Mickky finally arrested, breaks down in front of media

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 08 July 2010 19:49 IST

Mickky cried while arrested, Viola next to him

Former tourism minister Mickky Pacheco is finally arrested.

He was evading arrest for the last one month and five days, since 2 June, the day he resigned as the minister.

The crime branch of Goa police took him into custody as soon as he was discharged by the Hospicio Hospital in Margao today evening.

The daylong drama unfolded after the district and sessions court of Margao rejected his bail application yesterday.

Before sitting in the police jeep, the Benaulim MLA of the Nationalist Congress Party once again claimed that he is clean and has been implicated by his political opponents.

He literally broke down while talking to the media with folded hands.

While rejecting his bail yesterday, the court had directed the police to take him into custody as soon as he is discharged.

In the 14-page order, the court had also come down heavily on Hospicio authorities while expressing doubts over medical certification of Mickky that he was suffering with hypertension and jaundice.

Mickky got himself admitted in Hospicio last Saturday, after he was referred to judicial custody by the court,  pending hearing on his fresh bail application. His series of anticipatory bail applications were earlier rejected by all the courts, including the Supreme Court.

While talking to Prudent TV channel outside the crime branch office, Mickky's live-in partner Viola Fernandes also alleged that he has been falsely implicated by his political opponents in a simple suicide case.

Mickky is facing charges of abatement to suicide and culpable homicide not amounting to murder in the case of suicidal death of his girl friend Nadia Torrado.

The police would now produce Mickky, probably by tomorrow, before the court, seeking his remand for custodial interrogation. The court has already ruled several times that Mickky's custodial interrogation is a must.

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Bravo N. Fernandes, we Goans, true Goans at heart stand by you.

How many of you would like to stand by Mickey Pacheco, please say YES and those against say NO. Let us see the strength. Shame on M from UAE, are you justifying your own self?

Public figures should be examples and not fugitives, law breakers and bigamists.

- Robert, Goa | 14 th July 2010 21:39


To "M" of U.A.E

Anyone sensible reading your comment will conclude you have "anger issues". Unfortunately you are pointing it in the wrong direction.

If a similar incident took place in my family...I am sure the public have a right to comment / write/ criticise if they have strong feelings / opinions.If something bad or of a similar nature as Nadia happened to you, or any female member of your family,you would want a view of how the public sees it ,so Justice can served correctly.Are you sure you do not have opinions ,criticisms or comments or have never made any, ever?

Finally, Nadias family are free to make comments.If such an incident happened to me...I have the liberty and options to comment ,putting my side of the story.None of us comentators here have to talk about ourselves first .We have not committed a serious offence against anyone.Mickky and Nadia`s family are now in the public eye.WE did not put them there...they did it themselves.

Good luck to you and stay cool.By the way we call ourselves Goans because we are proud and not afraid to speak the truth. WE are not hiding nor are we fugitives, hiding from Justice.

- N Fernandes, London | 14 th July 2010 19:44


Ms.Jane De Sa and all others who posted comments, think before u jott something down yh. put your self in the shoes of nadia's family, imagine it had to happen to you would you be commenting the same on the same issue? y is you people not letting the family in peace for the lose it has caused to the family. if you guys are talking bout justice it should be done. you are no one to judge people, talk about your self first and than point fingeres at others.. im ashamed you call your self goan... this is real bad.

- M, u.a.e | 14 th July 2010 17:20


Former minister of state Subodh Saoji from Mehkar in Buldhana district was on Monday sentenced to 18 months' rigorous imprisonment and fine of Rs 12,000 by a Mehkar court for abducting a junior engineer of the Maharashtra State Electricity Board. Saoji, minister of state for revenue in Sudhakarrao Naik ministry during 1990-95 and now the state NCP general secretary, had kept junior engineer Narayan Wankhede in confinement for a night near his native Dongaon village.

