Pollution notices to 16 industries in Goa

PTI, PANAJI | 18 October 2012 23:52 IST

Zuari Industries, Goa

Sixteen companies in the state were today issued show cause notice by Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) for failing to install pollution monitoring equipment despite several warnings.

GSPCB member secretary Lavinsons Martin has issued showcause notices to all the 16 companies, asking them to reply within 15 days.

The companies that were issued notices include state's only power generating plant, M/s Reliance Infrastructure Limited, tyre manufacturing company – MRF, steel manufacturing units -- Goa Sponge and Power Limited, Shrithik Ispat, Sesa Goa Limited's Pig Iron Plant, United Spirits Limited, United Breweries Limited, Shraddha Ispat Private Limited, Nicomet Industries Limited, Ambey Metallic Limited and Aparant Iron and Steel Private Limited, fertilizer manufacturing industry – Zuari Industries Limited (ZIL) and pharma companies – Syngenta India Limited and Merck (India) limited, and liquor firm – John Distilleries and a state government run Sanjivani Sahakari Sakkar Karkhana Limited, a sugar factory.

The order mentions that the companies have failed to install an online stack emission, effluent and ambient air quality monitoring system, which were asked to be put in place by the board during its earlier letters dated April 21, 2011, August 05, 2011 and January 10, 2012.

The installation of these systems would have enabled state pollution control board and Central Pollution Control Board to effectively monitor the quality of ambient air and effluent discharge from the concerned industrial units, the order has said.

The notices were issued today under the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution Act, 1981) and Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974.

GSPCB Chairman Jose Manuel Noronha said imprisonment upto 3 months or a fine can be imposed, if the companies fail to install the pollution monitoring gadgets required under the Air and Water Act.

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It is disgusting to read that few of the publicly listed companies flaunt the pollution control rules in Goa. Do they act the same way in the other states as well?

And what was our GSPCB doing for all these time?


They suddenly got up from their slumber?

Or suddenly the Hafta is stopped to the concerned officer?

And why show cause notice?

If you have a provision of imprisonment for 3 months for the rules violation, you wait for whose orders? Send the law violates straight to jail. Big banners like Reliance, MRF,United spirits, United breweries, Zuari etc should be ashamed themselves for not following the rules of the land. We, all Goans should refrain from using their products and pass the word though our contacts via Internet, that these companies earn their huge profits by unfair means and without following proper pollution control guidelines. SEBI should also take the cognizance of such shady procedures by these publicly traded companies. These companies and their executives have found out that Goans are Susegado...no one cares....every one in the administration is corrupt and every one can get away with any one in the Goa Government and hence They take everything granted! For them Goa is a banana state!

Mr. Noronha should not take soft stance and act soft et susegado against these law violators. Show them the lock up room and they will follow the rules. Send the copies of the notices to SEBI as well. let SEBI compare the annual company reports wherein each company has to file the pollution control statement.

And Why these established companies don't follow and implement the rules? They don't have cash?

Are they bankrupt.? Or is it just the negligence?

- Ratikant, UAE/GOA | 19 th October 2012 19:50


At last something good is being done .it should have been done long back.what about birla in vasco,all the factories in the cuncolim industrial estate.the grade of the water body in these areas are becoming undrinkable.it has wiped out the fish species in all the surrounding lakes{bhands} . what about the costa factory which has been releasing all the waste water in their well and polluting all the other wells surrounding them.there should be heavy fines imposed on these types of industries which have been minting money at the risk of the people.

- justino, dubai | 19 th October 2012 05:46


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