Regional 'suppliers'

By Sandesh Prabhudesai (EdiThought)
15 January 2012 00:42 IST

Mickky Pacheco quit the Nationalist Congress Party, supposedly a national party, to build a regional party – Goa Vikas Party. Churchill Alemao had also, in 2007 election, formed Save Goa Party, with so called regional aspirations. The United Goans Democratic Party always vows for regionalism. The Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party is the oldest among all, which still calls itself the party of ‘Goans’ with ‘Maharashtrawad’.

People who join these parties are either the blackmailers who don’t succeed or the rebels of the Congress or the BJP. Basically, the selfish souls who are not satisfied. Either they are rejected or their family members – wives, sons, brothers etc – are not accommodated.

Babush Monseratte, who had quit the Congress in last election to join the UGDP because his wife Jennifer was not given ticket from St Cruz, made an open statement few days ago: “I will not commit the mistake I made last time. I would have remained with the Congress. My wife could have joined the UGDP. I will not quit the Congress now.”

What does it mean? If the Congress does not accept his wife once again, she would join some regional party.  Just like how Pratapsing Rane remained with the Congress while Vishwajeet contested independent in 2007. The Congress then made him the minister. It may now happen with Joaquim Alemao’s son Yury, Ravi Naik’s son Ritesh, Churchill Alemao’s daughter Valanka etc etc.

There is another reason why regional parties are formed. It’s a difficult task to defect from any party today. You need to resign as the MLA and face a bye-election, to get re-elected once again. Waste of money, time and energy. Instead; form a separate regional party, get elected and bargain as you wish. What’s required is a hung Assembly.

The ideology simply doesn’t matter. If you get good portfolio in the Congress-led government, join the Congress. If the BJP offers a much lucrative portfolio later, topple the Congress government and join the new government. In the name of development and People of Goa! That’s the only ideology!!

This is the sole ‘regional aspiration’ of these regional parties. They are the axis between the two poles – the Congress and the BJP. Basically a workshop that supplies the ‘commodity’ as and when the demand arises. It’s a pure business of ‘supply’, in the name of regionalism!!!

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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