Me & Arvind trading same goal: Anna

PTI, PANAJI | 04 November 2012 21:15 IST

Social Activist Anna Hazare today ruled out differences between him and his former ally Arvind Kejriwal claiming that “both were trading different paths but aiming at the same goal.”

“We are different. We have chosen different paths, but we have same aim of having corruption free India,” Hazare told during an interaction at ThinkFest, an annual event at Goa.

The social activist, who has become  a household name for anti-graft crusade spanning over three decades, said that Kejriwal was trying to cleanse the political system, while he will continue adopting the path of agitation.

“I have told Arvind. Whoever good candidates he will chose to contest on his party ticket, I will check his character. If he is with the clean character, I will go to his constituency to campaign for him,” Hazare said, adding that “there is urgent requirement to purify the Parliament.”

Anna said that Kejriwal was in constant touch with him over phone inquiring about the health.

Announcing his plans, Hazare said that from January 30, next year onwards, he would be touring entire India galvanizing people. “There are lakhs of people who are writing pledging their support for the movement,” he said.

He claimed that 100 retired officers from Indian Army, nine retired IAS officers, several IPS officers including seven former director general of police (DGP) are joining hands in the campaign.

“By 2014 we will have crores of people joining the movement. They will teach lesson for the government,” he said. “Now the aim is not only to have JanLokpal bill passed in the Parliament but we also want to pass legislations like Right to Reject and Right to Recall,” Hazare added.

Speaking about his association with Gen. V K Singh, Hazare said that after fighting with the enemies like Pakistan (which Hazare did when he was in the Indian Army), it is now time to fight the enemies who are within our country. 

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Anna please get the Lok Pal Bill in the next Winter Session. We are a poor nation judging by the poor below poverty line. What do you have to say about the natural gas like LPG and the cap on the number of bottles to six, while the big ones loot and loot till their 'nanguts' are worn off by looting. do you think that great thoughts were only with Gandhi. The village elder had perhaps better thinking and no one heard him...I am no Gadkari ...what do you have to say about him?

- Ludovico, Old-Goa | 06 th November 2012 14:13


All the efforts and hard work put in by Anna and his team will be in vain under corrupt congress government. There is no visionary leader in congress. Only cunning politicians. All the other parties in India are opportunist. They are not mission driven. Once they are elected to power, They seek their immediate fortune. Hence corruption and hoarding of black money will not stop. What we need is the revolution like in Egypt, Libya, Algeria. This elite group of ex serviceman, which Anna claims have joined in his mission, should plan to change the strategy to tacle the corruption issue differently. Entire country should come on the street and throw out these corrupt politicians. There must be mass movement. Hunger strikes and dharanas won't help. Till that time, corruption will breed and flourish in India.

- Ratikant, UAE | 05 th November 2012 00:12


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