After Mah, Karnataka to enact anti-superstition law

PTI, NEW DELHI | 27 August 2013 21:56 IST

Days after Maharashtra promulgated the anti-black magic and superstition ordinance, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah today said his government too will enact a law against practitioners of black magic, blind faith and superstition.

"We will study the proposed Anti-Superstition and Black Magic Bill prepared by Maharashtra government and bring it in Karnataka too", Siddaramaiah told reporters here. 

Karnataka government's decision comes a week after the killing of rationalist Narendra Dabholkar in Pune. 

Siddaramaiah said there was a necessity to ban practitioners of black magic and those who practice inhuman rituals have been exploiting the people in the name of religious faith. 

In Maharashtra, Dabholkar had drafted the Anti -Superstition and Black Magic Bill over a decade ago but it repeatedly failed to get through the state legislature. 

The Bill had proposed that those indulging in black magic or preying on peoples' superstitions be jailed for up to seven years.


The bill also sought to ban a range of practices including black magic, animal sacrifice and "magical" remedies to cure ailments. 

Taking a strong position against a controversial ritual "made snana", which is performed in several temples in the state, the Chief Minister said such practices should be banned. 

"Made snana" refers to devotees rolling over plantain leaves containing leftovers of the food served to Brahmins. 

Speaking on the issue of ordering a CBI probe into illegal mining activities in the state, the Chief Minister said his government favours conducting impartial investigation by the central agency. 

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Faith vs Blind-faith

"Banning Animal Sacrifice"-

Is the Congress government ready to BAN the Cattle Sacrifice practised my the Muslims?

"Banning "magical" remedies to cure ailments"-

The Jehovah (Christian) religion has the TRADEMARK of this magical cure remedies. Is the Congress govt. ready to BAN this practise?

Can they afford to LOSE their Votebank? OR is it, as alleged by Hindu groups, only to trouble the Hindu religion at large?

I feel that the 2 extreme groups, one the Atheist and 2nd the "Dhongi" Godmen, have taken moderates like us for granted. It’s high time that we take the initiative, in whatever possible ways to create awareness among the POOR and Illiterates (and literate but uneducated) to educate them about logical thinking.

However there is a thin line between the faith and blind-faith. People and govt at large should not have problems with faith (or call it as blind faith) which DO NOT trouble others. The best examples are- Blessing one's new vehicle at the Zambaulim temple. Or the ''prasad'' for marriages in various temple. Or marriage ritual performed by priest at temple and church. Or the Holy Communion at the church. It’s a personal choice.

Atheists are also against these "harmless" rituals. That’s the whole problem!

Let us focus on stopping/banning something like "black magic" where animals (even humans) are sacrificed. Such evils are detrimental to any society.

In Martin Luther King, Jr. words “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase””. Let us first demarcate the faith from the blind-faith. Offcouse, it is difficult but it is possible if we (the moderates) make an sincere effort.

- Rajesh , Margao | 28 th August 2013 12:03


Anti-Superstition and Black Magic Bill should be passed in Goa too.

- Francisco, Goa | 28 th August 2013 11:17


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