BJP treating minorities as second class citizens: NCP

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 15 March 2013 16:43 IST

The Bharatiya Janata Party government is treating minorities as second class citizens, the Nationalist Congress Party has alleged.

NCP Goa chief spokesperson Trajano D’Mello has alleged that the Manohar Parrikar government has discriminated on communal lines while implementing social security schemes.

The NCP has also warned that it would approach the Goa Human Rights Commission since the government is deliberately creating communal discord.

On the basis of RTI information, D’Mello had earlier provided statistics to prove his allegation of how Christians have been sidelined while implementing Laadli Laxmi scheme.

Today, he provided similar statistics to allege that Christians and Muslims are ill-treated while implementing the Griha Adhar scheme for housewives.

“Out of 15890 applications sanctioned, only 2615 are Christians and 322 are Muslims while almost 12,953 Hindu women have benefited”, said D’Mello.

He however could not provide the religious break-up of 40,000 applications received by the women and child development department.

“The department has not provided me with that statistics”, claimed D’Mello.                           

D’Mello has also alleged that the government has not utilized more than 30 per cent of funds allotted – Rs 150 crore each – for both the schemes.

Under Laadli Laxmi scheme, only 12 per cent funds have been utilized while only 10 per cent funds have been utilized under Griha Adhar Yojana, said D’Mello, on the basis of RTI information. 

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Dear AC,

what expose sir they advertise it havent you read news reports with photographs BJP Mandala president panaji so and so with application forms so and so scheme distrubuting/collecting/fillng ....?

Secondly about issue of headmasters etc now if you are not aware they are in accordance with seniority. may be earlier they were filled by affliation i dont deny but that is not the case any longer. no Govt rules have already changed much prior to this govt.

i havent said you are bjp i just felt the comment on my community was unfair.

As far as BJP is concerned its same all over india. Supreme Court have to pass order to open a primary school in muslim area of Ahmadabad!

- Peter, Margao | 18 th March 2013 21:47



I'm not a BJP supporter or a worker for Christ sake. All I have questioned is the logic and rationality of D'Mello. I didn't brand anybody communal in my post.

Secondly, if BJP guys are selectively supporting their workers, etc. in obtaining the govt/ dole outs than they should be exposed. I wish you could also talk about some christian organizations such as Diococean educational society which is running schools all over Goa using govt. funds and salaries and mostly employing people of one religion. Probably you can also write about that too, and why in their schools or colleges, a Hindu or Muslim cannot become a principal or headmaster, for which they exploit the minority protection card.

- AC, Goa | 17 th March 2013 03:30


and what is our fault? portuguese were foreigners not goans. A lot of us were converted by force. If any one should have any complaints against them it is us not you. And not all were by force. Communidads passed resolutions to convert. And now after so many generations we found peace in the word of our lord. We know that our lord is true. Christ was not a white man for christsake. And you call us communal? May lord forgive you for you dont know what you are doing. But parrikar knows what he is doing so god will judge him accordingly. Anyways now a days he compares himself with rama, krishna and christ.

- peter, margao | 16 th March 2013 16:40


ac thats not fair. We all know very well that bjp workers get the govt forms filled and only those forms which come from bjp units what they call mandalas get govt schemes. You see parrikar wants our votes but he teaches bjp foot soldiers to hate us. So naturally there is a bias against us. Is it not true that basic rss training in goa is that st xaviers is actually a shiva temple just like babri masjid is ram temple and is to be "freed and converted back" one day? I have four hindu young boys who used to go for rss training 2 from mapusa, 1 from panaji and 1 from ponda for confirmation. And you call us communal!

- peter, margao | 16 th March 2013 16:21


The other way of looking at the data D'Mello provided is that most of Christians and Muslims are well off and they are not in need of such doles from the Govt. Besides he also needs to take into consideration the religious/poverty statistics in the state and providing direct evidence of Govt. interference.

Anyway Mr. D'Mello is well-known for spitting such communal venom from time to time with fuzzy math and little direct evidence!

- AC, Goa | 15 th March 2013 16:53


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