"Wife" Viola was a problem for "wife" Nadia?

PTI, PANAJI | 06 July 2010 22:34 IST

Former tourism minister Mickky Pacheco feels that his live-in relation with Viola Fernandes might have led to his “close friend” Nadia Torrado committing suicide.

The argument was put forth by Mickky's lawyer Adv Surendra Desai today, while praying for the Benaulim MLA's bail. 

The former minister is presently in judicial custody legally, but actually resting at the ICU of the Hospicio Hospital in Margao.

According to Adv Desai, mention of Mickky's live-in partner Viola as his "wife" in a newspaper advertisement seemed to have angered his female friend Nadia and led her to commit suicide.

Nadia, 28, showed "suicidal tendencies" and she tried to end her life when she was 15, a fact mentioned in the records at Mumbai's Jupiter Hospital (where she was taken for treatment after consuming poison on May 15), the defence lawyer told the sessions court today.

The 46-year-old NCP legislator has been booked by the police on the charge of abetment to suicide and culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

"On May 14, there was an advertisement about a drama scheduled in Benaulim constituency (represented by Mickky) in which Viola Fernandes was named as Mickky's wife and the chief guest at the event. This might have irked Nadia," saidAdv Desai.

Mickky, fighting a divorce petition against his wife Sara, is in a live-in relationship with Viola since 2004. The NCP leader has described Nadia, who had filed for separation with her husband Wilson Barretto, as his "close friend".

"Nadia was presenting herself as Mickky's wife. That was evident from an airlines tag found at her house which read her identity as wife of the tourism minister," Desai said.

Meanwhile, the crime branch of Goa police has expressed suspicion over Mickky's sudden sickness after remanding him to judicial custody. 

Stating that he might be feigning illness, police said certificates given by his doctors should be referred to a medical board.

Public Prosecutor Sarojini Sardinha, arguing for Goa Police's crime branch, said during the hearing of the bail petition filed by Mickky that there was no mention of sickness by the former tourism minister before he surrendered to the court.

"Only when he was remanded to judicial custody, he complained of sickness and got admitted in ICU," she said.

Poining out errors in the medical report submitted by the state-run Hospicio hospital, Sardinha said the accused had refused to allow examination of his blood despite complaining of jaundice, hypertension and urinary tract infection.

The 46-year old NCP leader should be referred to a medical board as the certificates given by doctors from Hospicio hospital were suspicious, the crime branch said.

"Alternatively, medical certificates by doctors should be examined to check their veracity," Sardinha submitted before Additional Sessions judge Pramod Kamat.

The public prosecutor said that having not subjected to custodial interrogation, the bail application by Mickky after surrendering to the court, is premature.

"There are no changes in circumstances from the time after he was refused anticipatory bail by Supreme court," the lady lawyer said.

Seeking Mickky's custodial interrogation, Sardinha said more persons could be involved in Nadia's death. "To get out all the facts, we need custodial interrogation of the accused."

After hearing the arguments of Mickky's lawyer Adv Desai and government counsel Adv Sardinha, the Sessions Court reserved its order till tomorrow.    

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yes, plasese write somethig

- pritesh patel, battlet | 08 th December 2016 22:11


Dear Fernandes, staying in London you have so much information of particulary of Micky's, off course

its good that you are making good investigation so that public knows what is going on . i would appreciate if you could do the same of Mr. Kamat, Mr Churchill, Mr R Naik, Mr B Monssarate, Mr V Rane of course the list is too big to mentioned. As you have enough time let see what information you come up with. So that public knows correct information before they elect this people in next elections. keep the good work of yours going.

- zeferino, dubai | 23 rd July 2010 11:36


Dear N Fernandes, there seems to be a lot of truth in your information regarding the Luxembourg co. The 3rd name mentioned Mukhtar Shaik is a known money launderer who used to be seen at Casinos in Goa particularily Chances and had a del going with Mickky. There is definitely a smelly rat here.