Are all NCP ex-ministers going to go to jail? The above case is something like the mouse did in the past, called the JE to his office, closed the doors and slapped him. The case is ongoing. Hope he will meet the same fate as Saoji. Dadagiri bites....painful....it is God's net.

- Dalia, Goa | 14 th July 2010 11:38


I appreciate Angelico Gracias for his fine comment below. The best mirror is an old friend in whom you can see your reflection. Look at the people who are so called supporters of the mickey mouse, most are with dubious records. A lawmaker should be an example for others and not a "dada" of dadagiri. The arm of the law is twisting him now and he can feel the pain. Simple example is that if Kentuckee is his friend than you can guess it for yourself what type of friendship it could be. Mickey stands today where he is partly because of his friendship with the pimps.

- Robert, Goa | 13 th July 2010 22:30


Bre Management services was proberbly managing illegals russian prostitutes into america as they were flown for the lust of vvips in a posh location of karnataka and later used as mules on their way back to america...That was bre management on the spree which was managed enormously by vixen viola.and spelled the end of nadia.

- massimo, emqon | 13 th July 2010 09:18


I do not bear any personal grudge or animosity against Mickky or his Wife / partner. However their conduct in this case where a Young person chose to end her life,needs some serious answers.

I watched the Prudent TV newsclip.Viola refused to answer the reporters question on Mickkys character. She remarked "No Comment". She then states why would Miccky spend such a huge amount of money in the treatment of Nadia...who was just a friend. Everyone has to help a friend. That I say is a good "MOTTO". However I wonder if Mickky has ever spent such amount of money (RS. 40Lakhs)on any other friend, or relative or neighbour? Why was Nadia given this special treatmentby him. This is where the mystery starts. This amount of money could have been used to settle some of his divorce liabilities from Sara. "A friend in need is a friend in deed" as the saying goes. However this one has a "Holy Halo" around it. It was most surely a camoflouge to something very sinister. Nadia might have been in the way and silenced so that Miccky and Viola could continue with their corrupt business interests and practices. Was BREMANAGEMENT services something to do with it. It is headquartered in Goa, with a branch in Miami,U.S.A to give it credibility and a front for something fishy. A money making machine. Nadia may be knew too much and was about to expose it all.

- N Fernandes, London | 12 th July 2010 20:56


i am following this case day by day but there is no conclusion is this case, simple reason is only late Nadia knows the real truth, press will publish , TV will fill the news politicians will take benefit for their personal gains and to protect their chair, certain social activists group will make noise till they get money or revenge. But we goans are too be ashamed the ways this government is running watch crimes, drugs, suicides and corruptions every where what more going to happen in Goa. Next elections reject all the politicians who are not good enough and who cannot protect us. May god bless Nadia's soul in her name all are getting publicity.

- Tony, dubai | 12 th July 2010 16:18


to Jackie-Toronto

Mickky Pacheco is a high profile public figure.He has been elected and taken an Oath of Office as an MLA, to uphold the law with dignity, honesty and honour. He however,has a very chequered history of misdemeanours...attacking policemen, journalsts, burning shacks, extortion. etc. These are publcly registered cases against him. The Judicial proccess is taking place but according to how he wishes it to progress. By his Laws and rules. By his own Constitution Laws. He is hampering and delaying the proccess. He has now been accused of not co-operating with the Police interrogation while he is in Judicial custody. This is pending his remand hearing today 12th July. His journey through all the Court proccesses including the "Supreme Court" have failed miserably. He keeps thinking that ,as a known gambler...he can get one more chance at the "Throw of a dice"on the Roulette wheel of the Judicial system. How deluded is he?.

He has not been framed. His liason with Nadia and the the huge amounts he spent on her treatment were called into question. He has not been framed...just implicated at this juncture. He now has the chance to prove his innocence. AS we all know..."a person is PRESUMED to be Innocent until PROVEN to be guilty. He shoud now stand up and be a true man...not a coward..

