Goa's fiscal deficit is Cong misgovernance: Parrikar

PTI, PANAJI | 22 March 2013 09:53 IST

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar took on the opposition benches on Thursday for claiming that the fiscal deficit in the state budget was due to misgovernance by the erstwhile Congress government.

"The total liability of Rs 1,500 crore was carried forward to my government when we took over last year from the Congress-led government. Payments by various departments were not done properly," Parrikar told the Goa state legislative assembly, defending his budget. 


He claimed the former government practised utter financial mismanagement due to which the current government has to balance the budget, resulting in the fiscal deficit. 

Parrikar pointed out how his government had managed to renegotiate with a contractor which saved the government Rs 40 crore, which would have been lost. 

"Figures provided by the contractor were inflated. We renegotiated and found that the tendering was 15 per cent more. Naturally, the money would have gone into someone's pocket," he said. 

He said that he had to face additional financial burden due to mining operations getting shut down by providing financial help to those affected without revenue from mining. 

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Churchill Alemao and his daughter Valanka, are the most well known "15% of everything" scamsters in Goa.

Goans every...North , South, East & west are awaiting the day these 2 are tried & jailed.

- N.Fernandes, London | 22 nd March 2013 20:35


see my suspicion was correct. parrikar is telling lies. earlier he said old loans were 1150 crores and new loans taken by him were 850 crores. now he is giving new figure of old liabilities of 1500 crores and how the great he get 1500 crores to drasticly reduced to 40 crores that is to 1460 crores! what nonsense. last time i calculated total loss caused by parrikar to goa in 1 year was coming to 8400 crores. now if 1500 is added it comes to 9900 crores. This parrikar has done some major scam with govt money and he is hiding it. only because there are uneducated congress MLAs on other side who dont know how to read balance sheet and because he is threatening them to arrest for their scams therefore the truth is not coming out. Is there any good investigative journalist in goa and a good commerce expert who can get the entire finance bill who will study it properly and find out what is the exact gadbad parrikar has done?

- shiv, aldona | 22 nd March 2013 13:40


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