New front 'supports' Romi, opposes Awards

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 29 October 2013 23:12 IST

KKS convenor Adv Surel Tilve

The newly formed Konkani Kruti Samiti has opposed separate literary awards for Konkani in Romi script, but has extended ‘support’ to literature in Romi script.

The Samiti, headed by Adv Surel Tilve and advised by veterans of Konkani movement, has also demanded immediate withdrawal of salary grants to English medium schools, run by the Church.

“As long as people continue to write in Romi script, they may be given support. But linguistic literature cannot be divided on the basis of script. However, there is no problem to increase the number of awards”, stated the press note issued by KKS.

According to KKS, “it is unscientific to divide Konkani literature into Romi literature and Devnagari literature as if it is in two different languages. It is (also) unscientific and a divisive ploy to award literature based on the script and not the language.”

The KKS press note also express fear that script-based awards would set a bad precedent for the rest of the country. Once a script based divide is established, then a dialect based divide could follow. This tendency would pose a grave danger to the entire Indian literature.

Besides Tilve as the convenor, Yugank Naik is the secretary. Vaishali Parab is the treasurer while Amey Kamat, Malcolm D’Costa, Rajdeep Naik and Concy Fernandes are the members.

The Advisory Board members are Uday Bhembre, Kamlakar Mhalshi, Fr. Mauzinho Athaide, Chetan Acharya, Sadanand Kanekar, Nagesh Karmali and Arvind Bhatikar.

The KKS has also put forward two more demands, as follows:

1.       Konkani Kruti Samiti congratulates the Chief Minister of Goa for his decisive statement that there will be no change in the Official Language Act. Simultaneously, we caution the divisive forces that are raising the bogey of religion in language and asking for a change in the Official Language Act. Some selfish political forces have joined hands with the fundamental forces that divide in the name of religion under the garb of demanding an amendment to the Official Language Act. The Konkani movement and its activists will not tolerate any such attempt. The interests of Marathi have been more than adequately protected in the Official Language Act, and in fact, it has got much more than required. The heritage and identity of Goa has no other alternative than Konkani. The people demanding amendment to the Official Language Act, are insulting the state of Goa.

2.       The issue of Medium of Instruction has been pending since the last one and a half year. There was a state wide agitation in 2011 against the then Digambar Kamat led government. 130 Konkani primary schools shifted to English medium and continued with it in gross violation of the High Court orders. The BJP manifesto clearly promised that medium of instruction at the primary level would be the mother tongue and other Indian languages. Then, the CM promised to constitute an Advisory Council to resolve the issue. The consultative committee on this issue has completed its work. It would be better if the Govt. desists from testing the patience of the activists who agitated on the issue and proceeds to withdraw the illegal grants being given to these schools. 

The Aims, Objects and beliefs of the Konkani Kruti Samiti are as follows, states the press note:

1.       Konkani Unity: The secular fabric of Goa is rooted in the unity of the Konkani people. The Konkani movement is progressive and secular. Some people and forces with vested interests have been trying to rupture this secular fabric in the recent past, and create a divide among the Konkani community on religious lines. If this has to be countered, then unity is the answer. Goa has a considerable number of Konkani Seva Kendras, where people of all religions work together in the service of Konkani. It thus, becomes important to create a federation of these Seva Kendras. Then, there are various cultural and literary organizations in the field of Konkani. All these individual entities would be brought together on a single platform.

2.       Konkani as Official Language = Economic Stability: In a diverse country like India, statehood lends a unique identity to a region. The youth of Goa sees the Official Language Act as a shield that protects of local interests in an era of rapid globalization. The youth of Goa are of the firm opinion that any change in the Official Language Act is detrimental to the interests of Goa. Hence, it is not just a language issue but a question of economic stability for the youth. From Gorkhaland to Vidarbha, from Harit Pradesh to Telengana, we are a witness to the amount of pain and sacrifice people are willing to undergo for statehood. Hence, the interests of youth lie in the Official Language Act, which forms the basis of statehood.

3.       Education: Konkani is widely used in the education field right from Primary to Post Graduate and Doctorate levels. The Konkani Department is the largest department of Goa University. Hence, it is of utmost importance to protect the interests of the Konkani student at all levels. Primary education in the mother tongue is a globally accepted principle. Hence, it is necessary to raise the issue of illegal grants being provided to primary schools that converted to English and ask for primary education in the Official Language of the State. is now on Telegram & also Youtube. Kindly subscribe for free & remain updated.

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I endorse your views fully Mr. Jim. And as history proves language and such mere academic issues have proved to be the sure ladder to success in Goan politics. From Churchill to Udaibaab and from Vijay to Vishnu, everyone has cried hoarse on this issue while not in the power , bravo kidos, you the the gennext and are getting a right training. All the best to the Goan youth who are either sold out or ' doled out' .

We are producing yet another generation of dwarfs who cannot see the glaring issue of Goa's land being sold out to outsiders and are fighting for a bigger begging bowl.

Shame, the Goan race in the future will be living in the border areas of Maharashtra and Karnataka and still these clueless but cunning ' leaders' would refuse to look beyond their self interest and use the language issue to seek power and fame.

- Gajendra Tari, Ponda | 31 st October 2013 23:08


The Konkani Department is the largest department of Goa University??

The largest department for what? All these 'Kruti Samitis' will grow like mushrooms whenever the situation is hot. Once everything cools down these people will disappear without a trace. These so-called konkani-lovers have no time to popularize the language. All they want to do is fight for the govt. crumbs.

- Jim , Goa | 30 th October 2013 06:17


It is sad to see in Goa that there is lot of disgust, fighting, and animosity between the different language groups. These fighters are doing nothing constructive for their respective languages/scripts. They don't have plans to popularize their language and its literature for example by using internet medium, etc.

Some people who cannot even speak/read/write any of these languages are raising arms and are out to get blood. What a sorry state. In all this mess, it is English which is slowly gaining grounds.

- RMD, Goa | 30 th October 2013 06:14


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