Speaker urged to appear unbiased

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 10 October 2013 18:24 IST

Speaker Rajendra Arlekar was today urged to appear unbiased by withdrawing his decision to refer contempt matter against Congressman Aleixo Reginald Lourenco, for calling the speaker ‘biased’.

Speaker Arlekar also retracted from his earlier stand and agreed to withdraw it, provided the Congress legislator meets him in the chamber and expresses regrets over his comments.

“I am also pained. But I am prepared to withdraw it, even if he expresses regrets if not apology”, said Arlekar.

He had referred the matter of Lourenco’s allegation at a press conference to the privileges committee as the latter had yesterday refused to apologise to the speaker.

Lourenco had taken a defense stating that it was a question asked by the media and had said he would give a written explanation in this regard.

Opposition leader Pratapsing Rane however intervened today once again, urging him to reconsider his decision, stating that Lourenco had no intention of hurting him.


“The media sometimes misinterprets the statements and reports”, he alleged.

Senior Congress legislator Mauvin Godinho also urged the speaker, stating that nobody doubts integrity of Arlekar.

“The Speaker is unbiased and should also appear unbiased. I thus request you to withdraw your decision and appear to be unbiased”, he urged.

Lourenco did not speak but nodded his head when Arlekar the former  could meet him in the chamber.

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Quite a bizzare situation.

Aren`t MLA`s allowed to speak to the press outside the Legislature on matters of concern to them.

As far as I know, the remark by Reginaldo Lourenco was not made within the Legislature complex or Legislature/assembly sittings.

The Speaker is only an authority on Legislature matters & working within the Legislature.

His request for an apology is as silly as he could get.

I wonder if the speaker is excluded from all Criticisms in the Press or otherwise.

Hope Mr Arlekar has not forgotten Goa is a Democracy and not an Autocracy.

Reginald Lourenco has no requirement to apologise.

Mt Arlekar has to learn to accept criticism of his position.

- N.Fernandes, UK | 10 th October 2013 21:03


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