The Crabs of Cortalim

By Sandesh Prabhudesai (EdiThought)
21 May 2012 20:10 IST

Elections are won. Elections are lost. People who remain in power for long lose elections one day. Because power corrupts and voter revolts. Congress thus deserved to be defeated. That is how our democracy works; dynamically. Nothing shameful about it.

But Alina Saldanha getting elected unopposed is a real shame for the Congress. The local Congress leaders and even the central observers met, deliberated, judged the scenario, even managed to convince Churchill Alemao not to contest and finally selected a candidate. Raymond D’Sa. He simply withdrew.

Why? He alleges the Congress wanted to make him a scapegoat. Because the party is not united. Dabolim MLA Mauvin Godinho was not supporting him. Was he scared of Mauvin not supporting him, or working hard to defeat him? Precisely this confusion reflects the ‘Congress Culture.’ The culture of infighting. The culture of disunity. The culture of disloyalty. The culture of backstabbing. The culture of pulling down each other. Crab mentality!

It is not the issues of Medium of Instruction, Regional Plan or corruption that defeated the Congress in last Assembly election. Such issues would always be there. There are also solutions worked out to resolve these issues. But the main issue was that the Congress was not in a position to work out any solution for these issues, which would satisfy majority of people. The solutions worked out also did not benefit the party as a whole or the whole state and its people; it benefited a group of politicians, coterie of manipulators and only ‘individuals’.

Individualism is the prime cause of the Congress debacle in the last election. Even most of those who somehow won the election were because the number game favoured them, not the mood of the people at large. The mood was definitely against each and every Congressman. Because they functioned as individuals, they worked among the people as individuals, they ruled as individuals and even they ganged up as individuals; sometimes as a Family or sometimes as Common Vested Interest. Nothing beyond it.

Issues like MoI, RP etc were not the disease the Congress was suffering with. These are symptoms. No solution to it or wrong solution to it enraged the voter. A good doctor treats the root cause of the disease, not the symptoms. The Congress, till date, has not even bothered to find out the root cause of the disease; forget treating it.

What we witnessed in the Cortalim bye-election is just another symptom. But the Congress is still trying to hide the disease under the carpet. It is waiting for the BJP not to perform, so that people would think of an alternative. They are living with a hope that people would one day get frustrated and come back to the Congress. It’s impossible, unless the disease is diagnosed and treated. No Congress leader however seems to be even in a mood to think about the disease.

Cortalim junction is a favourite joint of selling crabs. Khadap Kullyo. They are harder to break. But they are strong enough to pull each other down. These crabs are spread all over within the Congress. They are still busy pulling down each other while the wise voter has captured them in the election net. They are dead, worth enough to be sold and cooked for food. Not worth enough any more for any good.

Cortalim has proved it once again.  

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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Sandesh Prabhudesai (EdiThought)

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A fair assessment & description of the Current state of the Congress Party.

Chief Crab must be Churchill Alemao.He has accused and blamed everyone within his Party for the Party`s downfall , but or (except) him self & his family.

.Oh no!!. Churchil never mistakes or mis-judges anything.It is always others.Even the voters to him, were blamed as squealing pigs.

I expect more dissensions in the coming months.The Congress fiesta of attrition and blame & counter blame is about to begin.

Cortalim was just the 2nd stop.

Every Goan will surely be looking forward, to the Congress Party theatrics, in the coming months.

- N.Fernandes, London | 24 th May 2012 00:54


I wonder why Congress did not have a dummy candidate as is normal in elections.

- Francisco G. Lourenco, England | 23 rd May 2012 17:24


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