- santosh, Kuwait | 23 rd July 2010 00:25


Mr. Rakesh

Before making any comments on your comment I would request you to please give YOUR definition of HONESTY !!!!.......because I referred to all available dictionaries, but not a single definition of HONESTY as per these dictionaries match the definition of MICKY !!!!!

- Rajeev Hede, Madgaon Goa | 20 th July 2010 23:08


One of Mickkys companies registered in Luxenburgh.This information is from the Principilaty of Luxenburgh and available on www.etat.lu

Money Laundering comes to my mind.

Bresources Management S.A., Société Anonyme.

Siège social: L-1711 Luxembourg, 17, rue Bernard Haal.

R.C.S. Luxembourg B 144.642.


In the year two thousand and nine, on the twelfth of January.

Before Us M e Jean SECKLER, notary residing in Junglinster, (Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg), undersigned;


1) Mr. Francisco Xavier PACHECO, company manager, born in Panaji Goa, (India), on the 12 th of December 1964,

residing in Betalbatim, Salcete Goa; H.NO 204, Ranvaddo, (India).

2) Mrs. Viola Rosaline FERNANDES, company manager, born in Bahrain-City, (Bahrain), on the 11 th of January 1985,

residing in Arossim, Goa HNO, 143J, Mafilo Residency, Ground Floor, PO Cansaulim, (India).

3) Mr. Mukhtar Ahmed Mahamud SHAIK, company manager, born in Sangli MS, (India), on the 16 th of November

1963, residing Alto Porvorim Bardez Goa, (India).

All are here represented by Mr. Max SCHAMMEL, private employee, born in Luxembourg, on the 27 th of February

1949, residing in L-5328 Medingen, 20, rue de la Chapelle, by virtue of three proxies given under private seal; such proxies,

after having been signed "ne varietur" by the proxy-holder and the officiating notary, will remain attached to the present

deed in order to be recorded with it.

Such appearing parties, represented as said before, have required the officiating notary to enact the deed of association

of a limited company ("société anonyme") to establish as follows and have given special power of attorney to:

I. Name, Duration, Object, Registered office

Art. 1. There is hereby established by the subscriber and all those who may become owners of the shares hereafter

issued, a company in the form of a limited company ("société anonyme"), under the name of "Bresources Management

S.A." (hereafter the "Company").

Art. 2. The duration of the Company is unlimited.

Art. 3. The Company has for object, any activities of advice and assistance in the EDP field in the widest meaning of

this term; it will among others provide and grant all EDP development and EDP services to any firms, organisations and

companies, by putting at disposal of the pre mentioned, specialists, staff and all kind of support which may be in relation

with the object.

It will recruit, enlist and remunerate any persons duly qualified for that purpose.

It may promote, prepare and realise development, transformation, merger, concentration, reorganisation of any EDP

systems from trade, business, firms, companies or groups of companies or firms, whatever their objects and forms are

in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or abroad; assist them with its counsels and advices.

The Company may also make any transactions pertaining directly or indirectly to the taking of participating interests

in any enterprises in whatever form, as well as the administration, the management, the control and the development of

such participating interests.

The Company may particularly use its funds for the setting-up, the management, the development and the disposal of

a portfolio consisting of any securities and patents of whatever origin, participate in the creation, the development and

the control of any enterprise, acquire by way of contribution, subscription, underwriting or by option to purchase and

any other way whatever, any type of securities and patents, realise them by way of sale, transfer, exchange or otherwise,

have developed these securities and patents.

The Company may borrow in any form whatever.

The Company may grant to the companies of the group or to its shareholders, any support, loans, advances or guarantees,

within the limits of the law of August 10, 1915.

Within the limits of its activity, the Company can grant mortgage, contract loans, with or without guarantee, and stand

security for other persons or companies, within the limits of the concerning legal dispositions.

The Company may take any measure to safeguard its rights and make any transactions whatsoever which are directly

or indirectly connected with its purposes and which are liable to promote their development or extension.

Art. 4. The registered office of the Company is established in Luxembourg, (Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg).

