Modi may continue in power

| 13 April 2002 21:21 IST

Even after dissolving the Assembly, it appears that Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi will continue in power till fresh elections are held.

In short, Gujarat will also implement the Goa formula, to remain in power while the House is dissolved.

BJP president Jana Krishnamurthy, while announcing the decision of the national executive last night, said the Goa strategy will be followed wherever there is an unnecessary demand for the head of the state.

Though he did not elaborate, the general impression here at the meeting venue is that Goa formula should be implemented even in case of Gujarat.

According to Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar, the House can be dissolved either under Article 356 followed by imposition of the President's rule or under Article 174 (2) b, where the same government can continue in power.

Dismissing the demand of the opposition including the Congress, the BJP in Goa has gone ahead with dissolution under Art 174 (2) b. It primarily empowers the chief minister to advise the state governor to dissolve the House and go for fresh mandate, provided the chief minister enjoys majority in the House.

"Why any political party will go for Art 356 when there is no breakdown of law and order machinery ? In Gujarat, normalcy is already being restored", quipped Parrikar.

In spite of repeated questions, Modi however is totally silent on the issue. Neither he discloses when he will go for Assembly dissolution nor any details on fresh elections. In fact he also remained totally silent when asked which option - 356 or 174 (2) b - he will opt for.

Speaking to the media persons at Hotel Marriott Resort today morning, he however said that the decision to quit was taken by him only five days after Gujarat was coming back to normal.

"As the party leadership rejected my resignation and advised me to go for dissolution, I am going back to Gujarat with new vigour to restore total normalcy and rehabilitate the victims", he said.

Though none of the party leaders are prepared to utter a single word in this regard at this moment, the general mood sensed at the meeting venue was that Modi has been given green signal to continue in power, till fresh elections are held.

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