Cops to send team to Sweden to interrogate Lucky

PTI, PANAJI | 25 June 2010 18:43 IST

After failing to get the statement of Lucky Farmhouse when she was in Mumbai, the state police have now said that, if necessary, they will send a team to Sweden to interrogate her.

Lucky, ex-girlfriend of Israeli drug peddler Yaniv Benaim alias Atala, had exposed police-drug peddler nexus through a video, which she had shot on a spy cam and later uploaded on youtube.

"If required, we will send a team to Sweden to interrogate Lucky. Whatever is required is being done," director general of police (DGP) Bhimsen Bassi said.

All the seven policemen and Atala arrested for the nexus are on bail after the courts observed that there is no evidence against them.

Goa Bench of Bombay High Court had castigated Crime Branch for tardy investigation in the case. "Once we examine the issue, we will take the view," DGP said responding to a question on court's strictures against police.

He said that court's observations would be kept in mind while investigating the case.

Lucky, in her email interview to PTI, had said that the son of a politician was visiting Atala's place in Goa. She had also said that she has lot more video clippings to expose the nexus.

Replying to a possibility of unearthing the senior politician's son allegedly involved in the drug trade, DGP said "we are working with an open mind. Whatever evidence we have collected is being evaluated." is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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With a silly excuse that there is no place for keeping the law breakers who have overstayed in Goa, depicts a very poor and pathetic picture of the law enforcing agencies and the concerned Ministers ! God save the common man from the corrupt, inefficient and selfish servants of the people paid from public exchequer!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 27 th June 2010 18:41


Goa government should stop pretending that it is really interested in the welfare of the state. The outcome of the case (so far) only reflect the fact that NO MATTER WHAT OTHERS HAVE TO SAY, WHAT FACTS DISCLOSE, WHAT EVIDENCE FROM LUCKY COULD LEAD TO... the state government will do what it want to do. The current goverment discloses the fact that it is not for the people, but it is for its own good!

- Prema, England | 26 th June 2010 15:38


If Atala was to be granted bail, why was He arrested in first place?

the whole thing is a joke and all are corrupt.

- John D Souza, Goa | 26 th June 2010 13:48


The trip Sweden should not be one more pleasure trip at the tax-payers cost! One cant understand as to how the Police are not arresting a person for overstaying under the excuse that they dont have a place to keep such people! Does this not appear to be an excuse for not taking action? What is the Home Minister doing? Can he not find some place where all such persons can be accommodated? If such is the case here in Goa then why to obtain visa by spending money? Is such excuse acceptable to the Govt and the law enforcing agencies or is it that everybody is hand in gloves when it comes to taking action against rich and powerful? How is the media too keeping quite?

- V. Desai, Margao | 26 th June 2010 08:32


After reading this, one gets an impression that Home Minister surely has a "Vatto" in this or else he wont have let them go scot free.

- Amit, Goa | 26 th June 2010 06:24


I knew this would happen and had been attacking Chandrakant Salgaoncar since the investigation started. I always said that me being an ex-Cop have known this corrupt and crooked investigator Chandrakant Salgaoncar very well. Now I am confident that he is deliberately fingering the investigation in this case and needs to be suspended first like Mr. Parrikar said. I always knew that he must have got his share of loot from Ashish to save them. I also knew that Chandrakant Salgaoncar must have pre planned to go to Sweden for enjoyment at the cost of the Government and the Public. When Lucky Farmhouse had declared that she was in Mumbai then why did he not take her statement by going to Bombay? Why did he weaken the case and waited till Lucky left for Sweden? It was his entire trick to fool the public and get a trip to Sweden to enjoy in Sweden. If he was a good investigating officer he would have gone to Bombay and got her statement. – Menino(Valpoi)

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 26 th June 2010 00:27


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