Police suspect 'cover for something' in Mickky's firm

PTI, PANAJI | 14 June 2010 21:07 IST

Goa Police has said the activities of the company run by former State tourism minister Mickky Pacheco were “very suspicious” and seems to be “a cover for something else”.

Meanwhile, Mickky's former OSD Lyndon Monteiro has made application in the high court to withdraw his anticipatory bail application as the court directed him to be personally present for the hearing.

Mickky however has filed his anticipatory bail application today evening.

The police however have seriously started probing into Mickky's company.

"There was no formal and structured functioning (of the company). Everything seemed to be working as a personal fiefdom of Pacheco," the Crime Branch in its application to the Panaji Bench of Bombay High Court has said.

"There were no meetings and decisions of the Board of Directors. The activities of the company are very suspicious and seems to be cover for something else," it said.

Police had vehemently opposed the anticipatory bail plea of Lyndon Monteiro, close aide of Pacheco, who is wanted in case of death of 28-year-old Nadia Torrado.

Crime branch investigations have revealed that Nadia worked in Pacheco's company, Bresources Management Pvt Ltd.

Nadia had consumed poison on May 15 and thereafter she died on May 30 in a private hospital in Chennai.
Mickky is accused of abetment to suicide in the case while his aide, Lyndon, is accused of destroying evidence. The duo have been on the run since June 6.

Meanwhile, the Goa Bench of Bombay High Court today directed Lyndon to remain present in the court for his anticipatory bail plea hearing.

Justice U D Falvi directed that Lyndon be personally present in the court when the matter would be heard next on June 17.

Public Prosecutor Carlose Fereira argued that the application was not maintainable as it was filed by Monterio's mother.

Intervening during the arguments, social activist and lawyer Aires Rodrigues said there has been a circular of the High Court that any anticipatory bail has to be filed by the person.

Lyndon, an aide of Pacheco, is accused of abetment of suicide of the former minister's woman friend Nadia Torrado.

Mickky and Lyndon have been on the run since June 6.

It has to been what decision the high court now takes on Lyndon's plea to withdraw his bail application and how the police then act accordingly.

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We have seen Income-tax raids and the CBI probes when some politicians, rebel against the establishment and when the rebellion dies down after the raids, raids and the inquiries also die down and nothing comes out of it! Long live our democracy!

- Vishwas prabhudesai, Loliem | 15 th June 2010 19:53


Looking for mikky?he doing his shakkie........krrinng krinnng somewhere in goa mikky's phone ringing.........krinnnng krinnnng......... miami calling?

Mikky :whose speaking?

Phone:Babush speaking...




MIKKY: AREH I thought it was CBI MUREH...MMMMM...HAV ,?.........I LEFT GOA ON THE 3RD for a holiday to SOUTH AFIRCA

Monsie: SOUTH AFRIKA?so why and for whom are they looking FOR........ here in goa TODAY.

Mikkie: Monsie!...you let kamat play TRICKS with his monkies while I watch footbal in the land of hampries.Its cool here... maannn?except no kursi. but only junglies.

Monsie:so when are you back?

Mikkie:I will see...... when those bailos in goa are free SO THAT.... mathew can compromise and treat them at kenturkey's

Monsie: and where is lyndon?

Mikky:oooh....lyndon....he is here with me,right now he has placed all his bounced cheques and vicious plans for the future before me and performing bajjans in front of goddess saraswati.eeeeh......He's reciting and mumurring all the time... something...'Pav geh mata amkam.... borlim amchim mapam' I cant UNDERSTAND THAT.

Mikky: so whats the latest in goa monsie?

Monsie:well mikky?Goemchea rajeant goemcho lok betoita kantaram radiocher tujea navan..... vodlea dhobajeant...........teh reh tem kantar chris perrriche...........Sorgarajeant...voooooooh vooooh vuuuuuH,.... vuuuuuh, voooooooooh Vuuuuuuh. vooooooooooooooooooowh vuwwwwwwwh vooooouh vouuuuuuuuuuh.Aikolam mureh.....

boreh.... chol tor phone dovortam haah..... chod zalem.

Mikky:BABUSH? Tuka dakoichemmmmm?????.....education ministor tum?.............ENDEA! .....I AM GOING TO AMERICA FROM SOUTH AFRICA ANNNNNND........... WHEEEEEEN...... IIIIIII........COME BAAAACCK Tujea fatik kadta CRACK..LOFORFUICHO..... ....PONJEACHO BALDAD FUICHO .........GOOOOOONNNHHHH,.........PHONE OFF........pss..for you Mathew... Tiatr of the season 'Maha Mikky' Written by Auda viegas aand directed by Mike Mehta:starring:Poonam and Mahanand de shiroda,Mikkie pacheco and his wife Viola, stage set by lyndon monteiro, Light and sound Effects by Bailacho Saad...

Atam...sogle soddun sogle atam munuea don noman marieh... ....ani padri ponn soddun divueah

- massimo, emqon | 15 th June 2010 13:14


The MLA must have read the panchatantra story


- Akshar, Mumbai | 15 th June 2010 12:21


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