Every second house benefits from Govt scheme: CM

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 22 May 2013 20:43 IST

Every alternate house in Goa is presently availing different social security schemes made available by Goa government.

This was disclosed by chief minister Manohar Parrikar today while stating that government presently spends around Rs 50 crore every month on these schemes.

The major component of these schemes is the Dayanand Samajik Suraksha Yojana, which provides monthly around Rs 2000 per needy person.

Second in the line, according to Parrikar, is the Griha Adhar Yojana, under which housewives are paid Rs 1000 per month.

The third popular scheme is the Ladli Laxmi scheme, under which the girl above 18 years of age gets Rs one lakh for her marriage.

“Almost 1.60 lakh houses in Goa out of 3.40 lakh avail these schemes”, said Parrikar.

He however did not forget to claim that none of these schemes make people lazy.

The beneficiaries of DSRY are around 1.17 lakh while Griha Adhar would touch one lakh by the year end and Ladli Laxmi to 40,000 beneficiaries, he said.

The chief minister however dismissed the allegation that the schemes are availed mainly by the BJP supporters.

According to Parrikar, the Ladli Laxmi scheme is availed by almost 5110 people through the BJP legislators while almost 594 have availed it through the Congress MLAs and MPs.

But we have rejected only 137 applications, starts Parrikar, asking on what basis the opposition is charging of party bias in these schemes.

“Maximum beneficiary among the opposition is Vijay Sardesai, whose 353 applications are processed”, informed Parrikar.

He also gave a break-up of other Congress MLAs and MPs (Francisco Sardinha), which are between 17 to 154 each.

He also informed that only 215 applications of Griha Adhar scheme are rejected while approving over 54,000 applications.

The number may go up to 57,000, he added. 

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want to become corepati within 10 years by investing 1200 per month

- manisha, thane | 11 th March 2015 15:27


till date I haven't got your Griha Adhar scheme.

my house is so old that u cant even think about but still I am denied of it.

why dnt we have party free gov.

then we dnt have to run after any partys which favours for a specific religion or caste and so on, to get our things done.

- joaquim, south goa | 19 th October 2013 09:17


Well done CM only Educated people kind, loving & humanity can do this.

- Tony, Margao | 23 rd May 2013 00:17


Dear Mr Parrikar(CM),

It is good to hear that every alternate home in Goa benefits from the largesse (social Security) of your Government. Well done

However there is another problem , which is yet to be addressed by yours or any other Government In Goa.

You see Mr Parrikar,...all these wonderful benefits people get, have to be eventually paid back as BRIBES to all your Government Officials & Bureaucrats and Goa Police. Their appetites for bribes is insatiable.

Their hunger for bribes is worse than their hunger for food. It is uncontrollable

No bribes ,means no sound sleep at night either. They suffer from insomnia (sleep disease).

Sadly no Goan Citizen is ever spared from this evil and disabling menace of paying a Bribe (avoidable Tax) . It is a living cancer.

You see ,many of your Government Servants & Bureaucrats are highly trained ,and I would go even further to state that they are Highly Professional at demanding Bribes.

They have turned Collecting Bribes, also fondly known in slang lingo,as Hafta, into a Fine Art form.

I appreciate , that there is not a lot you can do about it other than using "words only " in your proclamations. We know "action" is not your strongest virtue

To Give you some statistics,I hope you are aware that a Bribe is collected by your official` s at every minute of the day. To give you a better picture it works a 1440 bribes a day (24 hours x 60 minutes) and 24/7.

You have been talking a lot about Zero "Corruption". You also talk about Zero "Tolerance". But many Goans are confused about which one you prefer and which one you will fulfil.

You promised that you will file FIRS & cases against the corrupt. How long should Goans wait for this?.

Anyway I hope you will be able to dream up, some more lucrative Social Benefit schemes (financial) so that Goans can pay their Bribes to your Government Bureaucrats on time.

At the next Legislature session, do not forget to advise your humble Citizens to get ready to pay more Bribes due to the increase in Costs of Living for you Government servants.


Can you find out how Sarpanches & Panches of your Panchayats have become wealthier than you, on their meagre salaries .? Laximikant Parsekar,a new Land owner in Mopa, may be the better person to advise you on this.

Every Goan wants to know from you,how a Panchayat member earning approx Rs 4000/=-Rs5000/= per month can become a crorepati within 1-2 years of taking office and also construct a Palatial Mansion, own several Flats in gated complexes and own a fleet of luxury cars.

They must be Magicians of some sort.

Yours Truly

A humble observer.

- N.Fernandes, London | 22 nd May 2013 23:48


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