Dipak shifts focus from Hindu Rashtra to Modi's economic model

PTI, PANAJI | 31 July 2014 21:37 IST

Goa government is planning to learn from Gujarat state how to work out solutions in bridging the gap between employment opportunities and availability of skilled manpower.

Goa's Craftsman Training Minister Dipak Dhavalikar told the state Assembly last evening that a delegation would be soon visiting Gujarat to understand how the state has found the solution to link the available manpower with the requirements of the industry.

The skill gap report has pointed out to Gujarat model which facilitates the students of vocational courses to be admitted in higher educational courses, Dhavalikar said.

"In Gujarat, the technical courses done by eighth standard level student in Industrial Training Institute (ITI) are considered at par with standard tenth (of general academics)," he said.

"Completing two-year ITI courses after class tenth, having passed NCVT (National Council for Vocational Training) or Gujarat Vocational Council examination are considered to be at par with Gujarat secondary and higher secondary board examination of XI or XII so as to enable the ITI trainees to opt for higher college education," he said.


Dhavalikar said that his department, in association with National Skill Development Corporation, has prepared a district-wise skill gap study report, which is right now before the government for consideration.

"The report has clearly suggested that manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, steel, ship building and food processing are major employment potential sectors. Hospitality is the biggest creator of new job opportunities," he said.

As per the report, the state's working population is likely to grow from 10.4 million to 10.8 million in 2017, an increase of 40,000, and will touch 11.3 million in 2022, the minister said. 

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Based on the headline of this story...The Dhavilikar Brothers should both *"SHIFT"* to Maharashtra.

The brothers have never been "LOYAL" to Goa.

They wanted to merge Goa with Maharashtra.

All they want in Goa is the ability or facilities to amass dubious wealth.

I am quite sure that Indian Culture exists in Maharastra. So what is stopping them.?

Who can predict? But one of the Dhavilikars could have been the Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

Perhaps with Gujarat now being the" apple in their eyes", the may wish to merge Goa with Gujarat.

They have to please PM Narendra Modi, in some form or another. We have witnessed how these 2 brothers have been recently garnishing ( or adding masala) to please Mr Modi.

That is how the Brothers survive in Goa, with their assured and financially purchased Vote Banks.

All in all the MGP is no longer a viable Political Party in Goa. A Majority of Goans have shunned them. Their Politics and Policies belong to pre-historic times, and the 2 brothers live in a cocoon spun by them selves.

They seem to live in "isolation" from the rest of the emerging & evolving world .

- N.Fernandes, London | 01 st August 2014 12:46


Many Goans are now convinced that the 2 Dhavilikar Brothers, are trying to "butter-up" & "flatter" Mr Modi.

Perhaps they are looking for Union Government positions/Ministerships or personal favours & gratification.

There is a quotation which states:

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.(Charles Caleb Cotton).

There is also another famous idiom which states:

"What is good for the Goose, is not always good for the gander".

So what is good and works in Gujarat, may not necessarily work in Goa.

This best describes the ulterior motives of the 2 MGP Brothers.

- N.Fernandes, London | 31 st July 2014 23:14


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