Mickky's house raided amidst arrest rumours

GOANEWS & PTI, PANAJI | 11 June 2010 23:32 IST

Former tourism minister Mickky Pacheco's Betalbatim house was raided by the police today amidst rumours that he was detained by the ivestigating agency.

The police confiscated around eight computers from his residence, besides some files.

According to police sources, they are investigating into the "professional" relationship between Mickky and Nadia, whose suicidal death has resulted into Mickky facing charges of culpable homicide not amounting to murder and destruction of evidence.

The earlier charge that Mickky had extra-marital relation with Nadia is now taking a different shape with "professional" relationship coming under the scanner.

Winston Barreto, deceased Nadia's husband, in the meanwhile has confirmed that Benaulim MLA, who was compelled to resign after Nadia's death, had extra-marital relation with his wife. He has reportedly repeated almost 80 per cent of the allegations he has made in his divorse suit.

Meanwhile, rumours were afloat throughout the state today that Mickky was arrested by the police. Several police officials, though refused to confirm the news, also did not confirm it.

Interestingly, Mickky failed to file his anticipatory bail application in the high court today, after it was rejected by the district and sessions court. The anticipatory bail application fileld by his "close associate" Lyndon Monteiro would be now heard on Monday.

In the meanwhile, an Orissa-based maid servant who worked at Nadia's Loutolim residence, will be interrogated by Goa police to unearth further evidence in the death case.

"We will be sending a team to Orissa to take the statement of the maid who was working with the family between January to April this year," a police official said.

Nadia's family reportedly had three maids working at their place and only one of them was present when she allegedly committed suicide by consuming poison.

Police said efforts are on to get the statement of this maid servant, who could be a key witness in this case.

Another maid, who arrived at her place, a day after Nadia's death, has already deposed before the police giving the statement that her mother, Sonia, asked her to burn the evidence related to the case.

"We will have to interrogate the maid servant from Orissa, who has been working with the family for a long time," the official said.

The Crime Branch expects that the maid will provide information on Pacheco's relation with the family.

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Previous Comments

The crime branch does not have to go in circles. Hit the nail on the head. Take Mathew into custody and all the truth will be out. Both the M's (Micky and Mathew) are partners in crime. Be it in the casino or in the flesh business.

- Angelico Gracias, Benaulim | 18 th June 2010 16:50


Mr. Shyam , Thanks for the clarification , its nice that we should be able to live in harmony in our peaceful Goa , respecting each others religion is important , I knw we are all living in democracy , but being respectful in these situation would save the world of lots of problems , And dnt say that all those people seem to be catholic , I knw of Hindu supporters of Micky in Betalbatim ..anyway lets hope evrything gets clear and resolved .

- Goan, Dubai | 15 th June 2010 10:25


@ Russell. Dont blame the CM. Fax can be sent from any place and by people working in his office. Not from where he is hiding.

- A T B, Dubai | 14 th June 2010 22:29


The religion has nothing to do with chamchas of the politicians. There are chamchas of the corrupt leaders in all the religions who shamelessly shout slogans to support the corrupt in return for liquor, money, chicken or other favours!, and everybody knows this in Goa! Then right thinking and honest people should not become sycophants of the corrupt and whenever they witness such shameless rallies,gatherings, they should condemn such acts! But how many of us do this? We have become indifferent and if the Govt or Public money is looted we never feel that it is our money which is being looted! God save our democracy!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 14 th June 2010 19:23


Russel & Goan, let me clarify myself to both of you. Most of my friends are catholics and i am always amidst them. Secondly I do not mean all the catholics but those that had gathered and are seen on the newspapers photos with banners, I mean them. I am sorry that I did not mention properly "the gathered crowds". You see yourself Russel this crowd seems to be made up of catholics only. Goan each one has the freedom of speech in our democracy. But still I meant no offence to catholic religion because I am neck deep involved in your religion. I go for mass on sundays and I go for saibinn and your ladin etc. and am well versed with it.

- Shyam Sawant, Ponda | 14 th June 2010 14:10


he should get punished for what he has done

- sunny, dubai | 14 th June 2010 12:35


Mr,Shyam Samant , Dont make comments like that , Know yourself and who you are first , Mind your words ..

