Won't allow to rake up language row: Parrikar

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 17 April 2013 22:09 IST

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar today said firmly that he would not allow anybody to rake up the language controversy once again.

Goa Assembly, after a long time, witnessed a heated debate when Fatorda MLA Vijay Sardesai brought up the issue of Official Language.

The question he asked was very simple:

If there is a question for examination - what is the Official Language of Goa - and two options are given – Konkani and Marathi. And if the student ticks in front of Marathi, will it be considered a right or a wrong answer?

What he meant was simple – Is Marathi Goa’s official language or not?

Instead of answering the question, Speaker Rajendra Arlekar warned him not to ask such questions.

And chief minister Manohar Parrikar got up to say: I am not a student to answer this question, though every person should remain a student throughout his life.

The question remained unanswered.

To a written question regarding status of Marathi in the Official Language Act, Parrikar had answered that five notifications have been issued to use Marathi at official level, besides replying to any communication received in Marathi.

When Vijay asked the crux of the notifications, the chief minister repeated the same reply once again.

As these notifications for Marathi invitations, office boards, gazette publications of Devasthan notices etc were issued in 2010, Vijay alleged that it was the Congress who diluted the official status of Konkani.

Parrikar replied to Vijay’s question that Goa has 70 odd primary schools in Konkani and over 800 Marathi medium primary schools.

As Vijay interpreted this as promoting Marathi through the backdoor instead of promoting Konkani schools, Parrikar claimed that Konkani, being an official language, does not require separate notifications.

“Konkani gets this privileges automatically, but Marathi needs a notification to be issued for it”, he said.

He also said the government is committed to develop Konkani by opening as many Konkani schools as wanted by the parents.

“However, I do not consider Marathi as a separate language. It is also my language. The real problem is not Marathi but continued use of English as the official language”, said the chief minister.

BJP MLA Vishnu Wagh stood up at this stage, stating that Marathi does not have a position in Goan society because of the Official Language Act but the language has been in Goa historically.

“Nobody can touch this status”, he said.

He also stressed the need to develop Konkani and appealed to the members not to misguide the people on language issue.

Another BJP MLA Subhash Faldesai also got up to request the members not to rake up language controversy once again.

Parrikar felt that Vijay is raking up language issue once again as the issue of Mopa is over.

“If we keep on fighting this, English will take over. Marathi will remain in Maharashtra, but Konkani would be finished”, he reminded the members of the House.

No other member of the House participated in the debate. 

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Previous Comments

We do not need language controversies again.

Bury the hatchet once and for all.

I appreciate the CM's stand on this issue.

- Francisco, Goa | 24 th April 2013 17:51


Mr. Vijay Sardesai Mla have good question to the CM.

Bravo he should answer for him and not hide Marathi

backdoor entry. We know that Goa official language ia

Konkani and Marathi language has no place in official or

backdoor this language is in Maharashra still some

politicians have hidden agenda to give place in Goa.



- Sanjay Kumar, Margao | 18 th April 2013 15:50


Vijay Sardessai ek number khajuddo manis. Kabar jallo topic kaso parat vayar kadcho ani lokank kashe taapovan ghalche hain Vijayakadlyan shikche konuy.

- kushal, margao | 17 th April 2013 22:17


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