Whose gift?

By Pravin Sabnis
12 October 2015 20:51 IST

Pedro warned invitees to his wedding that he would not be accepting any gifts, even if they were handed to him at home. But, one friend came visiting with a huge gift. When Pedro refused to accept it, he handed it over to Pedro’s two-year old niece who was playing in the hall.

 Thrilled to receive the gift, the little girl tore off the gift paper. When unpacked, she was disappointed to find a stainless steel container, of no use to her. So she pushed the gift to her uncle’s hands and moved away. Pedro was furious with his friend and as he held the gift, he noticed some inscription that stated the gift was from somebody else to Pedro’s friend on his marriage!

 He had ‘passed on’ the gift to Pedro without realising that his name and that of the giver was inscribed along with the date, for posterity! Without delay, Pedro handed back the gift to his friend, pointing to the inscription and saying, ‘this gift is yours, not mine!’ The discomfited friend quietly took his gift back.

 It happens many a time that we receive gifts of opportunities but they come packaged and we feel to notice that they are prospects in our name. We pass these gifts to others, without knowing that they are actually meant for us. We wait for opportunities, yet do not recognise them when standing right before us. It is not enough to receive opportunities; we must recognise them.

Make most of the gift that comes in your name,

Passing opportunity carelessly is surely a shame!

Disclaimer: Views expressed above are the author's own.

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When I receive a *junk* gift (from my perspective) from someone, I think, I'm better off passing it on to someone who could at least find a value for it. Yes, I too have passed on quite a few *gifts* to others-- sometimes forgetting to remove the label, so that may be they could find some value for them.

So, I still believe, in the context of your message the example you provided is confusing.

I agree, philosophically, a few things that come our way (such as marriage proposals:), jobs, etc.) which we turned down might have been *gifts* to us in real sense, if we had the capability to judge and sense at the time of receiving.

- Rajeev, UAE/GOA | 25 th October 2015 21:58


Thanks Rajeev for your response but you seemed to have missed the point. It is a case whether the giver had not noticed that his name was written on the gift that he was 'passing on'.

BTW this story has occurred in my life twice and in over a dozen instances in the lives of the people I know.

- Pravin Sabnis, Alto Betim | 24 th October 2015 10:36


Sorry it make no sense. When we get a gift from someone, we unwrap it look at it carefully, and pass it on, only if we dislike the gift. So your story doesn't add up.

- Rajeev Kamat, UAE | 16 th October 2015 04:03


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