11 call girls rescued from discotheque

PTI, PANAJI | 28 June 2010 20:51 IST

Ten persons arrested and eleven call girls were rescued in a raid at a discotheque at Candolim village here, police said today.

The crime branch raided the disco last night following a tip off about the flesh trade that was being run by employing girls from Mumbai, they said.

All the rescued girls were sent to protective home while ten people including one Ashish Joglekar, four of his partners and five clients were arrested, they said.

Police said that the further investigation is in progress and details would be available only after interrogating the accused.    

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im really sad to inform u ppl tht im ashamed of calling myself goan as i could not take and make anythng for goa and myself..i m workin in mumbai and ppl hav already formd a image in thr minds abt me .thy thnk ill be in dugs ,drinking smoking whch im not into...

whn will ppl realise tht we r loosing our identity .tourist r not coming to see sona paula or miramar beach thy come here for drinks,drugs and night life wchich should be stopd..or goa will be knwn as bangkok

- sneha, goa | 24 th September 2010 18:24


Easy targets.

No hapta they are showing the public they are doing their duty ?

- Leo Monteiro, London | 02 nd July 2010 20:42


what so great about raiding hotels and arresting bar girls? If you go on arresting and harassing bar girls, how and why will the tourists come to Goa?

If you want to do something good and heroic or brave, arrest the thieves, arrest those who are breaking idols in churches and temples, arrest those who are breaking houses in broad daylight, arrest those who are taking matka, arrest those who are raping women and committing murders, arrest those who are drinking and causing fatal road accidents, arrest those who are involved in big scandals like excise duty evasion, illegal mines, adulterating food, arrest those who are the merchants of death dealing with drugs, arrest those who take commissions on every deal! What is so great in harassing the bar girls and bringing headlines in news media? Do something worth the salary you are getting !

- james silva, Margao | 01 st July 2010 10:30


May be catching the poor call girls or bar girls who entertain the tourists, is the most easy thing for the police to do! Catching a thief, a robber, a criminal, a murderer, a corrupt bribe demanding babu or a rich man engaged in illegal antisocial activities is much more difficult and challenging! The common man expects the police to do such challenging works. The increasing thefts and robberies even in rural areas of Goa, has made an impression in the mind of the common man that their life and property is no more safe! The image of the police will definitely improve if they work in catching the thieves and robbers and criminals and re-assuring the people that their life and property is safe!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 30 th June 2010 08:49


Can anybody think that without the hand of the Local MLA these things have occurred in Canalgute or Candolim?

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 30 th June 2010 03:48


In many towns in Goa we have massage parlors which offer all kinds of services. .. beaches are tourist destinations .. it is nothing great that the police did .. they will release the girls on getting their hafta.

Cmon guys Most of the Ministers earn from Matka and other illegal activities.

- Amit, Goa | 30 th June 2010 02:51


This is one new scandal just to cover other issue like Atala,Miki and many more now they will come up with new one just to cover this news.i want to ask Mr. CM 1)More how many years he is going to take to remove River Princess2)What happen of Anti Narcotic Cell staff which was caught(sandeep Parab)3)Are you going to send DUDU to is Israeli or giving him indain citizenship?

- Pran, Pernem | 29 th June 2010 19:21


Prabhudesai is right, the police should catch the pimps (politicians) who sold Goa.

- John W D Souza, Margoa - Goa | 29 th June 2010 18:32


Why do most of the tourists come to Goa? Every tourist spot like Bangcock, Pataya, Haiti,has blooming sex trade to attract the tourists. When we encourage tourism we should also learn to accept all this associated muck like drugs, sex,crimes etc.The police force could do better to engage in more difficult tasks like, to catch and unearth the scandals in illegal mining, excise duty evasion, openly taking commissions, etc, where crores of rupees have been reported to have been swindled by the corrupt politicians!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 29 th June 2010 09:28


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