- Goan, Dubai | 14 th June 2010 11:20


i heard miccky faxed his resignation to the CM. From what i know the number is also known to the reciever. it cannot come from thin air. Why is the CM not disclosing that no.

- Russell, Goa | 13 th June 2010 22:13


As far as Shyam sawant goes, i think it is wrong for him to say that all Catholics are shameless just because of 1 crazy priest and a few people from betalbatim. No one says all hindus are supporters of sex addicts just because a few swamy's bless so called unfertile women. Religion never preaches to rape /kill or steal. so keep religion off this debate pls.

- Russell, Goa | 13 th June 2010 22:01


It has been reported today that Goa Police were providing protection to this minister for five days after he had failed to appear for interrogation and had 'absconded'.

Could we have clarification on this and if true, will the IGP of Goa take responsibility for this blunder and hand in his papers?

I will not dignify the position of Home minister who, as the whole Goa by now knows, has his own 'difficulties'. by asking for his resignation.

- Anil Desai, UK | 13 th June 2010 12:05


Mickky is not only one such activities. if you compare Mr. Sharad Pawar (Big Daddyof NCP) his characters he said I have no link in IPL then he come out have share holding his

family. This is the way India become day by day poor. Mistake who elect them. Such as Miccky is married guy holding unmarried wives and without having married register got

childrens. Also to be pointed that the ladies are also not in proper decent family how come they fall in love with marrried man.Moreover Mickkly over acted and this is

what he have to get. He is trying to buy whole world, Congress is corrupt party see now Bhopal, who order to release Anderson it was congress, poor people suffering so many year till today.

- Brijesh Kanaujia, Margao Goa | 13 th June 2010 11:30


It is high time that Fr. Mousinho Athaide be terminated from his ministry of Priesthood. He has degraded our Holy Mother Church by allowing this type dual marriage which is not allowed for any reason whatsoever. Dear Bishop of Goa please open your eyes and see what goes on within the church!

- Joe Rebello, Panjim | 12 th June 2010 15:23


I thought the Catholic Church does not allow Polygamy or a second marriage until and unless the first wife is dead or the Church annuls the marriage. At least that is what I have learnt from my Catholic friends. How did this happen then? Looks like the whole Goan society is corrupted and the Religious foundations too. This monster Mickky (a tailor by profession) should be punished severely. But I have also seen on the Herald people supporting him and have gathered with banners. What are the children doing there I don't understand. This shows that our Goan people are the supporters of EVIL and evil man like Mickky Pacheco. based on the picture it seems that only the Catholic people are gathered there to support evil. Shame on the CATHOLICS inspite of knowing what kind of a man MICKKY MOUSE is.

- Shyam Sawant, Ponda | 12 th June 2010 15:05


Our Chruch is equally corrupt, inspite of knowing that the mouse was married to Sara and there was no dissolution of marriage annulment according to Canon Law, still...our Holy Priests from the Diocese of Goa did his nuptials in the church to declare him married to Viola in the eyes of the public. Is this marriage valid? One priest even raised toast with holy praises at the christening of his child. Are these not double standards by the church? Then, why are all other divorce / separation cases ongoing at the Bishop Palace, let all of them get married without being declared as divorced or marriage annulment law. Even the Church has got different sets of rules for the common man and politicians? Will Bishop and Fr. Mousinho Athaide be able to answer?

- Mathew, Dubai | 12 th June 2010 12:01


Evidence?Are you Looking for evidence in mikky's house or is that an eyewash,how can you look for something in a place where it was never there while as you could find it where it should have been there and was never there.

1- if there is a will there is a way, everyone knows mikky's whereabouts except kamat and CBI. Zero in on the mobiles on those close to him and ask Mr. monserate who is educating him.GET THOSE BROTHERS AND MOTHER of NADIA what wrong with these people! get that family in those cells put them on the blocks and break the ICE..AND THAN SING AAAL IS VEL..check that out guys i feel mikky will definetly sing BILLIE JEAN

- Massimo, emqon | 12 th June 2010 09:07


Scandal after scandal rocking this small State does not augur well for its future! It shows the society's rapidly degeneration! The involvement of each leader in some or other major scam has shown that the system has failed and we dont deserve the type of democracy where the voters can easily be purchased to grab power and loot the society!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 12 th June 2010 08:53


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