Why Go-Rakshak don't come forward to protect stray cattle, asks police officer

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 22 March 2015 20:37 IST

Why not the Go-Rakshak come forward to protect the stray cattle on the roads but raise issues only to spread religious fanaticism, asks a senior police officer from Goa.

C L Patil, a police inspector from Ponda, classified the Go-Rakshak (protectors of cows) into two categories - the genuine protectors of cows and those raising issues only from religious point of view.

"The issue of beef is raised, but not the stray cattle dying on the roads", said the police officer. 

The forum was a meeting called to commemorate Hutatma Dis, the martyrdom of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru, in Panaji today evening.

While speaking against the superstitions and misconceptions being spread in the society, Patil expressed regrets that many of these so called Go-Rakshak never come forward to protect the stray cattle on the roads.

“They have a religious agenda. The police deals with the real problem of stray cattle dying on the roads”, said Patil.

The vibrant police officer also demanded a strong a legislation to put a stop to advertising superstitions through the media, print or electronic.

PI Patil has courageously arrested several touts, Babas and those practicing superstitions, even going out of his Ponda jurisdiction, based on the media advertisements.

But why no action against the media who spread these superstitions through advertisements?

“We act against the astrologers and touts but can’t take any action against the media who advertise their unscientific deeds since there is no strong legislation in this regard,” admits Patil, when asked.

The meeting of rationales debated about the increasing trend among the people, who fall prey to the superstitious tactics of these astrologers and touts as well as Babas.

“What they advertise is completely unconstitutional and leads to the exploitation of poor people. But we can’t act against the media as they advertise it with a disclaimer”, said Patil.

Besides newspaper advertisements, the audience brought to his notice that several TV channels run programmes for hours together spreading these superstitions.


“I agree but we can’t act unless there is a strong legislation”, said Patil, expressing his difficulty.

He has now thrown the ball in the court of legislators as well as the pressure groups fighting superstition and spreading scientific temper.

Patil, who narrated several incidents of the police exposing the superstitious acts, however said that fortunately today’s youth do not fall prey to this false and unscientific propaganda.

“Forget the elders, they will not change. But we can imbibe scientific temper and take the country ahead on the path of progress and prosperity”, said Patil.

He however frankly admitted that taking even legal action against these hypocrites becomes difficult because they are protected either by politicians or influential people in the society.

When the question of people taking patients to Ghadi than a doctor was raised, Patil said the police is equipped enough with a Magic Remedies Act, provided there is a complaint followed by enough evidence.

Replying to another question, Patil said it was completely unconstitutional to display photographs or statues of any God or perform Pooja and Prayers of any religion in the government offices.

Also spoke at the meeting were Ramesh Gawas, Chandrakant Jadhav, Sangeeta Naik, Ambarish Aute, Sanket Nainginkar, Naman Sawant Dhavaskar and Jawahar Barve.

The meeting was attended by several students and youth. 

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It is also like saying, why this Hindu rakshaks do not agitate to break down the ugly caste system that is rotting our society.

- LKP, Goa | 25 th March 2015 01:27


Because they are CONSIDERED as low caste(Untouchable) cows by the Opportunist/Facist So called NGO.

- sanjay, goa | 23 rd March 2015 22:26


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