BJP appeals NAM to pressurise NATO

| 02 April 1999 21:43 IST

The Bharatiya Janata Party has appealed to all freedom and peace loving nations, particularly members of the Non Aligned Meet, to come forward and exert pressure on NATO to halt the assault on Serbia's sovereignty.

Adopting a resolution to this effect at the national executive meeting, which begun today morning at the Goa International Centre, the BJP deplored the NATO air strikes against Serbia while reiterating India's commitment to peaceful resolution of disputes.

"The bombing is a unilateral action that ignores multilateral arrangements because governments that control NATO forces did not seek the United Nations' approval neither did the issue come up before the UN Security Council prior to the air strikes" states the resolution.

The BJP has also alleged that the bombing, in the guise of aiding the people of Kosovo, is an assault on a sovereign national and an infringement of the well-stabilised international norm that no nation shall interfere in the internal affairs of another nation.

The air strikes are the first of their kind, observes the ruling party at the centre, especially because never before have NATO forces been sent into direct conflict. The air strike have also set a dangerous precedent that cannot but cause concern to all nations who cherish their political sovereignty, it adds.

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