"Few Words" of Dr. Manmohan Singh

By Prabhakar Timble
08 January 2014 05:56 IST

Whatever the critics may say, the Congress party and the faithful Manmohan Singh has managed the graceful exit maintaining the decorum of the exalted office.  If juxtaposed with the arrogant annexation of this office through a show of arrogance by RSS in favour of Narendra Modi bulldozing the BJP PM candidate in- waiting Lal Krishna Advani, eulogized as the Loha-Purush (Iron Man), the indecent style is evident. Nobody expected Manmohan Singh to lead UPA- 3. The announcement of his exit springs no surprise. At the same time the ice-breaking session for Rahul Gandhi is complete in case the Congress party is keen to make a pre-poll announcement of the successor.

Not bad, if not better

Manmohan Singh whom the media and NaMoites describe as a lame-duck Prime Minister and one lacking spine should get his due too. An editorial in the Economic Times titled “How to Undersell Big Achievements” puts it very succinctly. ‘Under his charge, India has grown at its fastest ever rate, undergone structural transformation in its economy, leading to a sharp decline in poverty, rise in rural prosperity and significant accretion of human capital and societal development. The UPA halted, if not reversed, potentially fissiparous, alienation of minorities and tribal communities from the national mainstream.”

The growth of the Indian economy is noteworthy against the background of the global economic decline coinciding with the tenure of UPA-2. Recession in the international markets had definitely an adverse impact on Indian economy but the same was soft. The curve of economic reforms in finance, banking, insurance and retail was positive during the stewardship of PM Manmohan Singh. The falling rupee and rising oil prices slowed the pace of infrastructure projects. The overall environment of indecision and procrastination in administration had a negative effect on investment. Transparent and consistent coalition fights eroded the image of the union cabinet under the leadership of Manmohan Singh. UPA-2 was also responsible for social equity laws, food security legislation, right to education and the renewal missions for urban and rural sectors. Inclusive policies and programmes of human development have achieved satisfactory results.

Telecom development is undoubtedly a revolutionary achievement during the ten years but equally sullied by scams of revolutionary magnitude in spectrum allocations. Allocation of natural resources such as coal soiled the success story of the economy. Actually, PM Manmohan Singh was for auctions in respect of natural resources. However, the pressures from the opposition including the BJP and some coalition partners put the spoke in the wheel. The blame finally came on the PM office for the scams. The Parliament has been rocked with wash out of sessions rather than being in session mode. The blame has come on Manmohan Singh and the Congress party, though it was a premeditated strategy used by the major opposition for purely political and electoral motives.


The volcano of anger against corruption kept burning for a sufficient time to eclipse all the achievements of UPA-2. The Congress party miserably failed to project the full moon of its accomplishments on any platform. The anti-corruption crusade on the streets and maidans of national capital literally swallowed the image of the Congress party. Inflation in general and more specifically food inflation proved costly resulting in the debacle of the Congress in the recent polls to State assemblies.

Unlucky for silence

The icing on this despoiled cake of UPA-2 has been the silence of PM Manmohan Singh. The hungry media wants fodder daily, expects talk- shows, talking-points, and debates. TV news anchors are addicted and demand new and fresh wine for them to go on the rampage every night.

Communication is the mantra today. If Manmohan Singh chooses the comfort to stay ‘maun’, the silence itself becomes the story for the media.  Why would media care for a person who does not feed the daily bread? It is a crying baby demanding milk for prime time consumption and the PM just does not measure to this vital hunger for “roti”.

Probably, history may be kinder to this ace economist. Though perceived as shaky, he stood assertive in specific areas.  He was firm but never arrogant despite being ridiculed as one under remote control of Sonia Gandhi. He lacked in aggression when situations demanded. Never heard of any foul utterances except   on the rarest of rare occasion, unlike NaMo whose bad utterances appear to be pre-planned for every occasion when he ascends the podium.  

However, Manmohan Singh has hit hard where the shoe pinches. The parting shot that it would be disastrous for India to have Narendra Modi as Prime Minister is characteristic of his style. This Sikh takes pretty long time to get heated and absorbs large doses of personal criticism. He allowed Modi and his henchmen to maul him completely and during the press briefing which was like an exit interview cautioned that a strong PM does not mean presiding over a mass massacre of innocent citizens on the streets of Ahmedabad.  Few words but big ticket economic reforms is for what Manmohan Singh would be remembered in the long run. However, the Prime Minister has failed to sell his products and the party to the voters.

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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Prabhakar Timble

Mr Prabhakar Timble is an educationist and a legal expert. He has served several educational institutions, especially as the Principal of Government College at Quepem, Kare College of Law in Madgao as well as couple of Management Institutes. He was also the State Election Commissioner of Goa.

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Timblobab has failed to note one quality of Man Mohan Singh, sorry "mummy singh". By strictly following the script drafted by his master's voice he has prepared for his third term. We may witness another five years of disaster of few words and no action. Timblobab can repeat his post even in 2019 without changing a single word.

- Madhav Bastodker, Ponda | 11 th January 2014 12:22


Author has missed one quality of Dr. Singh. He has reserved his claim for another silent and inactive term by following the exact script drafted by the Boss. So the author can reproduce this same post in 2019 also. A real disaster in making.

- Madhav Bastodker, Ponda | 10 th January 2014 20:56


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