Mickky denied bail, court doubts his illness

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 07 July 2010 18:40 IST

The district court in Margao today finally rejected the bail plea of former Goa Tourism Minister Mickky Pacheco in connection with the death of his friend Nadia Torrado.

Additional district and sessions judge Pramod Kamat denied bail to Mickky.  He had surrendered before the court on Saturday last week after his anticipatory bail petition was rejected by all the courts, including the Supreme Court.

"The present bail application is nothing but an attempt to have a second inning and to camouflage and to circumvent the orders passed by the apex court. In fact the application is nothing but an abuse of process of law," state the order.

Mickky, after he was sent to judicial custody pending hearing, got himself admitted at the Hospicio Hospital for the treatment for hypertension, jaundice and urinary tract infection.

In a 14-page order, Judge Mr Kamat however stated: "there exists no clinical basis for any serious ailment whatsoever and the tests conducted by him disclosed a normal condition."

The court observed that the offence against Mickky is serious and requires custodial interrogation. The police have thus been told to take him into custody, once he is discharged.

The court also heavily came down on Hospicio doctors, stating that "the certificates are vague and issued in a very cursory, careless and in perfunctory manner without considering the seriousness of the case."

The order has also observed that the certificate does not bear the date or whether his continuation in the hospital is necessary. The court has also noted overwriting without initial and  without showing Mickky's health progress from time to time.

"Straight away Mickky is shown to be admitted in the ICU," stated Judge Mr Kamat.

The 46-year-old NCP legislator was booked by police on the charge of abetment to suicide and culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

Mickky's close friend Nadia, 28, had allegedly consumed poison on May 15 and subsequently was admitted to various private hospitals in Goa, Thane and Chennai. She died on May 30.

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Mr. Rajiv Hede, you may recall, when the President of the Medical council of India. was caught red handed while accepting bribe of 2.5 crores for giving recognition to an under -equipped medical school, he too got admitted to an hospital and was given five star facilities. Similar thing had happened in case of a Minister in Goa a few years back. What impression does all this create in the mind of a common man?

- vishwas Prabhudesai, loliem | 08 th July 2010 10:42


Is it not disgusting that every time a politician is nabbed by the police for crimes, he gets himself admitted in a Govt. hospital? Is there no medical board to counter check the certificates given by the dubious doctors may be under influence of money? This has happened in the past where the arrested minister has got himself admitted to GMC to escape police custody? I think with the Chairman medical council of India Mr Ketan Desai himself dismissed for allegedly accepting 2.5 crores bribe, himself got admitted to a Hospital where he got five star facilities! Shame on such doctors who call themselves intellectuals and give fake certificates for fake diseases!

- james silva, margao | 08 th July 2010 10:25


It is the money looted from the public through cuts, percentage, commissions that is used to buy votes by distributing small portion of it to a section of the voters who have been corrupted. Or how can the smugglers, criminals, rapists, antinationals, drug peddlers, miners, land sharks come to power again and again and also bring their sons, daughters, brothers sisters, wifes and cucubines to power? and perpetuate dynasty rule? Who can save this land from the demons?

- james silva, margao | 08 th July 2010 10:15


Mickky is taking the piss of all Goans

- Harold, London | 08 th July 2010 03:39


I would also like to ask our respected & learned doctors from Hospicio a question regarding the 'urinary track infection' of Micky.........As far as my knowledge goes only living creatures get infected....... but "can INFECTION get infected ???......because as I see it.... MICKY is the worst infection Goa has got in recent times !!!!

- Rajeev Hede, Madgaon Goa | 07 th July 2010 20:47


Baba Mickky tujo roll hem filmant over acting.

Dusro roll korche adim toddimxi practice

corpak zai aslim. Pun tuca practice naca tum

eok vodlom hero, Poixeani acting gheupak

zata. Atam ICU nidlam faleam fuim

nidtolom. Tuca juizan sangalam tem puro loz

mat na tunca. Tum poilosan eok devchar

coxo. Him tuca devachim khast lokak

marpak anki dadagri kelem tejem


- Brijesh, Goa | 07 th July 2010 20:45


Full credit to the District Court for not giving bail to a 'MICKY' !!! Indirectly the court has told him that even if he takes shelter in ICU....still 'I SEE YOU', so dont try to take me for a ride !!!!.......but I am really shocked to see that a creature like him has supporters and most of them are ladies ....actually I would like to request the poachers to kill this type of creatures (supporters included) who put Goa & Goans to SHAME, rather than killing those animals who protect our environment !!! I also sincerely hope our police department dont let him escape !!!

- Rajeev Hede, Madgaon Goa | 07 th July 2010 19:52


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