"Even we can be bitter about Goa", UP leaders react to Parrikar comment

ANI NEWS, NEW DELHI | 25 July 2014 19:47 IST

The ruling Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh as well as other parties have reacted sharply to Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar’s comment of girls disappearing after 6 pm on UP roads.

“Even we can be bitter about Goa. If we tell the truth about Goa, the nation would not be able to digest it”, SP leader Naresh Agarwal told ANI, while reacting to Parrikar’s statement.

"Any girl can walk without fear on Goa streets even at midnight. But in Uttar Pradesh, if a girl walks out at 6 in the evening, she will disappear," Parrikar said in the Assembly, while defending how safe Goa is.

This statement however has upset UP rulers, who have suggested Parrikar to look at the state of affairs in his own state and not others.

“This does not suit a chief minister and it would be better if he stops such language”, said Agarwal.

While accepting the fact that law and order situation in UP is not good, CPI leader Atul Anjan however said the comment of ‘disappearance after 6 pm’ is in fact an injustice meted out to the women of UP.

Terming it as a politicised statement, Anjan also suggested: “let Parrikar send his family members to UP and experience whether women disappear in UP after 6 pm.”

Equally sharp was the reaction of NCP leader Majid Memon, who alleged that Goa chief minister is creating panic and sensation by making such statement.

“It is fine for an ordinary citizen to make such statements, but not a person holding chief minister’s position. It is not in the interest of the country”, he said.

He however did not deny the fact that the law and order situation in UP is not up to the mark and said the administration is working on it.

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- GOAN, GOA | 26 th July 2014 15:00


By any comparison at any level, Goa is safer than most states in India. Most television national prizes indicate that

- Kalidas Sawkar, Panaji Goa | 26 th July 2014 00:27


Parrikar,Look into your own backyard.

1) what happened to the vasco school case where a young girl was molested?.

2) in a horrific incident chilli poweder was inserted into a woman and it took police days to arrest and not even a statement from you condeming the incident

You are like a hitler going after unimportant things.You supported illegal minning harassing poor innocent villagers.

Is it not a shame coming this statement from your mouth.We all know you are a U Turn specialist and can twist things but have some dignity hilding that post.

shame on this person who himself does not know the difference between a criminal and a social activist fighting for poor people.

if you had the guts and if you respected the womans you would have sacked the psycho person who is a so called senior minister whi was talking abt taliban mentality about woman but you are sitting in his lap like a pomerian dog.

- rupa, usa | 25 th July 2014 22:30


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