Parrikar demands apology from media on 'rape' comments

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 02 July 2014 22:38 IST

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar has demanded apology from the media, who, according to him, has misquoted him on the issue of the statement he made about rapist.

The national media had quoted Parrikar, while addressing the general body meeting of the Goa State Industries Association, as: “if a woman is raped, she has to deal with enquiries only from one inspector, but is someone wants to start an industry, they have to deal with 16 inspectors.”

In a status uploaded today evening on his Facebook page as well as Twitter account, Parrikar states as follows:

“There have been constant and conscious attempts by certain section of the media to create a non-existent controversy attributed to me. What I have spoken at the Annual Day of the Goa State Industries Association, which attended by over 650 members including substantial number of women entrepreneurs, is in public domain. No sensible person with knowledge of English will ever think that there is any insensitivity in my address. This time, the concerned own me an apology.”

According to Parrikar, the comment was meant towards the rapist who commits the crime and the victim.

Herald, Goa’s leading English daily, today reproduced the content of his speech, stating that the video speech is in their possession. The media house also runs a cable TV channel, called HCN.

The news report quoted as follows:

“According to the speech (in possession of Herald) at a GSIA function the Chief Minister speaking in the investment policy recounted an example of a IIM professor who had told him that after a lecture by him on entrepreneurship, a young entrepreneur got up and told him “that if he committed a rape he would have to face one inspector, but in case he wants to start a business he would have to face 26 inspectors.” Parrikar also recounted that the IIM professor was shocked and at a loss of words when he heard this. He used this anecdote to underline the nervousness and scare in the industry.”

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We demand an appology from you for being a dumb dummer and dummest to sudhin's statements .

Here all of goans needs an apology from you.

- ROHIT, USA | 05 th July 2014 03:42


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