Atala bailed out for no evidence

PTI, PANAJI | 22 June 2010 22:12 IST

A narcotics drugs and psychotropic substances court here today granted bail to alleged Israeli drug dealer Yaniv Benaim alias Atala for lack of evidence.

Judge Bimba Thali also banned Atala from visiting the coastal belt of Goa.

The accused was arrested in connection with a police-drug peddler nexus case, which saw the arrest of seven policemen recently.

Atala's girlfriend Lucky Farmhouse had exposed the nexus linkages by uploading a series of videos allegedly showing Atala saying that policemen from anti-narcotic cell were selling drugs to him.

All the seven cops, including Police Inspector Ashish Shirodkar, were released on bail by the high court after it passed strictures against the police.

Following the court's verdict, police said even though Atala has been set free on bail, there was no threat to Lucky's life as he will not be allowed to leave the country. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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i escapet goa 2007 no problem

- adam, germany | 05 th July 2010 19:08


I am sure Atala is released in order to permamently silence Lucky Farmhouse.Trust me now the cops will hunt her down in Mumbai or Sweden in the name of investigation, but this will be done only to provide Atala about her whereabouts. After Atala manages to permanently silence Farmhouse.... the news headlines will be "Love story turned sour" and the entire matter will be hushed up.

My question is why didn't Goa police interrogate Lucky Farmhouse when Atala was in jail????

- Russell, Goa | 27 th June 2010 23:41


i think indian police like donkey~ they don't konow how to work but professionale they do show! perfecto! they selling drugs more than any drug dealers in goa! and then they hiding all the proof with this kind of story! Fanny... everybody know the true.... and NOBODY don't want to finish it be course is not possible in india! coruptions!!!!

- karma, india | 24 th June 2010 13:55


Attala released?,follow him or else he'll escape and the family of the home minister will have a sigh of releif as BJP has threatened to disclose the culprit .Its High time now digamber kamat should reign.protecting another scam bigger than mikky's and monsie's,wake up goa HARTAL KARO aur SHOR machaou,BJP shoul declare goa band as this goverment should fall and Governor's rule should be called.

- massimo, emqon | 24 th June 2010 10:20


Bye the way, the photo shows Mr. Atala displaying lots of currency notes! What does this suggest? can any one guess?

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 24 th June 2010 08:53


When he can illegally arrive in the country .. the Judge thinks he needs the govt nod to leave it ..

Criminals and we the people are harboring them ... its either radicals or criminals we just don't have a choice with choosing any good people as Leaders.

- Amit, Goa | 24 th June 2010 07:31


This case once again shows how the present judicial system has no sufficient teeth to pin down the culprits, criminals, inefficient and the dishonest! The Hon Judge has to give judgement based upon the evidence and facts before it! If the loopholes remain due to faulty investigations or are kept deliberately due to political connections or money power of the accused, then the criminal dont get convicted.This has been seen time and again in many cases, the Ruchika Girotra case the Jessika Lall case etc are very frsh examples.Even the Bhopal Gas tragedy verdict shows how the corrupt Babus and politicians allowed the criminals to escape the country, how the sections of the law were diluted, how the manipulations were done to accept a lower amount of compensation for the victims and so on!

And for the judgement to come it takes about twenty five years! This is totally ridiculous by any standards and if such situation is allowed to continue, it may result into a anarchy due the shaking of the faith of the common man in the whole degenerated system! One should not forget that there are crores of cases pending in various courts throughout the country for years, as admitted by the Hon. Law Minister!

May be one remedy could be proactive judiciary who could take a step forward and not stop at just passing strictures against the investigating agencies as it has done in the present case but could go a step further and order demotion or other suitable punishment to the officials/ agencies responsible for not doing their rightful duty properly and allowing the criminals to escape unpunished!

- Vanita Desai, Margao | 23 rd June 2010 16:37


What else we can expect..................!!!!!!!!!!

- Nilesh Shetgaonkar, Morjim | 23 rd June 2010 14:07


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