Parrikar launches yet another scheme for poor women

PTI, PANAJI | 02 October 2012 22:42 IST

(Photo Courtesy: Rajan Parrikar)

Goa government today launched its flagship Grih Adhar scheme, which will provide Rs 1,000 per month to those woman, whose gross family income is less than Rs 3 lakh.

Unveiling the scheme this afternoon, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said that married women, divorcees and widows would be benefited under the scheme. 

Parrikar said that the scheme was "anti-inflation" and has been introduced to off-set the impact created due to the price rise induced by Union Government's "faulty policies". 

The Chief Minister said that an amount of Rs 150 crore has been earmarked for this scheme for the current year, which will cover one and half lakh beneficiaries. 

"Every month, we will cover 15,000 applications," he said adding that the Directorate of Women and Child Development would be implementing this scheme. 

The beneficiaries, he said, should be more than 18 years of age. 

The forms for this scheme would be made available through the offices of the directorate across all the talukas.

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Respected Sir,

Thank you very much for helping poor people, but when are doing the paper work to submit for Resident Certificate and Income Certificate don't ask what trouble the Panchayat and Mamaldar giving to them, they are treating them as though they are coming to have their pocket money.

Any way Thanks a lot from Goan Women.




- Suchita, Cansaulim | 25 th July 2013 11:29


Viva Parrikar,

Petrol prices Reduced by Rs11.5 per liter

Illegal Mining Stopped & efforts for all legal n legitimate mines ( hafta to Center stopped now the Government Coffers will be Full )

Casino Fee raised as most of the earning of casinos are in multi Crores n Government Earn in Lacs, Great Vision & guts to raise fees in Crores .

Stopped Illegal entry of Government Jobs due to the ill practice of Some politicians ,GPSC will select right people on merits, Merit has the value of knowledge n not politicians.

Sports Policy like Never before.

Education policy like never before.

Shack policy like never before.

Once again you have proved that this government is for the people ,by the people & of the people by giving help to the major population of the state's house wife to get rid of rising inflation of pathetic policy making of Central puppet show. Goan people Will always Remember your good Work irrespective of some stoongs shouting everywhere which they could not do for last 50years.

God Bless Parrikar. Oh Jesus bless this good men…

- John Soares, NAVELIM | 20 th October 2012 10:18


reading the schemes requirements it is clear that it is ment to buy migrant votes by our money (rs. 3 lakh per year for a family etc.)

monu should inagurate the scheme by giving it first to bhaves wife now that her husband died among goans only she is entitled for it. further his chamchas can expect her to be eternally graceful for the kindness of their great leader.

- Peter, margao | 05 th October 2012 11:33


Mezavoilim Kellim kadun firyad jodpachem ek new edition. Government money.. whose father's what goes, my father's xxx goes...

As long as there is a long queue of chamchas and pimps with false/ multiple identities to justify actions and hail the " Fuhrer", the Bhasmasura will keep growing in power and the stature. This is his second inning and one can see the desperation of his sycophantic band of supporters through their reactions which have begun to pop up on every forum ever since he assumed power. Their myopic journey starts with Manu ( the notorious Manu smriti fame) and end at the modern U turn fame Monu.

Appreciate the man for his long term vision for Goa (if he has one) and not his populist actions intended to garner more votes.

- Rajan Kamat, Feira Alto, Mapusa | 04 th October 2012 18:26


i sincerely thank Mr.Parrikar and the BJP for this unique provision for the average and bellow average house wives of our state. Average citizen is not interested in the party ,petty politics..the housewives are more worried about their day to day problems,ration,gas { which the central govt has made v difficult for us ] children`s education,husband`s limited salary / earning and how to survive and manage within..not forgetting the festivals,weddings of the relatives,gifts,holidays,new clothes and the most important,the doctor and the expensive medicines ,just in case.!Parrikar is like brother to the distressed housewife of Goa.He is like Lord Krishna who rushed to help Droupadi during her crisis in Mahabharata..GOD BLESS PARRIKAR !thanx for goa news .

- malini redkar, sanvordem | 03 rd October 2012 10:26


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