Taleigao BJP 'scared' of ODP changes by its own Govt

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 15 July 2015 23:16 IST

Aren’t the cadres of Bharatiya Janata Party confident of its leadership in saving green pastures and serenity of beautiful Goa?

Perhaps not, the reason for which in Taleigao they march to the authorities, placing before them their fear that Taleigao’s serenity would be destroyed.

The reason? Well, the Outline Development Plan of Taleigao is opened for scrutiny and changes.

And, the North Goa Planning and Development Authority has appointed a sub-committee, headed by defence minister Manohar Parrikar’s right hand man and Panaji MLA Siddharth Kuncolienker and Taleigao MLA Jennifer Monseratte, wife of St Cruz MLA Babush Monseratte.

Taleigao’s local BJP leader Dattaprasad Naik, who was defeated by Jennifer in last Assembly election, is scared ‘his government’ would convert the paddy fields, widen the roads by destroying farm land and more high rise buildings would come up in Taleigao, the suburban village of Goa’s capital city.

The memorandum Naik submitted to the North Goa PDA member secretary, speaks more than what goanews.com imagines.

They have listed down ‘11 fears’, as follows:

1)      No Agricultural land / Farmlands/ Orchids to be shown as the Settlement Zone or Commercial Zone in the corrected/ altered ODP.

2)      No more proposals for the development of roads to be built in the farm lands which will mutate the property further and lead to builders’ hub.

3)      The existing nallahs in the area to be maintained and protected to the satisfaction of local authority and general public.

4)      No proposals should be considered for development at the foothills or on the slopes as there are very high chances of landslides which will lead to the loss of environment and life.

5)      The reserved approved spaces of approved sub-divisions shall be identified and be kept as open spaces only for the use of surrounding areas.

6)      No high rise and high density buildings be allowed, as the area would be converted into a concrete jungle, thus polluting the entire serenity of the village.

7)      The land locked areas existing in the village be identified and proper access to such land locked areas be provided.

8)      There should be a hierarchy in the zones so as to have a uniform development in the areas. This is lacking in the current Taleigao ODP.

9)      Village should be developed into an urban village instead of a concrete jungle or a fully developed urban area.

10)   The skyline of the future development shall be controlled while correcting the current ODP. A planned plan be developed to suit the aesthetics and surroundings of the village.

11)   Environmentally degraded patches earmarked in the current ODP of Taleigao should be uplifted to a suitable zone, as these areas have a potential to develop in a planned manner.

“Let us strive to maintain the green fields, the peaceful nature of this beautiful village to our posterity. Future generations shall never forgive us, if the village is converted into a concrete jungle in a haphazard way as it seems to be in the current ODP of the village of Taleigao”, says Dattaprasad Naik, a hard core activist of Goa’s saffron brigade.


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