- N Fernandes, London | 12 th July 2010 15:45


To Jackie- Toronto,

John has 2 mindsets about this case.

He wants Mickky to be left alone in one comment. In another comment he requests Mickky be condemed to Gamble like in a Casino, in the prison cell. Here is a comment from him...

"Don’t worry Micky, you are not the only one in this mess, Salman and Sanjay had their times too. Do some gambling in the jail, imagine you are in a casino. Bad luck that you got involved with 3 dinosaurs fight, some of you ending up in bruises and death. Once out of this hell, go back to the original Dinosaur and take care of your children. Hope you learnt your lesson.

John W D Souza , Margoa - Goa | 09 th July 2010 21:36 IST

Let us know your views now.I will comment on your article in a moment.

- N Fernandes, London | 12 th July 2010 15:24


"Aiz Tuca Falleam Maca"

- emedia, Goa | 12 th July 2010 11:55


Mickky can put a crocodile to shame!

- Aditya Borkar, Bangalore | 12 th July 2010 10:47


I am with John on this. Let Mickky alone and let the judicial process take its course. Goa is a corrupt state to begin with. From all accounts this issue is politically driven. All evidence against him is circumstancial. Regardless of his arrogance, why should anyone let alone a politician be framed for murder? This too should be investigated. What reason would Mickky have to kill this woman? and I am sure if he wanted her dead, he was powerful enough to find ways to have this done discreetly.

- jackie, Toronto | 12 th July 2010 09:07


John D'souza, wake up. Id like to ask you a qtn? Are you a Goan? Was Goa this way before? It is becoz of people like Mickey and you that Goa is the way it is today. Would you support MIckey if there was your sister or wife in Nadias place?

- Angelico Gracias, Benaulim | 12 th July 2010 01:15


Justice done. The MIcky Mouse Pacheco had been abusing political power big time. His crimes had reached nadir and the cup (or the barrel) was overflowing. I hope he is convicted for all his crime and kept behind the bar until eternity. Some other such as Naiks, Alemaos, Narvekars, Ranes, etc. should also follow Micky in Agvada. AMEN.

- Jagan, USA | 12 th July 2010 00:55


Reference to some comments:

First of all, I think all goan catholics and the goan media should question the church Authorities about viola's marriage issue, As to how come the Bishop's house approved the marriage when the previous marriage annulment was still pending, which means this women was after his money and thats how they convinced the church to get them married as she got pregnant, Izzat bachao bahana,There are thousands of annullments in que at the bishops house in Goa ,so why did the bishop approve just their marriage,what was the exception? political pressure? muscule power? money power ? or what ever, the church authorities had no right to succumb to any pressure from anybody as it function to protect the interest and the system of the goan catholic society.

Now sit in the company of the majestic mosquitoes and sing your true story on the narco annalysis test.

- massimo, emqon | 11 th July 2010 19:58


John, It is a shame to say you are a goan. Wish the remaining so called toothpaste had to be put into your mouth. You are a disgrace. Tsh tsh tsh tsh. Go jump in the well.

- Angelico Gracias, Benaulim | 11 th July 2010 19:16


Mr. Massimo in his comments has suggested a breathe analyzer at the time of elections. When I see in my village, I find almost every alternate house has a liquor shop/bar. The bar always attracts lot of crowd and many of them are youngsters, whose parents are toiling hard in gulf countries to keep their family happy back home! It is sad and unfortunate to see many of the youngsters falling prey to drinking habit and getting involved in serious road accidents, quarrels and some of them spoiling their life in young age and meeting an untimely death! There are many such sad examples irrespective of caste/ religion, in the village where the addicts had a very short span of life!

I sometimes feel that some sort of mass movement by the NGOs , religious bodies and educational institutions to bring about awakening about the evil effects of liquor could help in saving these precious lives! The human life is a God's precious gift!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 11 th July 2010 16:25


VIOLA This is my message for you. Looks like you are:


Menino de Valpoi

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 11 th July 2010 14:26


John which century are you living in? Ask you conscience by going deep into it whether your comment is sensible or sensless. My dear it is a worst sin and crime to defend a rogue and criminal like Mickky Pacheco.

