Govt refuses to hand over drug nexus case to CBI

PTI, PANAJI | 29 May 2010 14:30 IST

Goa government has refused to hand over the state police-drug peddler nexus case to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

In a submission to Goa Bench of Bombay High court, the state government said that at this stage there is no necessity to hand over the case to an independent agency like CBI.

Assistant Solicitor General Carlose Fereira told the Bench that if required, senior police officer would investigate the case.

The Bench has asked the state to come up with a detailed statement on the issue by June 2.

Seven policemen were suspended and later arrested for their alleged nexus with drug peddlers.

Israeli drug dealer Yaniv Benaim alias Atala was caught on a spy camera by his former girlfriend Lucky Farmhouse bragging about his links with policemen. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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The reason for the Govt to refuse a CBI enquiry into the Drug deal is to protect its members. The govt very well knows who is involved. Everyone knows whose son is the Number 1 ranker in drug deals. If it was a common men the govt would have gone to the extent of even getting The FBI involved...what a shame !!! Power and money absolve u from a crime!!!

If it goes to the CBI a lot of beans will be spilled.

Our current Govt is just full of it.

- Renoir, Gulf | 06 th June 2010 19:09


Sad enough it is we the citizens of Goa who shall get these very politicians elected yet again; give them free licenses for yet another term to continue looting Goa. So why blame the CM or the ministers? Blame the people of respective constituencies. Make them feel ashamed.

- Deelip, DRC-Africa | 04 th June 2010 22:40


Why to blame the Chief Minister alone? He has to close his eyes and ears to keep himself in power! The thugs and goons around him have to be allowed to commit crimes, to loot, to take commissions, to sale jobs, to oblige undeserving candidates, to siphon public funds to pay the telephone water and electricity bills of voters, he has to shut his eyes towards various crimes committed by his colleagues and so on. The list is unending! Long live our democracy!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 04 th June 2010 09:17


Congratulations to the Chief Minister of Goa for having such colourful characters in his Cabinet. What more do you want Sir? Your State has gained notoriety for incidents of rape and drugs. And a few months ago, your Home Minister declared to the media that drugs were not available in the State?.


- Bri, Los angeles | 02 nd June 2010 03:47


This is really Horrible, The Center should dismiss all politicians and set governor's rule in goa for the rest of the life, our politicians should be sent to pakistan to fight the terirosm there.. They are not required here

- Fernandes, Dubai | 01 st June 2010 17:55


Since the media too is almost owned by the politicians, it is difficult to expose the corrupt and the powerful! The judiciary too has almost come to such a State where the justice is denied for decades due to delay, which again may be a deliberate ploy on behalf of the corrupt Babus and politicians who would never want speedy justice as many of them are criminals! These people have also made a section of the electorate corrupt by making them accept money and other favours in return for votes! The Maoists, Naxals etc are busy killing hundreds of innocent people and our representatives have least concern for the innocents loosing their lives! Long live democracy which has become a tool of exploitation!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 01 st June 2010 08:58


Bravo! Our AAM ADAMI Govt. feels SANATAN is more dangerous than drug peddlers.

These politicians will learn lesson only when deaths of youngsters in thier own family due to drugs will occur. Now only GOD will have to take avtar to save goa.

- Shekhar, Panaji Goa | 31 st May 2010 15:47


At last the Goa Govt. has refused to hand over the case of drug nexus (cops) to the CBI. They think it is not necessary WHY? It is because may be some of the ministers or their offspring’s involvement along with the cop gang led by Ashish Shirodkar? Looks like preparations are well on way to acquit Ashish and his gang and reinstate them.

The assistant solicitor general Carlose Fereira feels that a senior Police officer is enough to investigate the case? I would suggest SP Melvin Fernandes, who is a good man and a good officer to be directed to investigate this case. Looks the whole gang will be “BACK TO THE PAVILLION”. Disgusting, nothing more to write as the results of the investigation will be well known……….GOD BLESS THE CRIMINALS AND CORRUPTS! – Menino (Valpoi)

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 30 th May 2010 21:15


The people of Goa would like to know as to who are the kingpins behind this drug peddling which is destroying the younger generation of the State! If this menace is not nipped in the bud, it would be too late even to repent! The History will never pardon such corrupt and inefficient Babus and politicians who are bent on making money at the cost of destruction of the upcoming generation!

- vishwas prabhudesai, loliem | 30 th May 2010 09:03


How thoughtful of the Goa Government to say, “At this stage there is no necessity to hand over the case to an independent agency like CBI”. One may wonder if the Goa Government is interested in letting, the police mess up with the investigation (on which the whole case will be built on) as it allegedly happened in the case of Scarlett. As a result, the case for prosecution has allegedly become weak.

Does the Goa Government realize how crucial it is to conduct proper investigation into cases? In fact, most of the alleged criminals are acquitted on the basis of lack of sufficient evidence to prove them guilty beyond reasonable doubt. One should not be surprised if something like this happens in this very important case. However, the intervention of the Goa Bench of Mumbai High Court is vital in these circumstances. Hopefully, this should provide incentive to the investigating officer to ensure that he is not alone. The court is behind him and should he encounter any problems in performing his duty in accordance with the law, he should approach the court for assistance rather than the Goa Government who allegedly seems to have different intentions.

- Prema, England | 29 th May 2010 15:14


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