Politician's son involved with drug mafia: Atala's girl friend

RUPESH SAMANT (PTI), PANAJI | 28 April 2010 20:46 IST

Lucky Farmhouse

Lucky Farmhouse, a Swedish model and girl friend of arrested drug dealer Atala, has alleged that son of a powerful politician in Goa was visiting her boy friend regularly.

In an e-mail interview to PTI, Lucky has also alleged that the politician's son is also involved in the drug mafia.

"I have met him in Atala's house many times and will remember his face. It is scary to see his father in the news. He is the reason I have not put out all recordings," she said.

"I´m not afraid of Atala but I´m a little afraid of this police and what they can do," she said.

The 33-year-old model, who was living-in with Atala, had shocked the Goa police after she posted her boyfriend's clippings on social networking website youtube.com.

The clipping triggered a major crackdown on the police- drug peddler nexus, which saw Atala and five other policemen, including a police Inspector arrested for their links with the drug mafia.

The drug peddler-police nexus controversy had forced the Goa police to change the way they stock the drugs seized after the seizures. State Home Minister Ravi Naik had said that the force would go to the bottom of the case.

"I have not put out all the (spy cam) recordings because I need to save those in case they will be coming after me. If they make any problem for me in the future, I will put it out," Lucky told PTI in an email interview from Sweden today.

Lucky claimed that it's not just sleuths from anti narcotic cell, but also from the local police station that were dropping in often at Atala's place and cybercafé demanding bribe.

"Anjuna Police were coming every day to his business "Atala Coffeshop" to pick up smaller bribes, Rs 7,000 according to Atala. They did not leave the minibus (police van). Atala went out to the vehicle to pay them," she stated.

Back in Sweden, Lucky is a known name and has modelled in Stockholm, London, Paris and Hamburg for few big brands. She also participated in the Reality Show, which made her a known name in the country.

Narrating anecdote after anecdote of how police were squeezing money from Atala while she was in Goa, Lucky said that one night her boyfriend met the police officer on an empty road and Atala gave him Rs 47,000 but he was still asking for more.

"This is the same policeman who sold the plastic bag with different drugs in one of the videos and the policeman Atala gave information to about other criminals. He was driving a motorcycle/scooter when we met," she said.

"I will remember his face. Atala did never tell me he was going to pick up drugs or pay bribes. He felt safe with the fact that I was not interested in his "friendly contact" with the corrupt police to take over his business."

"He was proud over his friendship with those corrupt men but at the same time scared and wanted someone to come along with him in the car in case something would happen," Lucky said.

The model, who left Goa in February 2008 after putting up the videos on social networking website, said that she had to punish Atala.

"I had to punish him and today I´m happy I did. When I met Atala (Yaniv Beniam) he was in the beginning treated me very nicely and really tried to show himself as a good man. He kept his drug problems secret for me," she said.

"After I had gone back to Sweden for two months and were coming back to Goa to move into his house everything had change. He was now heavily addicted to cocaine, doing his drugs open in the house. He was very aggressive and violent to me and everyone around. I was very was disappointed. I had come all the way from Europe to live with him and find out he was a junkie," said the jilted lover.

"Every day policemen came to the house invited by him and discussed dirty business. At first I thought those men were criminals and not from the police because I could not believe how corrupt and greedy they were," she alleged.

Lucky said that Atala was banned from India in 2006. He had been to jail in Israel and was not welcome back there. She also said that before he came to Goa he had been arrested in Thailand for drugs and banned there too.

"He had asked around among his criminal friends if someone could get rid of me. So I continued to record when I had the chance and booked a ticket back to Sweden," she said, narrating about her days before she left for Sweden.

She also said police should probe Atala's link in British teenager Scarlet Keeling case as `Scarlet was regular visitor to his coffeeshop.'

"The policeman who the mother Fiona MacKeown accused to be involved in the murder was the same policeman visiting Atala in his house and in his business almost every day," Lucky claimed.

She said the police have not yet contacted her for the statement. "I will tell them everything if they contact me," Lucky added.

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call Raj thakare to solve this problem for marathi

- rahul, vashi | 08 th July 2010 16:46


Why only in this case? The corrupt politicians and their sons/ daughters/ kith and kin---all are connected always in all such scams/ anti-national activities if we see the history of such incidents! Without a powerful godfather all these nefarious activities are not possible! But We also should accept a part of the blame as we dont condemn such activities forcefully! Many of the so called intellectuals too are sychophants of the corrupt and they do so for petty selfish gains! When will all this improve?

- vishwas Prabhudesai, loliem | 29 th April 2010 09:35


who will take action against whom ? only positive thing coming out is people of Goa are getting more and more information day by day about politicians and police nexus with drug peddler and criminals, thanks to Atala girlfriend Lucky Farmhouse.

- sanjay Sawant Dessai, Curchorem Goa | 29 th April 2010 08:07


Based on the above knowledge, now if the Goa Police act fast, I am sure that they will crack the murder case of Scarlet Keeling as well as drugs case of the other cops (of the local police station) who are involved in this scam. It is high time to get the truth from this girl and protecting her from these dangerous men till they are nailed for good. But I doubt that the Goa Police will ever go in this direction. It is high time that the CBI takes over this case, only then the truth will spill out. The truth about how may cops are involved in this shameless act, the truth about how Atala et al entered the country after deportation, which route they used and finally how many drug smugglers enter and leave Goa. Act now Goa Police, now is time to show your intelligence and honesty, courage and integrity. But cops like chandrakant salgaoncar should not be involved in the investigation. The CBI is the right agency at this moment. – Menino (Valpoi)

- Menino G. P. T. Fernandes (Valpoi/UK), United Kingdom of Great Britain | 29 th April 2010 00:02


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