- Lily Gracias, Panjim | 11 th July 2010 02:38


In total agreement with N. Fernandes, Shyam Sawant & Savio I would like to elaborate further on this issue. As far as John W. D’Souza is concerned he has shown his true colours. Without even thinking for a second what type of devil was and is Pacheco, John penned his comments. John you should think before inking.

As for Viola, she has to be re-educated in our religious doctrine first. She has to attend the catechism classes from the beginning. So shamelessly she is giving interviews! Viola should now know that she is a second hand girl just like Shyam Sawant said. True indeed, I could say more than third hand….. She is definitely been used by Mickky. I do not know what kind of a class Viola’s mother and father are. The upbringing of Viola and her acts shows the class of her bloodline.

Nadia was no different either. But worst is Nadia’s Mother. The brothers were acting like pimps. Go to their neighbourhood and these are the true stories circulating there.

Viola and Nadia are a real shame to women sect!

- Jane De Sa, Margao | 10 th July 2010 18:51


Mr. John Dsouza, yes we know that he is a like any other Goan and me and you as well are Goans. But today in the eyes of the public its shameful to say he was a Goan.

Mr . John you need to know the facts first as a normal person will not commit suicide suddenly and by mistake how come a tube of poison can be confused. Seems you are a doctor and you need to be either be a judge or a Minister of health. But yes judge people well and read the patient well if you are one of it one day.

- Savio, Bardez | 10 th July 2010 01:58


Those doctors who gave the initial certificate to Mickky should be punished first. The next persons to be punished should be Nadia's Mother and her brother. These two are equally involved in this murder along with mickky pacheco, lyndon monteiro & mathew kentuckee. Then there is the shameless Viola do does not know the basic morals of her religion. She does not know that mickky has used her and now no one will marry her as a second hand girl.

- Shyam Sawant, Ponda | 10 th July 2010 00:23


To john w. dsouza? the abrasions found on her body clearly proved who was behind the whole episode and moreover its the medical report from a certified institution that has proved it and not a mere report issued by the police...

- massimo, emqon | 09 th July 2010 19:59


I think Viola needs some re-education in the facts of life.SUICIDE is not "SIMPLE".It is not done for the"fun of it". It is a complex mix of hopeless and helpless positive and powerful negative human emotions that troubles the mind.In nearly all cases it involves another person,family or society.It causes social stigma making you feel an outcast. Viola is obviously the "CAT" that got and ran away with the "MILK".Nadia on the other hand was selfishily exploited by Mickky along with his cohorts,Lyndon and Matthew of Kentuckee Restaurant.Learned Psychologists and Psychiatrists would label Mickky as a "SOCIAL MISFIT".A person with no social skills or emotions.

Nadia`s mother is equally culpable and I hope in due course she will be seen as a wicked woman.When my father died my mother was busy arranginging the funeral and meeting sympathisers.She did not have the time to burn my fathers items.It was a sad and understandable occasion where the house did not have to be "cleaned out" of items close to the heart of the departed.Specially Items that would be held in memory of the departed soul.I am not sure who Mickky, Viola and Nadia`s mother are trying to kid.All in all, the 3 of them will have this guilt on their conscience for the rest of their "useless lives.!!!!.I am sure more sordid details will come out soon.Viola`s eyes speak for them selves.

- N Fernandes, London | 09 th July 2010 19:53


well said N.Fernandes, you can't go wrong on this. I would rate your comment as excellent with 5stars and the best example was the bandana,you just thrilled my day.

- massimo, emqon | 09 th July 2010 19:48








- A. BARETTO, CHAUDI CANACONA | 09 th July 2010 18:42


Enough is enough, leave Micky alone, He is just like any other Goan who wants to enjoy his life. When a grown up lady commitS suicide and confirms it was her mistake, why Micky has to be blamed? Goa police don't try to show you are tough and clever. we all know the facts.

