Dudu discloses journalists' involvement in drug trade

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 04 June 2010 14:24 IST

After a nexus between the drug peddlers and the police getting exposed, a new nexus of a few journalists in the drug trade has come to light.

The high court order granting bail to police inspector Ashish Shirodkar in the police-drug peddler nexus case has brought this new nexus to light.

Shirodkar, along with six other policemen, was arrested for their alleged links with Israeli drug peddlers Dudu and Yaniv Benaim alias Atala.

The police, in spite of frequent questioning by the journalists, was hiding the facts of journo-drug peddler nexus all these days.

As the per the police record submitted to the court, however, Dudu on 26 February told during interrogation as follows:

"In the years 2005-2006, some journalists of news papers started writing against me. This caused a lot of irritation and trouble for me for continuing to stay in Goa. At that time I sought help of Sandeep Parab @ Kamin. He got in touch with a news reporter by name Vilas (surname I do not remember). They contacted some journalists and told me later that they had taken care of the matter and no more news item would appear in the news papers about me. I had paid a large sum of money to Kamin and his friend Vilas."

"Later the media reports about me reduced appearing in the news papers. From that time onwards I maintained good relations with some journalists by paying them protection money regularly. This money was paid on my behalf to them by Sandeep Parab @ Kamin."

"However, Vilas sometimes came to my house also to take some money directly from me. Nothing much appeared in news papers about me after that."

"Later P.I. Ashish Shirodkar also used to pay money on my behalf to some news paper reporters. He had promised me that he would take care about the news reporters and keep them quite about me".

This disclosure has created waves in the media circles of Goa. Goa Union of Journalists president Prakash Kamat has convened an emergency meeting tomorrow morning to discuss the issue and take a united stand in this regard.

Several journalists in the meanwhile have condemned the alleged act of such kind of journalists. Almost all the newspapers, except ‘Gomantak' and ‘Gomantak Times', have carried this report today. Most of it are front page reports.
Prudent, a local TV channel, even conducted a live debate yesterday itself, after getting this news.

Rupesh Samant, principal correspondent of PTI who has been consistently exposing this nexus, has pointed out that the Goa police have deliberately hidden this fact from the media.

As Goa police has proved their intention to hide the facts and different sections involved in the nexus, the debate also strongly demanded that the case may be immediately handed over to the CBI.

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I`ve been arrested may 26. 2005 at Goa Airport. Charges of summgling charas. I spent 6 weeks in jail, then I got out on bail. I know Atala, I know Dudu very well and ofcourse, I also know the police officers that got arrested. Atala is a RAT thats forsure. But on the other hand everything you see on You Tube is a hundred percent for real. And be sure that what you see is only the tip of the ice berg.I was forced to stay in Goa from 2005-2007 and I had to pay them all. Narcotics, Crime, Customs,Anjuna police station... The only person you could´nt bribe was the judge at Mapusa Court. This lady is probably the toughest woman I ever met hard but fair. I opened a restaurant in anjuna right opposite Atalas Internet cafe. It had the advantage that the cops had short ways to collect the money.In summer 2007 I finally menaged to escape from Goa and India. Believe me or not I know how it works in Goa and the little things you know so far and especially the amounts of drugs you are writing about, come on be real, that would´ nt be enough for a single sunset on spagetti beach. You should´nt count in kg´s.


- h. adam, germany | 05 th July 2010 23:45


We have to be sorry to see that Goan state is becoming as one of those in the Africas. No accountability nor law. Although i am a supporter of Congress bit i feel the goverment has lost all its credibility and its just name sake governance. I feel when Parrikar was in power the governance was much justified at least in the eyes of the people. Shame on your Politicians and shame on you goverment employees. At the great St. Francis Xavier had changed his mind hearing these words "it is no use winning the whole world and losing your soul" . You Goverment officials have lost all our trust in you. So it is no use of you serving us in such scenarios.

- MSD, Bardez | 09 th June 2010 10:29


My dear fellow comment writers, I don’t think anyone other than me knows this investigating officer better than me. I have resigned from the Goa Police in the year 1984. He must have received his share already from Ashish Shirodkar. That is why Ashish looks so confident in his recent Photographs. This investigating officer has looted even a police constable of his gold chain back in 1983 by using local boys to assault the Constable namely Mr. Santiago Pedro Fernandes also a native of Valpoi and who was on leave at that time. He is not ready to let off the investigation because he knows that he would lose a good amount of booty. I know how the Police Department works in Goa. The money that comes inside from all sorts of illegal extortions, bribes etc are then divided according to the ranks of the officers and distributed. Mr. Parrikar has been demanding the suspension of this investigating officer Chandrakant Salgaoncar, but Parrikar is wrong. He should demand his dismissal and not suspension. Guys this case is going to go to nuts. It is a sure case to be acquitted after the investigation by chandrakant salgaoncar and the charge sheet which will be submitted to the JMFC or the concerned court will be full of flaws and will be a cake eating to the defending advocate. GOD BLESS THE CRIMINALS, CROOKS AND CORRUPT! – Menino (Valpoi)

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 07 th June 2010 19:18


Frustrating, Goa Police investigates his fellow colleague! All are in the same boat and as Vishwas highlighted is true- Part of Media is owned by the corrupt scavengers. We think the judiciary and investigation in Goa is just a "time pass" or worth a URAK pav SHARE.

- Emediavoices, Goa | 06 th June 2010 00:16


this ìs not accepted frm 4th pillar of the socity.people will have no faith journaist.

- mangaldas bhat, cancon | 04 th June 2010 22:05


Is this case so surprising? Most of the media is owned by the same corrupt politicians who are occupying the seats of power! In the past there have been few reports about powerful politicians giving shelter to even terrorists but nothing happened to them! There have been cases where the powerful politicians have been named in scandals regarding fake stamp papers, bribes in import of defence deals, disproportionate assets beyond known sources of income, crores of rupees kickbacks while awarding contracts,even charges of murders! But the matter is never pursued by the media to its logical end and the common man never has the satisfaction of seeing the criminals getting punishments! Long live our democracy!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 04 th June 2010 16:37


Sandesh, Please take lead to expose your professional fellow involved inthis shameful act and eradicate this CANCER before it spread in Goan Journalism. On whom we should depend now is the million dollar question.

- Shekhar , Panaji Goa | 04 th June 2010 16:13


Yes, this case definately needs CBI probe. Only independent body like CBI would be able to conduct thorough investigation in this case and do justice to it. Hopefully, other drug dealers dwelling in Goa under the pretext of carrying businesses of resturants, cafes and so on, should come to the light of concerned authorities and public at large.

- Prema, England | 04 th June 2010 15:55


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