Possibilities of strange alliances

By Prabhakar Timble
19 March 2014 18:16 IST

This is the season of political alignments and realignments as we move to the battle of the ballot. The NDA gets new allies in DMK, LJD and tiny outfits in South.   AIADMK moves out before the ink has dried on press release which brought them together as Third Front.   RJD could move out of UPA, if JD (U) makes a post-poll entry. The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) which was a confirmed ally of the Congress dithers to donate blood at the time when the patient is on the operating table badly requiring the supplies.

This is a spell of pre-poll political marriages, divorces and live-in relationships. A galore of pre-poll marriage proposals from the two major political parties with competitive offers of dowry for new partners are seen.  A courting time with small regional outfits and even one-man political parties before the shower of votes is visible. Within each political party there are heartbreaks for sitting MPs and stalwarts as they are denied tickets or uprooted by shifting from their comfort constituencies. There are surprises with the entry of otherwise foes and exit of otherwise friends. Some loyalists are amputated to make space for new opportunists.

It is a film of love, hate, sex and “dhoka”. Sushma Swaraj disturbed with entry of Sriramalu and Yedurappa, the well known pillars of corruption. Advaniji becomes vocal on dictatorial tendencies of Modiji. Rahul Gandhi goes viral on 2002 Gujarat riots pitching the idea of India of multiple identities and aspirations. Mamata Banerjee makes a failed attempt with Anna Hazare. Anna retorts that he has been tricked. The picture is of school boys boycotting tournaments or annual social gatherings to air their protest. Arvind Kejriwal goes berserk with comments on media, though the observations do not sound unreal.

Elections bring rewarding and remunerative field days for poll forecasters, mediamen, godmen and astrologers. Traders make good money as goodies, freebies, lollipops, alcoholic beverages are provided to masses.

BJP has been successful in creating the wave for itself and Narendra Modi. Man in the street predicts BJP’s win and Congress wash out. The consistent campaign to wrap even the notable achievements of UPA with the bed sheet of corruption and superimpose it with paralysis of governance emitting the stench of a dynasty rule has worked as never before. The BJP consciously moved away from Ram Temple to embrace India First. The hardliners in the BJP and the RSS brass know pretty well that there can be no India First without Hindus First.


BJP will work every minute till the last day of the examination. They have even started preparations for post-poll alliances in case the results put them under ATKT grade. Despite internal opposition, Modiji and Rajnathji have engaged the Reddy brothers in a tight embrace. It is such elements which would provide the seed capital to BJP to rope in smaller outfits to reach the magic figure of 272. As opposed to this, the Congress prefers short-cuts and guides. They are not prepared for long hours of study like the BJP. Congressmen fancy burning the mid-night oil a few days before the examination.  AAP does not carry any baggage and have nothing to lose. The party is under no stress to emerge in the merit list for the limited seats and seems to enjoy the campaign operations.

Political parties expect good behavior from AAP with no minimum expectations from themselves. Congress and BJP can ally with anybody. They can make or break alliances. Their leaders can travel in any luxury and draw funds from whatsoever source. They can offer party tickets to persons of any standing, record and ethics. AAP is not even allowed political diplomacy and yet it is expected to show political maturity. This is demanding that AAP should not only, not sips even a drop of alcohol but should not even sit on a table where alcohol is served.

Despite the total carpet bombing by Narendra Modi and his brigade it looks BJP cannot reach 200 and NDA 225. The Congress would make it to a century with very great difficulty and the pre-poll allies may draw two dozen more. AAP is national in campaign but would stay regional in performance. All eyes would be on the regional outfits for post-poll alliances.

As the Election Day comes closer, there is clarity on two issues. First, it is not possible to move to corruption free India by merely ejecting the Congress from power. The USB device of the BJP has microbes and fungus of corruption. Fight against corruption is not on the active agenda of the BJP. Second, it is clear as to who will not be the Prime Minister. The projected two are not expected to make it to the throne. People will win in punishing the Congress for corruption and for the indifference of Congress politicians despite delivery in important areas. People will also win by arresting Modi’s ascendency to the throne. The RSS blueprint that they will be the political leaders of the majority community and the benefactors of minority would be defeated. The plan of retaining power in the hands of Hindu fundamentalist forces, not with Hindus and treating minorities and marginalized as Political Social Responsibility (PSR) like Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives is doomed to fail largely due to the presence of regional outfits. These outfits are no doubt caste-based but are sharp edged weapons to cut the rope of fundamentalism in minority and majority communities.

Having said the above, it looks that BJP would emerge as the single largest party but somehow unable to ride to PMO with Narendra Modi on horseback.  Many pre-poll alliances could stand annulled after election results even without the customary ritual of saying ‘talaq’ three times. The political parties joining the ladder to cross the half-way mark would determine the next PM of the largest and complex democracy of the world with built-in contradictions and safety valves.

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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Prabhakar Timble

Mr Prabhakar Timble is an educationist and a legal expert. He has served several educational institutions, especially as the Principal of Government College at Quepem, Kare College of Law in Madgao as well as couple of Management Institutes. He was also the State Election Commissioner of Goa.

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Congress had one "vichar Vibhag" to wrap up the "avichar " of Congressmen. Now Prabhakar Timblo has shouldered this unwanted job. Timblobab rushes in where even Digvijaya Singh fears to tread.

- Madhav Bastodker, Ponda | 26 th March 2014 07:26


Even Rahul Gandhi must not be praying to come back to power again considering the huge mess they have left behind. But I have decided to pray for Congress victory only for sake of Prabhakar Timblo.

- Madhav Bastodker, Ponda | 25 th March 2014 21:27


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