Chruch should excommunicate DyCM Francis, demands NCP

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 26 July 2014 22:53 IST

The Nationalist Congress Party has demanded that Goa’s Deputy Chief Minister Francis D’Souza be ex-communicated by the Church if he does not apologise for his comment that he is a Christian Hindu.

D’Souza had publicly supported co-operation minister Dipak Dhawalikar’s controversial statement that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should be supported to build India as a Hindu Nation.

D’Souza had said that India (Hindustan) is already a Hindu nation and all the communities belonging to all religions are Hindus, including himself who is a Christian Hindu.

While addressing a press conference in this regard, Goa NCP spokesperson Trajano D’Mello also threw up open challenge to all the Christian MLAs in the BJP to endorse D’Souza’s statement.

“It means that D’Souza has sold his soul to the BJP ideals. He should either apologise or Church should seek explaination from him, failing which he should be excommunicated”, demanded D’Mello.

He also wondered whether Christian Hindu is a new religion the BJP deputy chief minister has created.


D’Mello also felt that it would be dangerous for the Church not only in Goa but even rest of India if such statements go unchecked.

“The above statement comes at the heels of the repeated utterances of the Chief Minister comparing Pramod Muthalik with Fr Cedric Prakash and the CM’s intentional silence on the distressing and scandalous remarks of prominent BJP leader Dr. Subramanian Swami against the Goan Church,” opined D’Mello.

According to D’Mello,  the name of our nation as per the Constitution is Bharat [along with India and Bharat Ganarajyam is the official Sanskrit name of the country, while Bharat Ganarajya is the official Hindi name.

While terming the statement unconstitutional, D’Mello also demanded that D’Souza should resign for violating the norms of Constitution of India. 

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I AM A CHRISTIAN (who supports) HINDU (rashtra) for monetary gains and power).

Guys, Cool down. He is a Goan version of Shahnawaz Husain and Abbas Naqvi.

During the previous generation there was one Sick Under Box ( SIkandar Bakht, not to be mistaken with a Pakistani fast bowler)

Such great souls are not born often. They go down in the history as traitors who eliminate their clan for pecuniary gains from the enemy.

- Peter ( Pedrinho) Fernandes, Pilar Goa | 28 th July 2014 16:03


Mr. Parrikar must take immediate step to drop out from

Mr. Sudin Dhavlekar and Dy CM Francis D',Souza from

his cabinet for their rubbish comment. If not then BJP Goa

Government in danger may collapsed any moment.

So better Mr. Parikkar take quick step before rise and fall

BJP Goa, These 2 will ruin BJP future...

- Domnick Rodrigues, Goa | 27 th July 2014 23:17


Goa Church Should Immediately Excommunicate Them And Set Example For Others. It Is Better To Have Only One Honest Christian In The Church Than To Have Hundred Corrupt and Communal Christians In The Church.

- Jose Rod, Goa | 27 th July 2014 13:54


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