Parrikar going abroad for a week

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 26 June 2013 23:04 IST

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar is going abroad for a week on a private visit.

He will leave tomorrow, to be back by 3 July.

Parrikar said he would be going abroad on a private visit, along with his son.

He plans to visit his friends in London and Brussels.

“I will also visit a garbage treatment plant in Amsterdam”, he said.

This is strictly a private visit, at my own cost and don’t want to speak much about it, he told media persons today. 

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First Pattaya night clubs with Atmaram Nadkarni. Now Amsterdam. Parrikar is going to the right places.

- Peter, Margao | 06 th July 2013 13:54


Dear CM Parrikar

You are welcome at my Home in UK.

Unlike other derogatory comment writers, I am a No Nonsense man and my name is Jose Cunha, However I will do constructive criticism. Most people in Goa and Goans overall are happy with our Beloved CM Parrikar.

Jai Hind. Long Live Our CM and Golden Goa.

- Jose Cunha, Jose Goa UK | 29 th June 2013 05:33


I am aware that Mr Parrikar`s visit to Europe is a Private one.

Many Goan Politicians and Bureaucrats have taken trips abroad, either on a Governmental or a Private basis.

However the general perception in Goa and among the Goan Diaspora, is that most of these Politicians & Bureaucrats travel abroad for the "Sleaze" these Countries offer, rather than learn about their Progressive developments.

Many are also known to travel abroad, specially Dubai,to conceal, through an "ACCOUNTING MAZE", their BLACK MONEY wealth.

It is also very apparent, that many Dubai /Kuwait based Goans, offer these Corrupt Politicians & Bureaucrats Hospitality,in return for illegal favours back in Goa.

The "Chief Guest" from Goa syndrome(or fashion) has died down a little to these Countries (Gulf) since BJP have come to power.

Is it likely to resume if Congress ever come back to power?

- N.Fernandes, London | 27 th June 2013 12:58


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