- john W. D Souza, Margo -Goa | 09 th July 2010 17:29



Thanks - Menino de Valpoi

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 09 th July 2010 17:12


Nadia is equally to be blamed as she too is a married woman, why should she run after this politician and claim to be his wife when in reality she knows he has three children. In the first place girl has to keep her respect.

- neha, cansaulim | 09 th July 2010 14:53


'In The Eyes of The Law, if you can't find a flaw then obviously you are chasing a crooked shadow,.. Well Done Goan Media, keeping the officials on their toes and pressure on those involved. If there are any face readers out there just take a good look at those pictures 'A hypocrate and a Jezebelle'.

The future is a sad forecast for their children and its very true, we as of today, may be history of tommorrow but our kins will definetly see how "Parents' sins visits children".Right now all his so called business associates will push forward those char aneache soregontache supporters who loit around in every tavern and bars along the costal belt hoping for some saviour to arrive who would come down not to save their amadar but to pay for their half quater and create chaos at the police kiosk under the influence of alcohol.Seldom will they realise the cause they are fighting for and this is what is exactly left amongst our goans' nenarponn. when they are thirsty neither would they bother to see as to who is the person paying in what intention as far as their thirst for their half quater is done and a vote is sold as to how a soul is sold to satan.Wah Deh Wah my goencho Goan,

Next Elections,There should be breath annalysers at the elections boots and have their votes disqualified if found drunk as there is no point having a dry day on the polling day,in fact statistics prove more alcohol is consumed in Goa on the polling day Thus paving way for rascals of today who grow up in our goan society committing crimes with which the power we give them and say, 'CATCH ME IF YOU CAN' For once, I higly admire the prosecutors and the jury,Even though they won't be a part of the public fury of the common men .At least they stood by the goan media who were very consistent to speak the minds of mordern goan society,Congratulations to the 'Goan Media' For Capturing the attention of all goans and representing for the voice of genuine Goans.

Digu reh?'Goan are not Dumb as they are too good to be forgotten'.

- massimo, emqon | 09 th July 2010 12:52


Problem is he thought he was God and with the money and power he displayed he thought he was above God as well. But this is where you fall. Begging your way out for mercy. God gives and takes away. This is a good lesson for all the great politicians as they think they are as well as the great administrators in life. Do not oppress people with your might else you will meet that fate one day. The law will prove if he is innocent or not but yes the deeds he has done earlier as well dont show you were any better. Did you think your power was great in Goa .... God has shown it perfectly what it is ... it is just food for worms. A great display of Power of God has won and power of humans destroyed.

- Savio, Bardez | 09 th July 2010 12:30


When people were cyring you were laughing,now you are crying people are laughing,cause you were thinking money and power can change everything but it's not.Only god can change everything.

- Franky Fern, margao | 09 th July 2010 10:36


At last.What a pathetic looking person and picture.He used to strut his arrogance and power to the humble people of Goa.His fall from grace is what awaits all dictators,past , present and future.History lessons and the fate of all dictators,terrorists,goons etc.has not taught him anything...neither has his money. His so called supporters are nothing more than his bribed servants and finiancial beneficiaries.They only see the colour of his money...not his morals.I pity his children who have to face this shame for the rest of their lives .Where has the"SOPHISTICATED OR UPPERCLASS LOOK", dark sunglasses gone on both him and his equally pathetic wife. The bandage around his forehead,replacig his bandana is certainly no crown of thorns as worn by Jesus.This case is purely a tale of lust and a sordid life.It certainly is not a political issue as he portrays.If Mr Monserrate is watching / reading,he too will soon meet his true destiny and fall from grace.It is not avoidable.It will come in some shape or form.

- N Fernandes, London | 08 th July 2010 20:39


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