The Company may establish branches, subsidiaries, agencies or administrative offices in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

as well as in foreign countries by a simple decision of the board of directors.

The registered office may be transferred to any other municipality of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg by a decision

of the shareholders' meeting.


- N Fernandes, London | 20 th July 2010 20:50


Information appearing on "LINKEDIN.COM"

nadia torradooffice manager at bresourcesmanagement.inc

Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area

nadia torrado’s Experience

office manager


(Staffing and Recruiting industry)

Currently holds this position

I wonder what else Mickky Pacheco has been upto.

Domain name owned by Pascal Dias.

- N Fernandes, London | 20 th July 2010 20:13


Mickky has been a role model for us, Goans as a Tourist Minister. We are proud to have a minister of his caliber in our state. My sympathies are with him, as he is an honest man. His only weakness was his he had too many girlfriends for which he had no control. This happens to us many at the workplace when you have too many pretty women working with you. BUT CERTAINLY, MICKKY HAS NOT COMMITTED MURDER NOR IS GUILTY IN THE CRIME. Mickky is only the suspect and Nadia on her own accord chose to commit suicide. So Mickky should not be blamed here, as the opposition here has played down on him to pull Mickky down. As far as I know Mickky, HE IS INDEED AN HONEST MAN.

- Rakesh, Goa | 19 th July 2010 18:39


Do we need government to legalise the live-in partner does they get the benifits as married do. oh I just forgot is Viola Fernandes not his baby mother

- Anthony, Vasco | 16 th July 2010 23:56


Irony is that people who actually vote are not reading these posts .. either bcoz they are illiterate or too poor to have access to Internet or even know what it is.

- Amit, Goa | 07 th July 2010 21:51


Recently the Swindon Goan Association invited Mr Monserrate to be Cheif Guest for a function.However he was soon replaced by The MLA of Agassaim (where most Swindon Goans come from) .It is quite obvious that many UK Goans have perhaps not been happy to associate themselves with a Public Thief/Goon /Criminal.It is also probable that he was also replaced, as he wished to remain in Goa to help and assist his "brother in arms" and "Gang member" Mickky.His son Rohit Monseratte (rape case pending) has possibly tried to emulate/ copy Pacheco.They might be advised to look in a new mirror soon.I do not think they believe in what the public sees....MONSTERS!

Mr Monseratte if you hyprocritcally go to a church near you,remember as with Pacheco..."God works in mysterious ways and at a time of his choosing" ..not your`s.It is not too late to give up your ill-gotten wealth and to repent before the Goan electorate.

Well done Swindon Goans for choosing a more respectable MLA.

- N Fernandes, London | 07 th July 2010 19:46


Dear Monserrates,

You ae a greedy person, you are evil and have destroyed Goa and its land. You are using power to do things that you are not suppossed to do. How much more money do you need........is your greed satified,, no i guess.

Go keep playing your devious games. The people of Goa know . not for long you will have to pay for all your sins..


- dave, UK | 07 th July 2010 18:36


Dear Mickky & Lyndon,

You both have been the male "prima donnas" of Goa.I am not forgetting the OTHERS..THE Alemaos,Monserrates,Naiks& azgaonkars.you have all raped Goa and the good citzens of Goa along with the notorious Police.You have their sweat and blood in/ on your hands.Finiancially and morally.


Dear God,I pray ,you will save and deliver us from these evil and self serving social nuisance.

Dear Goans,do not elect these blood sucking parasites.The money they bribe you with is your own blood and sweat money.

- N Fernandes, London | 07 th July 2010 16:28




- A. BARETTO, CANACONA | 07 th July 2010 15:20


People of Benaulim should not feel pity on Mr.Mickky he is good actor. His main action and role from the begining, everyone knows,

He got jaundice and blood pressure only when interrogation time comes. Court must seriously prove fact of the medical not the local my expert medical team. He will be playing many games with the help of black money. The crime branch must bear this keep track from top to bottom.

- Brijesh, Goa | 07 th July 2010 11:41


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