jail, imagine you are in a casino. Bad luck that you got involved with 3 dinosaurs fight, some of you ending up in bruises and death. Once out of this hell, go back to the original Dinosaur and take care of your children. Hope you learnt your lesson.

- John W D Souza, Margoa - Goa | 09 th July 2010 21:36


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