Beginning of Modi Era-III

By Prabhakar Timble
17 June 2014 06:26 IST

This is the dawn of the new Prime Minister, new cabinet, and the new legislators of the BJP. Whatever they say and do, would not be put under an analytical scanner till the dawn advances into the late hours of the sunrise. The dust of election fever has to settle down. The smoke of victory fireworks renting the air has to subside. It is then that the Prime Minister will move from saviour to a human political executive. Narendra Modi has read this much earlier and hence repositioned the communication channels.

High EIQ

Narendra Modi exhibited the political intelligence through a very aggressive, egotistical and arrogant campaign. No sooner he sat in the PMs Chair, he donned the hat of ‘emotional intelligence’ by not only making a public display of his emotions but also by forging relationships at work and with the neighbours. The Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EIQ) of Narendra Modi is indeed very high and he is using it effectively for strategic and planned communication. Sensing the mood of people, he made it categorically clear that life stories of living individuals should not be a part of school text-books. At the same time, he kept silent on the controversy raked up on Article 370 and allowed it to die a natural death. Undoubtedly it would be revived in 2018.

The Prime Minister has demonstrated from day one that the focus is on measurable results and outcomes. Following his dictum of ‘minimum government, maximum governance’, the channel of Empowered Groups of Ministers and Groups of Ministers has been dropped. The system initiated for the top bureaucrats to make pointed and brief presentations has sent the desired instructions. The challenge is to maintain the tempo knowing the Indian ‘babus’.

The PM has also seized the opportunity to make announcements on unpalatable issues such as 100% FDI in defence before the newness of his government fades. Tactically sound as it takes time for critics to wake up. The PM is also showing common sense and street smartness by using every opportunity to tell the people that the economy would need tough measures and this would make Modiji unpopular. Thereby, Narendra Modi, the politician is preparing an agreeable mind to disagreeable measures to follow in the forthcoming union budget. At the same time, by talking of the first two year plan of economic rehabilitation for having inherited a weak economy, the PM is intelligently putting forward that his government should be held accountable for growth from the third year onwards. People perceive these to be true despite the fact that there has been quantitative growth and qualitative improvement under UPA. Narendra Modi has also communicated well in advance that he would not indulge in politics for the first four years and that the last one year is enough for politics. By this, he desires to indicate that as PM he would be different but in the fifth year, he would switch back into the ruthless campaign mode.  

Poverty of indoctrinated

Uttar Karnataka Member of Parliament Ananthkumar Hegde replying to the felicitations described India’s first Prime Minister as the architect of India’s poverty. “Nehru has misguided the nation, time has come now to gain lost ground” the MP illustrated his indoctrinated poverty. As is routine with such otherwise over-ambitious persons, he said that politics is not his cup of tea. Anyone with full-time in politics but rambles of his lack of interest in the same becomes the darling of the voters. And the politicians play this game well. Such are the drugs that are sold from childhood.

Reacting to the murder of an IT professional in Pune, targeted by the Hindu Rashtra Sena only because he was a Muslim, the BJP MP from Pune dubbed it as “natural repercussion”. These are prejudices which many Hindus irrespective of political affiliations hold and justify. Hence, vigilance is needed over the policies of the HRD ministry as a modern economy cannot be superimposed if education glorifies outdated, discriminatory and pervert values and mind-sets. If past belonged to the Vedas, Upanishads and the Gita; future should be tied firmly to science, scientific temper and values enshrined in the Indian constitution.


Mahatma Gandhi is cleverly being attempted to be moved from the messiah of peace, torch-bearer of non-violence and epitome of harmony as recognised the world over to a figure to be reckoned with in ‘safai abhiyan’ and cleanliness drives. It is a strategy to accommodate the Mahatma by dislodging him from the rightful space.

Expectations for Goa

Though most of the political leaders talk of issues such as conferment of dual citizenship and grant of constitutional special status to Goa as issues on which the PM should have given assurances, I would not treat them as top in the list of priority. These matters need a larger consensus with political parties as they involve amendments to the Constitution.  It would be a time unproductively spent if we jam the prime dialogue track with issues which are out of the immediate reach of the Prime Minister and his cabinet. Narendra Modi has dodged these issues so as not to create expectations which his cabinet cannot fulfil.

The top most priority should be given to central grants for infrastructure projects and for development of hinterlands as growth-centres of tourism. The Chief Minister should also sell the need for choice of Goa as a destination for major public sector manufacturing and service-oriented units to generate employment opportunities and spillovers. With the Prime Minister putting focus on Skill Development, the Goa government should make the best of this opportunity according it the highest priority and setting up a minimum of four centres of skill development. 

Commencement of mining activity is in the purview of the state government by following the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court.  The Chief Minister also need to tread softly on buffer zone as Goa may pay a heavy price if reckless decisions are taken to tide over temporary crisis. The PM has added a rider of natural resources to be preserved for the future.

PM Modi said “Goa mujhe bar bar khinchke le aata hai”. However, in the first visit, the Goa Government was not successful to draw any substantial gains for the State. The PM focus for the future appears to be the seven E’s----Entrepreneurship, Education, Economy, Environment, Equity, Empowerment and Empathy. The first budget will give us specific insights on these claims of the PM.

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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