"I'll miss Goa & my family, but Nation First", Parrikar breaks down

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 07 November 2014 23:29 IST

Full with uncontrollable tears, choked voice and his heart bleeding for Goa, the media witnessed an intense transparent personality that lived for Goa – Manohar Parrikar.

Perhaps second time after his cabinet colleague Matanhy Saldanha’s sudden death, the media witnessed chief minister Manohar Parrikar sobbing throughout the press briefing of his last cabinet meeting today evening.

And it is for the first time he spoke of his personal grief. This man has been working day and night – eating, drinking and sleeping Politics!

“It is very difficult for me to leave the state. You have to stay away from your family. I lost my wife some years ago. So, family-wise it’s quite difficult to stay away.”

 “But I thought Nation is First. I have tried my best for Goa.”

“Let me state it in one line. 25 per cent of revenue was suddenly slashed. 18 per cent additional revenue also was not coming. There was a gap of almost 40 per cent. And for the last 30 months I have been running the state.”

Known as one of the best financial manager, Parrikar has managed the financial health of Goa in spite of mining ban and its fallout.

Living with his married son Utpal at Alto Taleigao in a flat, Parrikar’s day began at 7 in the morning with newspaper reading while he went to the bed not before past midnight.

“He had a tight control over the state treasury and was thinking of every penny that could come in”, said Sidharth Kunkolienkar, one of his close aide working at his office.

A top bureaucrat, working with him on revenue generation, said he had literally created a miracle by raising revenue even from the ‘dead’ mining leases.

“We will definitely miss him”, said the bureaucrat.


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Both sides are happy with his exit. One who suffered and one who nurtured. Suffered are happy due to now No Mopa Lands Scam & No illegal Mining Scams. Nurtured are happy due to more influence. More influence means more facilities for them and more businesses for them. This means 90% Goans are happy by his exit (One who supports him and one who don’t supports him = 90% Goans).

- Mathew Dias, Goa | 08 th November 2014 18:52


This is not REPORTING but consolidating 'Bhai's image' which has been built by the sycophantic media and Sangh Parivar . How can you call a journalist and an unbiased 'REPORTER' when you are the only one in the media who saw 'his heart bleeding for Goa, 'And I wonder who is this bureaucrat who believes in ' Manoharbaab's miracles'

No doubt for the first time a Goan is elevated to such a post in the centre but he would cease to be Goan after he gets elected to the upper house from UP .

While pro Bhai mediapersons like you hail him as a hero a large section of media has dumped him for u turns and for being inefficient to fulfill his promises on casinos, mining and corruption.

Like a large section of national media has become NAMO bhakts, we have many Bhai Bhakts in Goan media.

P.S. The Sangh style of reporting always highlights emotional content in a news, rather than facts. Jai ho

- rajan kamat, mapusa | 08 th November 2014 14:52


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