Rift with CM open as Shripad quits Lusofonia

GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 18 February 2013 20:25 IST

Rift between chief minister Manohar Parriakar and North Goa MP Shripad Naik is no more a secret as Shripad resigned from the Luosfonia games, along with Gurudatt Bhakta.

Both of them are president and secretary of the Goa Olympic Association.

Goa government is organising Lusofonia Games of 12 Portuguese speaking nations in November this year by spending over Rs 40 crore to build infrastructure.

Goa Olympic Association president Shripad Naik was the chairman of the sports organising committee of the event, along with his association secretary Gurudatt Bhakta.

Chief minister Parrikar is the chairman of the organising committee of the Games.

It was a sudden shock when both of them resigned from the sports organising committee.

Shripad Naik told goanews.com that both of them had resigned three days ago.

"There are many issues which compelled us to resign. But the prime one is that the Goa Olympic Association was not given its due place in the Lusofonia Games", said Shripad.

The resignation game however is seen as beyond the Lusofonia Games, mainly as an outcome of increasing differences between Shripad Naik and Manohar Parrikar.

Appointment of Rajkumar Sancheti as the advisor for the Games also became one of the reasons.

Sancheti is presently facing charges in the Commonwealth Games scam, handled by Suresh Kalmadi.

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all of us are goans and all of us are concerned for betterment of goa, isnt it? Probebly all of us voted against the corrupt congress leaders in election. But what we got was a total disappointment. A man more corrupt than all congressmen put together, a man more arrogent, uncivilised, vindictive, mean, short and a sociopath who is a clear present danger to goan values, culture and goan way of life. Yet we know that congress is no alternative as long as it is not in control of real congressmen but in control of the present bandits. Than only option is atleast for once in life shripad naik should be a man, show courage, gather bjp workers and mlas and change the cm. We all know shripad did not resign. As usual parrikar insulted him in public to force his resignation so that parrikar's corruption goes unchallanged. It is in the hands of bjp workers and mlas to save goa from this autocrat. We dont want toppling games just change the cm and everything will be alright. Babush can be a better cm. If parrikar is honest as said by his chamchas he will not be scared of this idea.

- bhusan, panaji | 24 th February 2013 18:16


Bhushan , panaji:::

The Phrase in my earlier comment was omitted.

However to put it another way....

Mr Parrikar has begun to think & believe, that the only reason & the only way the Sun shines on Goa, is due to him and his Policies.

- N.Fernandes, London | 22 nd February 2013 00:43


all this talk here is meaningless. We all know that shripad naik has no guts. This good for nothing fellow has not done anything in his life. parrikar has used him as his driver to drive his vijayrath to the destination of cmship. Same is with bjp mlas. Parrikar has created supermlas over them in form of corporation heads with cabinet ranks. So any public work done in mapusa is done by parrikar through datta kholkar, pernem by vasudeo deshprabhu and so on. Now infra of games is 220 crores unplanned expenditures. That is 60 % is going to parrikars pocket. His son must have distributed contracts by now with atleast 100 crore profit. These bjp mlas are so stupid. Just for example there used to be 3 faces on bjp poster. Parrikar, shripad and parsekar. That parsekar dint even realised that when babush became dy cm his face disappeard from bjp poster. Now only shripad is left. looking at parrikars past record no surprise if shripad looses mp election. Than parrikar will built a grand temple of himself la mayawati or saddam hussain. Any bets on shripad anyone?

- shiv, aldona | 21 st February 2013 22:53


Frankly we had high hopes about Mr. Parrikar would do the right things but he is not the same Parrikar he was during his last stint. Mr. Parrikar has totally collapsed and confused. Give the BJP MLA's another 5 years and they shall be the same as the congress badshaas did.

I was watching the assembly session and seemed only Mr. Parrikar was answering to all the issues raised. What are the other BJP MLA's and ministers doing (hatching eggs), if they cannot perform or dont know the job they should be replaced.

As someone has rightly mentioned where do we search for an answer as we are sandwiched between the two trains - BJP and Congress.

Shame on BJP and Shame on Congress

- Savio, Goa | 21 st February 2013 16:02


Bhushan , panaji:::

There is an an expression used in the UK to describe people that display absolute & complete arrogance and belief, that there is no other person like them.

Mr Parrikar thinks & believes he is a God-Like creature .

With this deluded belief, he is unlikely to listen to lesser mortals.

In his arrogance,like other well known Dictators such as; Saddam Hussein, Col. Ghaddfi, Osama bin Laden....his Opinions are the only opinions.

It is either his WAY...NO way or the HIGWAY.

Even when Col. Parrikar is aware he is wrong, or not in tune with Public Sentiment,he will find a lame excuse to justify his actions.Typical actions of a spolit child or kid to draw attention.

Anyone with just an ounce of common sense knows that an Illegality is an illegality.

However Col. Mannohar Parrikar, thinks he can convince us ,that an illegality is equal to an irregularity.

It may also take many years and only when out of power, before he fully and truly understands what a U-Turn actually means.

- N.Fernandes, London | 21 st February 2013 14:49


there is no need of proof for existence of the sun in sky, you can see it with naked eye. parrikar has kept this force of about 100 chamchas (real and fake ids) to man the internet 24X7. plus his men are spread out throughout goa. one word of criticism or attempt to raise any issue and you are attacked left and right. every stupidity of his is priased as an act of genius. false stories and total lies of great progress of goa , howe smart this man is and how he is non corrupt are told day in and day out through every media possible what do you think they work for free? From where does parrikar pays them? problem is today goa has only two options. parrikar or rane. In the words of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, the great freedom fighter who started the goa liberation movement, Ek Nagnath hai aur dusra Sapnath hai! (One is Naag cobra and other is Saap kobra) And we poor goans are stuck between the two.

- bhushan, panaji | 20 th February 2013 19:56


Hi Peter ,Margao.:::

The simple and most explicable reason for the Lokayukta amendments made by Parrikar are to protect himself and some of his BJP Cabinet,and other BJP MLA`s....and to an extent the Congress MLA`s

The BJP MLA`s are no divine Angels.Many of them have befriended & have been liasing with the "Corruption Devil".

If anyone believes that all BJP MLA`s are not corrupt, then they will need a mental medical check-up.

BY the time the next elections come, many of the BJP MLA`s will have trebled their Assets.

- N.Fernandes, London | 20 th February 2013 00:18


now i understood logic behind lokayukta act. parrikar will make scams in games, mining, regional plan ect, make lot of money and become member of the billion dollar club of which Rane, churchill and others are already members. if you file case against him you will be jailed for 1 year plus fine 10 laks. but he is free to file cases against anyone he pleases. by this act parrikar has safeguarded his flanks and now he does not want anyone who stop him be it shripad or anyone.

- Peter, margao | 19 th February 2013 16:25


this is entirely parrikars fault. Why should he support our porvorim independent mla instead of shripad who is a senior leader of his own party. That too when bjp has clear majority and no need for any independent. Parrikar, surrounded by chamchas, is now a days thinking he has retired and replaced god just because he has 20 yes men as mlas. This attitude of parrikar to act against his own party will ultimately take bjp down. The day will come when bjp mlas realise that they are not nandi bails and that by a simple resolution they can replace parrikar by any one of them, is better. Then only parrikars feet will come back to ground.

- jayesh nayak, porvorim | 18 th February 2013 21:55


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